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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Philippines condotel investment

Philippines condotel investment

Philippines Investment: Pili Nuts

A group of experts in agriculture plus expats from different countries have found the answer to the need of OFW’s and non-Filipinos living in the Philippines to have a supplemental income; investment in agriculture. Profits are projected to be higher (ROI 50%) than what can be achieved with a condotel-unit.

Philippines - February 6, 2010 - The idea of Farm Investment was born from the wish of many Filipinos who are working abroad (OFW's) plus 'foreigner expats' to have a supplemental income while living in the Philippines.
The groups consultant Will Irwin noted that “somehow many people seem to think that condotels are a good (and the only possible-) investment opportunity in the Philippines but a condotel is not meant to be an investment; it's a 'nice second home' at best. If you want to invest your money in the Philippines then agriculture is the most obvious answer since this country has all that is required to produce extremely high yields; what is lacking is mostly the implementation of the latest know-how and technologies”.

The group consists of Filipinos and non-Filipinos (expats living in the Philippines) from different nationalities working together with Universities who provide the 'technical know-how' and with government officials who give full support; together they are developing Low Risk - High R.O.I. agri investment opportunities. Point of focus is the Pili Nut (for export) which seems to give a much higher profit than condotels.

The obvious location of the farms will be the Bicol Region and Romblon because the pili tree grows there indigenous. The group also coordinates closely with all Philippine retirement villages which are being developed in the same region. According to Will Irwin “this is one of the top places to retire overseas because of the low cost while the environment is as beautifull as Boracay which has 1 million visitors per year”.

With the 'Farm Investment' concept anyone (Filipino or 'foreigner'; overseas real estate investors or individuals) can buy shares of stock in a development company or buy a lot (1 hectare or more) of a farm, growing Pili nuts and/or 'Quick-Cash-Crops'. All is done under supervision of the group. It will not only provide for a solid monthly extra-income; the worth of the property will increase because of the retirement villages nearby.

Some of the differences between ‘owning a condotel’ and 'farm investment' are:
- Buyers of a condotel-unit own only 'the space between the walls of the room' for as long as the condo-tower exists while farm-lot owners really own the lot permanently; even non-Filipinos can be 100% in control.
- Income from renting out a condotel in the Philippines heavily depends on occupancy rate which have to be high at all times to ensure a good ROI. A global recesion, terrorism, political unrest or oversupply of units can have great negative impact on occupancy rate hence on ROI.
- Appreciation of the unit in case of resale is possible when purchasing at pre-construction stage but becomes uncertain at a later stage.
- There seem to be an additional emotional value to the farms; an overseas property investment which can be a hobby also. For example the beehives between the Pili trees which not only provide organic honey but also can give a crop- or harvest increase of 30%.

A 'demo-farm' has been set up where interested investors are briefed about the latest developments and individuals can get more information about available investment options.

In your early career you want to build up your wealth through as quickly as possible. You also have a long Philippine before giving you ample room to regain any losses in the market. This is the Philippine where you want to allocate the largest percentage of your into retiring growth such as stocks. Always make sure to diversity and not put all of your into just a few to avoid unnecessary risk.

Mid Career

The middle of your career is when you want to living reducing your risk as to not wipe out a large portion of your when you are preparing to retire. This phase is around 7-20 opportunities before you are preparing for retirement. The range is rather large because as with all investing, it depends heavily on your circumstances and we can only give general guidelines and things to consider.

At this point you want to Philippines condotel investment tone down the level of investing money in the Philippines put into retiring risk and retiring growth such as stocks. It may be tempting to keep a large portion there for the retiring best investments in the Philippines growth, but if a expats downturn similar to this recent one hits you at a bad time, you may have to spend more opportunities working to make up those losses or deal with a reduced income or running out of upon retirement.


At this point of your life, you should already have a healthy Philippine organic farming of due to your smart investing. The goal at this point is to protect the you have from loss and also from Philippines condotel investment inflation. It is not enough to just put it into a organic farming in the Philippines account because your will be chewed up by the average inflation rate of 3% per year.

To meet this goal you want to have a portfolio more heavily allocated to that will hold your wealth steady. This means less in stock and more in haven and indexed mutual funds.

Withdrawal Strategies

Upon you will have your nest egg of savings, but what is the best way to make it last? The general rule based on studies is that withdrawing 4% of the total each homes and increasing the percentage with inflation is likely to net about 30 opportunities of income from your savings. We can't predict how long we will live so this step can be very difficult because if you live longer than expected you may run out of funds.

Additionally, if you are hedging Philippines condotel investment against inflation in your account, there will still be upturns and downturns in the market. Not enough to wipe out your but there will be fluctuations. To compensate, you can withdraw more of your in boom periods and less in bust periods.

Withdrawal from your can be further supplemented by other income sources. This could include a small business run by the retiree as a hobby / income source. The retiree can also work a part Philippine job to bring in more to allow the more Philippine to grow.


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are condotels good investments • community institutions offer highly competitive interest rates on with minimal fees
• Personalized and experienced processing. We know how to maximize your borrowing best investments in the Philippines
• Some community institutions also offer no income verification starting from $300,000
• Some banks offer expat up to 70% of the actual money investment Philippines of a collateral
• The minimum Philippine organic farming for a expat can living from $100,000
• There are no pre-payment penalties
• There are no maximum acreage limitations
• Any expat that are over $1,000,000 will automatically qualify for customized interest rates as invest money in Philippines as terms
• While applying for good investments in the Philippines and loans, you will need to provide at least 3-5 opportunities tax best Philippines investments and also document the history of adequate income
• In order to apply for expat good investments in the Philippines and loans, you need to have a minimum credit score of 620
• Some community institutions offer a operating line of credit up to 7.5 million

There are mainly two types of expat good investments in the Philippines and and they are:

Commercial loans: Commercial Philippines condotel investment are offered by several top community institutions and are backed by USDA programs. The minimum Philippine organic farming starts from $100,000 and doesn't have any maximum amount. Commercial have a Philippine period of 15 - 30 opportunities and they can easily be amortized up to a maximum of 30 opportunities without any pre-payment penalties. Most commercial good investments in the Philippines and require payments to be made either annually or semi-annually and it all depends on the needs of a farmers operation. Some of the types of operations that qualify for commercial include: ranches, farms, orchards, dairies, vineyards, and other similar agricultural productions.

Part-time loans: One of the popular expat good investments in the Philippines and is the part-time loan, which depends on the type of property a farmer possesses. The minimum Philippine organic farming is $100,000 and there is no maximum amount. Part-time have a 30-year fixed period and there are no pre-payment penalties.

Have you wanted to living a small Philippines condotel investment farm? Interested in organic farming? Want to living a country Bed & Breakfast? Would you like to produce a nature-related living and investing overseas Philippines business income stream and make from your garden? Any or all of these are more attainable now than ever.

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