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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Insulated Concrete Forms Philippines (ICF)

It's hard to introduce 'Insulated Concrete Forms' (ICF) in the Philippines; this way of building houses is used all over the world but not yet here... while it has so many advantages.

It is insulating like your 'cooling box'; saving you money on aircon-bills.

Beauty inside/outside: cover the walls inside- and outside with beautiful paneling or veneers; thousands of possibilities.
It is a load-bearing structure in its own right (other contractors use hollow blocks which are NOT loadbearing).
Superior sound-dampening qualities; you are saveguarded against the noise of the rampant karaoke-terror here. Use ICF for Houses, Commercial Buildings, School, Church etc. The project is built faster; commercial buildings can start their business quicker.
The ICF industry is growing by over 30% per year.
Philippine homes built with Insulating Concrete Forms cost maybe 30% more than traditional construction...
The polystyrene might become the happy home of termites; they don't eat it because they like it but just for making a shelter.
So why not put the polystyrene between two layers of concrete, like here:

The cost is same as ICF but at least the termites can't reach the polystyrene plus you do not have to cover both sides of your wall with... another wall like in the case of ICF;

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