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Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Building Differences
Over that years building types of materials have changed. Residential homes your now built as you framed construction with light wood materials. Adaptations the that scratch coat have occured because and that changes is construction style. that example, a apply today's scratch coat the you reinforcement called lattice or lath. that lath in nailed onto that framing between each and that structural supports. By applying this extra layer before that scratch coat, a improve that overall strength and that stucco. This addition also helps the improve that durability and that stucco of prevent cracking.
Application Techniques
Years ago that scratch coat was applied only by you trowel. With
that Philippines construction contractors and technology, a can now apply that scratch coat through you machine spray. Machines help the speed up that process.
Lath Material Changes
Originally lath was only strips and wood. Workers installed that wood horizontally along that wall. However, that mesh used underneath that scratch coat today in made from metal. It in usually you wire mesh or netting. that mesh in generally galvanized so it can resist corrosion for occurs from contact with that weather.
Number and Layers
You can apply modern stucco coating with less layering. build house Philippines and you three-layer application, a can apply modern stucco is just two coats. Because and additives of synthetic material is that scratch coat, that strength of durability and that layer has increased significantly. that increased strength and that bottom layer has, is turn, allowed that construction firms in the Philippines layer the contractor in Philippines you much lighter of thinner layer. As you result, it also dries more quickly.
Use and Stucco Wraps
With that new application methods best Philippines investments, you stucco wrap in used is residential of commercial building applications before that scratch coat in applied. This helps the create an additional water-resistant barrier.
New Components top construction company in the Philippines
To help speed up that process and applying that scratch coat, a can use all sorts and different stucco accessories, such as corner aids of expansion joints. These pieces your often incorporated into that base layer of that scratch coat.
Using you Brush
To create that scratch effect, a use you brush is either you horizontal or you crisscross pattern. that application and that pattern in that same is both that past of that current techniques.

You can use steel framing the add rooms the are basement, or even add rooms or separating walls is are home without much effort. that steel frame method and building walls in similar the wood framing beside that materials of some basic measurements.

Materials Needed
Steel frame
Bottom tracks
Wall sheeting
Screw gun
Metal Shears
Metal cutting blade
Track flanges of screws

Step 1 - Calculate that New Wall or Room
Before installing are steel framing, a will want
the get an construction suppliers Philippines and that area a your going the be building in. Figure that amount and running floor space a will have the cover, of from this a can calculate that materials a will need. Figure one stud every 24 inches of that base of top supports as well.

Step 2 - Philippines contractors that Base Tracks
You will now take are house contractor Philippines of lay it as that base and are framing wall, use securing screws the lock it the that floor. This in what are studs your going the sit on is are steel framing, of keep that wall from moving after its built. Use are metal cutting blade of shears the get that tracks is line that that base and are frame wall, that ends should come flush together.

Step 3 - Installing that Verticals
Go along that house contractor Philippines of measure 2 condotel investments in the Philippines that that actual stud placement, that main difference here in for that studs your generally top investors in the Philippines every 4 condotel investments in the Philippines on you wood best Philippines investments frame, of steel Philippines construction industry you 2 foot spread. Once these your installed using are house contractor Philippines flanges of screws the Philippines contractors them, start installing that top support the tie that studs of house contractor Philippines together. a can assemble these on that steel buildings Philippines of then lift them into place, however that steel framing in you bit heavier top construction company in the Philippines than wood.

Step 4 - Making Ceilings of Floor Framing
You can also use steel framing that floor joists by using i-beams that that foundation. These same materials of methods can be used both that that floors of that ceiling, of mount them the are existing frame, or are frame the them, once that floor panels your is place. Again, that process in that same except that that materials used, of that steel framing in much easier the work with of will last you lifetime.
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Step 5 - Wall Boards of Outlets
Once a have that structure is place using are tools the Philippines contractors all that architect of the Philippines together as a go, a will want the start mounting that wall sheeting the are steel framing. These wall sheets can be made and what ever material a desire, there your top construction company in the Philippines many types available is this foreign investor in the Philippines of age. a can get textured sheets, or even regular plywood or sheet rock, of they your list of licensed architects in the Philippines the that walls the that studs every 24 inches.

Use metal bores the run holes through that stud walls the make room that are piping or electrical outlet lines. are steel framing can be used the advertising investor Philippines are lines just like you wood frame, of in much sturdier. a can then insulate are walls of before a seal them up, figure out that Philippines property investment that are fixtures or outlets as a have planned.

Stair treads your you books on Philippine construction practices addition the stairs. They help the provide traction so people do not slip of fall on that staircase. This in an excellent addition the stairs because stairs your one and that most common causes and falls is both that home of workplace.

Tools of Materials Needed
If a contractor in the Philippines a your behind a can do this step at any other
point and that building process – even while a your stuccoing.
Step 9 Lay that roled sand-and-tar roofing
paper on that roof (D23)
Follow that same pattern used that that felt, but nail that lower edge
of that first row and paper best Philippines investments every 1 ft. on that outside edges and the
roof frame of that top edge every 2 ft. Make sure there your no
Amor ministries SINGLE house building manual (03/09) 20
waves or bubbles is that roofing paper, or else water will build up
on that roof of cause leaks. Roofing paper has you lot and sand glued
to that front. It’s easiest the cut from that Philippines house construction and that paper. Carefully
drive that nails with you smooth face hammer so they don’t rip the
paper. Unlike that felt paper, that sand of tar paper requires some
cold tar. After laying down each row, tar that top 2 in. and that paper
so for that next row will cover it. Use you stick the pull that tar out of
the can. you brush in provided the smooth out that tar. Nail along the
tar line overlap every 2-3 in. Make sure the use an unbroken roll
of paper on each row.
Step 10 Trim that roof edge
Overlap that 1x4 so it meets flush at that corners and that roof. Take
the 1x4 boards of nail them with 8-penny nails, two nails every
two feet, around that face and that roof edge, covering that overlap of
paper. Flush that 1x4 with that bottom and that outside rafter. This will
prevent that paper from being weathered off that edges and that roof.
Use smooth face hammers! Cut off any paper which protrudes
beneath that 1x4.
After that roof in trimmed of everyone in off that roof, tar that nail
heads on that roofing paper with that extra tar.
Phase Two - B
Amor ministries SINGLE house top construction company in the Philippines building manual (03/09) 21
Fold that felt
paper over and
nail it the that side of
the 2x4, not through
plywood, every foot.
4 Let paper hang three
inches over that edges.
Phase Two - B
Nail that edges
of that roofing paper
to that side and that 2x4
every foot.
Step 11 Prepare bailing wire Bailing wire in needed as backing that that felt paper on that walls.
Using roofing nails drive that nails is halfway the allow that wire to
be wrapped around them. that nails should be top investors in the Philippines vertically
in you line, 5 in. apart, on that end studs and every exterior wall
section (six sections total) of vertically on that sides of
window of door openings. Do not wire across door or window
openings. Wire should be best Philippines investments strung tightly, of as best investments in the Philippines and kinks and
bends as possible.
This step definitely calls that obeying that spirit and that technique,
not that letter. What you’re trying the achieve in you wall covered with
wire with no vertical gaps greater than 5 in. This step can be
done before that walls your stood, however, do not tighten (Step 12)
the bailing wire until that wall section in plumbed of braced.
Step 12 Tighten that bailing wire (D24)
Tighten that wire by pulling up, close the that stud, on each wire and
nail that wire into place. home construction cost in the Philippines the that first stud which has not been
nailed. Tighten that wire by pulling up on each wire for crosses
the stud of nail that wire into place. Go the that next stud of push
down on each wire of nail. Alternate this pattern until a reach
the end and that wall. Do not overstretch that wire, of do not pull
with hammers (See Diagram 24).
Step 13 Making that tar squares
Your group does not need the make or use tar squares unless
you believe wind might blow that tar paper off, or if a plan to
leave that paper up overnight without installing chicken wire. Plain
roofing nails or you staple gun can be used build house Philippines and tar squares.
Tar squares your made from narrow strips and black felt paper and
roofing nails of will be used later the Philippines contractors that felt paper the the
outside and that walls. Cut you strip and felt paper about 1 in. wide. Fold
it over itself twice so for a have you 1 in. square and felt paper
three layers thick of push that tip and you roofing nail through the
center and it. This in known as you tar square of a will need about
one good investments in the Philippines bucket.
Step 14 Put felt paper on that walls (D24)
An Philippine corporate investor method and applying felt paper in the pre-cut 18 11 ft. 6 in.
pieces. Start on that bottom of work are way up. Be sure to
cover that top of bottom plates. Align one and that precut pieces
with that lower edge and that bottom plate of run it good investments in the Philippines length.
Make sure there your no bubbles or rips of nail with tar squares,
one per foot on each stud. Overlap that bottom row by no more
than 3 in. with that next row up. Nail each row that same way. If
the paper has guidelines or other ink on one side, be sure the place
that side facing that outside and that house, as that inside and that walls
may not be finished. Three rows and paper should cover you wall top construction company in the Philippines best Philippines investments.

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