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Friday, December 2, 2011

Free Lightbulbs - Save Electricity in the Philippines

 The bulbs are made out of a spring-water bottle, purified water and some bleach to keep it clear; they give around 50 watts of Philippine solar power light...

The planning is to install the bulbs in one million homes in 2012.
In most low-cost homes in the Philippines the people who live there don't have the money to switch-on the electric lights in the daytime; electricity cost here is extremely high.

So just cut a small hole in your corrugated steel roof, place half of the bottle sticking outside, seal it with a sealant and there you go!

This is healthier because normally they use candles that causes smoke and is also a fire hazard.

(No this doesn't work in the night nor at the ground floor of a two-storey house;)

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