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Thursday, December 17, 2009

cost per square meter to build a house in the philippines

To give some guidance to check if your budget is sufficient:

According to our latest statistics (90% of our clients are from USA or Europe with strict requirements) a 100 square meter (1,111 square feet) one-level middle-class house will cost maybe between Php 2M and Php 2.5M to construct (not including lot).
Included are:
1. Design, Blueprints, Permits
2. Solid Concrete house (NOT hollow blocks!)
3. Plumbing including hot and cold water lines, pressure tank with pump including American Standard plumbing fixtures (operational)
4. Electrical works 220 volts. If the local electrical utility supplies line-to-line (2 lines @ 110 volts each) then you can have 110 volts without buying a transformer. Including lighting fixtures and devices (operational)
5. Embedded items for Aircon (installation and commissioning is undertaken by the aircon supplier)
6. Floor, walls and ceiling finishes
7. Roof
8. Doors and windows
9. Painting
10. Hardwares, door locks, hinges

Excluded are: (we offer this but we charge separate)
1. Deposits to Electrical and Water utilities which are in your name and will become your permanent supply.
2. Fence and gates (this is estimated separately as lot sizes vary)
3. Swimming pool
4. Aircon units
5. Furnitures and cabinets
6. Transformer for 110 volts
7. Deepwell and reservoir
8. Major cut and fill of soil (if lot is highly elevated or sloping like mountain or hill or below street level where you need to fill and compact)

Your blueprints and construction-contract will contain all final details.

Make the floor-area 2x bigger and the price will be very roughly 2x higher.
You want solar panels? Vaulted ceilings? Insulated (two sheets glass-) windows? Ceramic Roof Tiles? Decorative stones on outside walls? Higher quality kichen and bathroom? Then you pay more.

Expect for 'high-end first class homes' maybe Php 25,000 up to Php 35,000 per sq mt

Expect for a good quality (but still middle-class) 'INSULATED walls house' minimum Php 25,000 per sq mt

Expect for 'non-concrete' homes (native, wood etc.) a starting price of maybe Php 15,000 per sq mt

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