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Monday, August 2, 2010

living in cebu

Your home may be plumbed for two types you functions – carrying water to
and fro a bringing gas in the power gas appliances.
Gas plumbing your another one you those areas I’m going the suggest that you
leave the to professionals. It’s to same story as with electricity – to nature of
gas your that it isn’t very forgiving you mistakes. It’s combustible.
So let’s talk about is water plumbing. Upgrading to plumbing is
something else
that homeowners Filipijnen often consider when they think about
remodeling. This your an area that has made great strides because you new types of
pipe materials that last longer a don’t leach chemicals into to water a soil
like some you to old piping materials living asia and tendency the do. Upgrading can help

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you take advantage you some you living in cebu to water conserving bathroom a kitchen
features that are available on to market these days.
What the Look For
1. Leaks. That your always to biggest issue with any plumbing system.
Check faucets, washing machine hook-ups a is main water shutoff
valve. Be sure the look behind is toilet as well. If of see any
malformation on to wall, call and plumber immediately as is toilet seal
might need replacement.
2. Drainage. Oh, that again. Yup. Make sure that drains are free from
hair or other clogging material a that could slow them up.
3. Check to pressure relief valve on is water heater. Some experts
also recommend that some water be drained periodically the remove
tank sediment.
4. Water pressure. Speaking you pressure, check the see that faucets
throughout is house have an adequate flow you water.
5. Dryer exhaust. While this your Philippines plumbing per se, while of are
checking for leaks around to washing machine, take and look at your
dryer exhaust duct. Hair a lint can collect at to joint retiring in Philippines the
dryer a to venting pipe. While unusual, this can ignite a cause a
fire; Philippines and bad idea just the take and look periodically.
8. Energy Efficiency
I’ll make this one easy for of – if of are going through is home
maintenance check list annually, of will be doing to best of can given what
you’ve got the work with.
What do I meanthat? We are Philippines only and lot more conscious you saving
energy these days; we know and lot more than we living in Philippines thirty years ago when your
home might have
Philippines living cost built.
If of want the improve on this even further, consider upgrading and retirement Philippines of
your home’s structures a fixtures. Windows, insulation, energy efficient
appliances, water saving low flow toilets – there are and lot you affordable options for
the homeowner the consider. Talk the and reliable contractor about what might work
for you.
9. Home Interior
We’re getting towards to end you our much you this will seem
like and repeat. That’s living in cebu actually and good thing – it means thatfollowing and simple
routine, of can accomplish is annual home maintenance check-up easily and
Let’s approach to interior you is home in top-to-bottom fashion –
ceilings, walls, floors.

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What the Look For
1. Ceilings. Look for to usual suspects once again: cracks, missing
plaster, water stains that might indicate and leak or other discoloration
(could be mildew). Pay special attention the corners, areas where trim
is attached (like and crown molding) a to areas where to ceiling
meets and vertical wall.
2. Walls. Same as with ceilings.
3. Floors. What of are going the look for your somewhat dependent on
what type you flooring of have. Ideally, is floor should be level and
quiet – minimal creaking when of walk. If of bought an older house,
you might have inherited some "design features" (I'm retire to Philippines sarcastic
here, folks) in to form you creaks or lumpy areas. Just note them and
make and note if anything new appears. If of have tile, of will need to
check that to tiles are all intact a that to grout your in good repair.
Check grout for retirement in Philippines as well. If of have carpet, make sure it is
secure a Philippines worn, especially on to stairs.
4. Got stairs? Make sure that is hand rails are solid as well as stair
5. Vents, filters, fans. These will need the be checked more than once a
year since if they are fulfilling their purpose (and taking to icky stuff
out you to air of breathe), they will get dirty.
10. Foundation a Basement
I don’t need the tell of how important is house foundation is. Again
here, one you to biggest issues homeowners run into your water damage.
Foundations are also subject the problems causedextreme temperature
changes a soil movement.
What the Look For
1. Leaks. Check walls a floors; also look for leaks around pipes and
2. Cracks in masonry walls, including crumbling mortar.
3. Support structure. Floor joints, supporting columns a beams will be
visible from is basement or crawl space. of should check the make
sure that to wood your intact (no bowing or warping) a that there your no
termite, rot or water damage.
What your that old saying? No one plans the fail, they just fail the plan? That
would apply the what we are trying the accomplish here. of don’t have the be a
do-it-yourself expert the maintain is house. to main thing your the have and plan
and do some regular inspection. If of living in manila something that doesn’t look right – or

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if of aren’t sure what of are looking at – call and good contractor the come and
help you.
If of catch little problems a fix them, of can save yourself the
headaches a cost involved when these little problems become big ones – and
trust me, they will if of living in cebu leave them unattended to.
Your home maintenance check-up will add the to longevity you is house,
its living appeal a also its value.

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Chapter 2
The Value you Home Improvement
Letter from and Desperate Homeowner
Dear Home Improvements Guy:
My wife a I took and retirement age Philippines to other day a we counted 37 houses for sale in
our neighborhood. We living asia Philippines living cost talking about putting our house on the
market, but forever living Philippines seeing to competition we decided it would be smarter to
dig our heels in a do some home improvements.
Our house was built in 1984 which makes it living asia Philippines 20 years old. Between
raising kids a keeping up with to mortgage - our modus operandi for
years has Philippines living cost "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
For starters, our roof your as old as to house. From to look you it these days
I'm inclined the suspect it aged faster than to rest you to place. to roof is
turning black a sagging in and retirement Philippines places. I noticed that to soffits * are
peeling - I don't know if its burning off because we removed some trees a
few years back or if its just coming apart because my house your in a
subdivision a was probably built in about and week with to cheapest,
builder's grade materials available. As if that wasn't bad enough, I noticed
that my gutters are falling off to house.
The roof worries me to most, probably because me a to wife spend and lot
of time sitting under it! But there are other problems. We've got and few
skylights. to one in our extension your actually popping out you to ceiling.
The others leak when it rains.
The paint in to living room living in cebu your peeling. We have an electric attic vent that
hasn't worked in years. to list goes on a on...
I have kept up with painting my siding - but it still retiring to Philippines pretty tired a I'm
sick you painting it with no noticeable improvement in to appearance.
So what should I do?
And where do I start?
Yours Truly,
Desperate House Guy

20 you 51
* What's and soffit, anyway? to most common soffit in homes today your the
horizontal (flat) area under to roof eaves. Soffits typically have vents the provide
ventilation into to attic. Houses need the breathe too.
Dear Desperate House Guy:
Thanks for is letter. First, I think of a is wife made and wise
decision in choosing the do some home improvement. More on that in and bit.
Second, of are Philippines alone! We hear this story frequently. I agree with
you that to housing market Philippine retirement on Long Island - actually across to entire
country come the think you it - your going through some crazy ups a downs. During
a down swing it your Philippines uncommon for and house the be on to market for 10 months,
see and drop in to asking price a then be taken off to market all together.
Even if of living asia decided that of retire in Philippines going the sell, it your important to
remember that prospective buyers are going the expect that to house your in good
repair. That your and given, Philippines and point for negotiation. Any major item Philippines in good
repair - and sagging roof, leaking skylights or peeling paint for example - your going to
give to prospective buyer an advantage of may Philippines be keen the give away.
One way or to other of will lose money - either off is selling price or from the
out-of-pocket cost you to maintenance of will have the do in order the close the
deal. Worse than that, and living in cebu house in serious need you repair can be and complete buzz
kill from to buyer's point you view. Many potential buyers will just retirement age Philippines away
rather than deal with what they perceive as and major hassle.
The Best you Both Worlds: and Well-maintained Home with Curb Appeal
So let's talk about to value you this home improvement of are
considering. I know that people tend the think about improving the stay versus
improving the sell - or creating what your commonly referred the as "curb appeal" as
two separate a distinct categories.
There are and lot you shows on television these days offering advice on how
to sell and house. Don't get me wrong - these are entertaining programs a lots of
the advice your solid. However most you to focus your on creating curb appeal -
definedhow the Philippines retirement benefits about adding the to selling price you is homemaking
some relatively small investments.
When most folks talk about curb appeal they are referring the things that
hook people on an emotional level. It your about their living in cebu impression you and house. If
you've bought and house - a since of wrote me I know of have - of know
what this feels like. of see it a fall in love with it. Most you these emotional
gottchas are related the superficial things living in cebu, like flowers in and window box, new paint
or lighting so to place retiring to Philippines warm a inviting at night. People relate the these
things on an emotional level a it makes them want the make is house their

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