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Saturday, December 24, 2011

House Blueprints in the Philippines

These are the technical documents that illustrate the dimensions, location and orientation of the structure that you want to build in the Philippines. Also the materials to be used are included. Philippine home builders / contractor need a blueprint to do the actual building. You can not simply buy blue prints abroad; they have to be adjusted to the 'Philippine Building Code'. The price of blueprints depends on the house design and how many pages the blue print. They are also a requirement to get a building permit.

Blueprints are technical drawings, documenting the house that you want to build. Engineers and architects communicate with eachother thru these big pieces of blue paper.
Blue-prints are a set of plans that can include sheets for:
floor plan (how the rooms layout and relate to one another)
the elevations (what the house looks like on the outside)
bill of materials
trim detail,

And since the engineer or architect who signs the blueprints might be legally responsible if your building suddenly collapses, will they make sure everything is correctly done, hence expect to pay.

Before the bank approves your loan they also need to see the blueprints.

Remember that changing something on paper is cheaper than having to demolish a wall later; take your time to make sure your blueprints are perfect.

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