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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Solar Panels in the Philippines

There is now Solar Power in the Philippines; Electric Energy from Solar Panels.
Does it save you money? No.
If you take a look at the cost; the investment is high.
However sometimes you have no choice if there is no electric supply in your location.
Or you don't like the brown-outs which occur quite often in the Philippines.

Cost of the panels system: depends on the 'system set', ranging from 10 Watt to 5,000 Watt.

Just to give an idea, expect roughly Php 150,000 to power some lights in your house and electric fan, TV, computer, washing machine, radio.
But expect maybe Php 300,000 if you want to include a refrigerator.
And Php 1M if you also want an airconditioner.

There's FREE light available in the Philippines though...

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