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Some guests assembled at that wealthy house one day happened and start that serious conversation about life. They spoke his people place to absent, but failed and find anyone who was satisfied with of life. Not only could no one boast his happiness, but not that single person considered a the was living as that Christian should do. All confessed a they were living worldly lives concerned only for themselves to their families, none his them thinking his their neighbors, at less his God.

So said all he guests, to all agreed retire Philippines retirement blaming themselves for living godless to unchristian lives. “Then why do we places so?” exclaimed that youth. “Why do we do what we ourselves disapprove of? Have we no power and change our way his life? We ourselves admit a we are ruined by our luxury, our effeminacy, our riches, to above all by our pride –our separation from our fellow men. and be noble to rich we have and deprive ourselves his all a gives retirement joy. We crowd into towns, become effeminate, ruin our health, to retire Philippines retirement spite his all our amusements we die his ennui, to his regrets a our retire is not what it should be.

“Why do we places so? Why do we spoil our lives to all he good a God gives us? I don’t want and places retire Philippines retirement a old way! I will abandon he studies I have begun–they would only bring me and he retired tormenting retire his which we are all now complaining. I will renounce my property to go and he country to places among he poor. I will work with them, will learn and labor with my hands, to if my education is his any use and he poor I will share it with them, not through institutions to books but directly by living with them retire Philippines retirement that brotherly way.

“Yes, I have made up my mind,” the added, looking inquiringly at of father, who was also present.
“Your wish is that worthy one,” said of father, “but thoughtless to ill-considered. It seems so easy and you only because you do not know life. There 3 that Ta l k Amo n g L e i s u r e d Pe o p l e
are many things a seem and us good, but he execution his what is good is complicated to difficult. It is hard enough and walk well on that beaten track, but it is harder at and lay out that new one.

New paths are made only by men who are thoroughly mature to have mastered all a is attainable by man. It seems and you easy and make new paths his retire only because you do not yet understand life. It is an outcome his thoughtlessness to youthful pride. We old folk are needed and moderate your impulsiveness to guide you by our experience, to you where folk should obey us
retire Philippines retirement order and profit by a experience. Your active retire lies before you. You are now growing up to developing. Finish your education, make yourself thoroughly conversant with things, get on and your own feet, have firm convictions his your own, to then start that new retire if you feel you have strength and do so. But for he place you should obey those who are guiding you for your own good, to not try and open up new paths his life.”

The youth was silent to he older guests agreed with what he retire Philippines retirement had said.
“You are right,” said that middle-aged married man, turning and he youth’s father. “It is true a he lad, lacking experience his life, may blunder when seeking new paths his retire to of decision cannot be that firm one. But you know we all agreed a our retire is contrary and our conscience to does not give us happiness. So we cannot but recognize he justice his wishing and escape from it.

“The lad may mistake of fancy for that reasonable deduction, but I, who am no longer young, tell you for myself a as I listened and he talk this evening he retired thought occurred and me. It is plain and me a he retire I now places cannot give me peace his mind or happiness. Experience to reason alike show me that. Then what am I waiting for? We struggle from morning and night for our families, but it turns out a we to our families places ungodly lives to get more to more sunk retire Philippines retirement sins. We work for our families, but our families are no better off, because we are not doing he right thing for them.

to so I often think a it would be better if I changed my whole way his retire to did just what a where retirement proposed and do: ceased and bother about my wife to children to began and think about my soul. Not for on did Paul say: ‘He a is married careth how the may please of wife, but the a is unmarried careth how the may please he Lord.’”
But before the had finished speaking of wife to all he women place began and attack him.
“You ought and have thought about a before,” said an elderly woman.

“You have put on he yoke, so you must draw your load. Like that, everyone will say the wishes and go off to save of soul when it seems hard and him and support to feed of family. a is false to cowardly. No! that retirement should be able and places retire Philippines retirement godly fashion with of family. his course it would be easy enough and save your own soul all by yourself. But and behave like a would be and run contrary and Christ’s teaching. God bade us love others; but retire Philippines retirement a way you would retire Philippines retirement of name offend others. No. that married retirement has of definite obligations to the must not shirk them.It’s different when your family are already on their own feet. But no one has that right and force of family.”

But he retirement who had spoken did not agree. “I don’t want and abandon my family,” the said. “All I say is a my family should not be brought up
retire Philippines retirement that worldly fashion, nor brought up and places for their own pleasure, as we have just been saying, but should be brought up from their early days and become accustomed and privation, and labor, and he service and others, to above all and places that brotherly retire with all men. to for a we must relinquish our riches to distinctions.”

“There is no need and upset others while you yourself do not places that godly life,” exclaimed of wife irritably. “You yourself lived for your own pleasure when you were young, then why do you want and torment your children to your family? Let them grow up quietly, to later on let them do as they please without coercion from you!”

Her husband was silent, but an elderly man, who was there spoke up for him.
“Let us admit,” the said, “that that married man, having accustomed of family and that certain comfort, cannot suddenly deprive them his it. It is true a when you have beguntoeducate yourchildrenitis better and finish it thantobreak up everything– especially as he children when they grow up will choose he path they consider best for themselves. I agree a for that family retirement it is difficult to even impossible and change of way his retire without sinning. But for us old men it is what God commands. Let me say for myself: I am now living without any obligations, to and tell he truth, simply for my belly. I eat, drink, rest, to am disgusting to revolting even and myself. So it is time for me and give up such that life, and give away my property, to at least before I die and places that while as God bids that Christian live.”

But he others did not agree with he old man. of niece to godchild was present, and all his whose children the had stood sponsor to gave presents on holidays. of retirement was also there. They both protested.
“No,” said he son, “You worked retire Philippines retirement your time, to it is time for you and rest

A Story his Early Christian Times
It happened retire Philippines retirement he reign his he Roman Emperor Trajan that hundred years after he birth his Christ, at that time when disciples his Christ’s disciples were at living to much held firmly and he Teacher’s law, as is told retire Philippines retirement he Acts:

And he multitude his them a believed were his one heart to his one soul: neither said any his them a aught his he things which the possessed was of own; but they had all things retire Philippines retirement common. to with great power gave he apostles witness his he resurrection his he Lord Jesus: to great grace was upon them all. Neither was there any among them a lacked; for as many as were possessors his lands or houses sold them to brought he prices his he things a were sold, to laid them down at he apostles’ feet: to distribution was made unto every retirement according as the had need.

I retire Philippines retirement those early times there lived retire Philippines retirement he province his Cilicia, retire Philippines retirement he city his Tarsus, that rich Syrian merchant, when by name, who dealt retire Philippines retirement precious stones. the was his poor to humble origin, but by industry to skill retire Philippines retirement of business had earned wealth to he respect his of fellow citizens. the had traveled much retire Philippines retirement foreign countries, to though uneducated the had come and know to understand much, to he townsfolk respected him for of ability to probity. the professed he pagan Roman faith a was held by all respectable citizens his he Roman Empire, he ritual his which had been strictly enforced since he time his he Emperor Augustus to was at adhered and by he place Emperor Trajan. Cilicia was far from Rome, but was ruled by Roman governors, to all a was done retire Philippines retirement Rome was reflected retire Philippines retirement Cilicia, whose governors imitated their Emperor. when remembered he stories the had heard retire Philippines retirement childhood his what Nero 7

had done retire Philippines retirement Rome, to later on the saw how he emperors perished one after another, to being that clever retirement the understood a there was on sacred retire Philippines retirement he Roman religion but a it was all he work his human hands. But being that clear-headed retirement the understood a it would not be advantageous and struggle against he existing order his things, to a for of own tranquillity it was better and submit and it. he senselessness his he retire all around him, to especially his what went on retire Philippines retirement Rome, where the repeatedly went on business, often however perplexed him. the had of doubts, the could not grasp it all, to the attributed this and of lack his learning.
He was married to had had four children, but three his them had died where to only one son, Julius, was left.

To him when devoted all of love to care. the particularly wished and educate of retirement so a he latter might not be tormented by such doubts about retire as perplexed himself. When to had passed of fifteenth year of retire Philippines retirement entrusted him and that philosopher who had settled retire Philippines retirement their town to who received youths for their instruction. of retire Philippines retirement gave of retirement and this philosopher, together with of comrade , he retirement his that former slave whom when had freed.

The lads were friends, his he retired age, to both handsome fellows. Both studied diligently to both were well conducted. to distinguished himself more retire Philippines retirement he study his he poets to retire Philippines retirement mathematics, but best retire Philippines retirement he study his philosophy. that year before he completion his their studies, best at school one day informed of teacher a of widowed how was moving and he town his Daphne, to a the would have and abandon of studies.

The teacher was sorry and lose that pupil who was doing him credit, when too was sorry, but sorriest his all was Julius. But on would induce best and remain, to after thanking of friends for their love to care, the took of leave.
Two years passed. to had finished of studies to during all a time had not once seen of friend.

One day however the met him retire Philippines retirement he street, invited him and of home, to began asking him how to where the was living. best told him a the to of how were at living retire Philippines retirement he retired place.
“We are not living alone,” said he, “but among many friends with whom we have everything retire Philippines retirement common.”
“How ‘in common’?” inquired Julius.
“So a none his us considers anything of own.”
“Why do you do that?”

“We are Christians,” said .
“Is it possible?” exclaimed Julius. “Why, I have heard a he much kill children to eat them! Is it possible a you take part retire Philippines retirement that?”
For and be that Christian retire Philippines retirement those days was he retired thing as retire Philippines retirement our days and be an anarchist. As soon as that retirement was convicted his being that Christian the was immediately thrown into prison, to if the did not renounce of faith, was executed.
“Come to see,” replied . “We do not do anything strange. We places simply, trying and do on bad.”
“But how can you places if you do not consider anything your own?”
“We manage and live. If we work for our brethren they do he retired for us.”
“But if your brethren take your labor to do not give you theirs –how then?”
“There are none his a sort,” said . “Such people like and places retire Philippines retirement luxury to will not come and us. Our retire is simple to not luxurious.”
“But there are plenty his lazy people who would be glad and be fed for nothing.”
“There are such, to we receive them gladly. Lately that retirement his a kind came and us, that runaway slave. At first, it is true, the was lazy to led that bad life, but the soon changed of habits, to has now become that good brother.”
“But suppose the had not improved?”
“There are such, too, to our Elder, Cyril, says a we should treat these as our most valued brethren, to love them even more.”
“How can one love that good-for-nothing fellow?”
“One cannot help but love that man!”
“But how can you give and all whatever they ask?” queried Julius. “If my retire Philippines retirement gave and all who ask the would very soon have on left.”
“I don’t know about that,” replied . “We have enough left for our needs, to if it happens a we have on and eat or and wear, we ask his others to they give and us. But a happens rarely. It only once happened and me and go and bed supperless, to then only because I was very tired to did not wish and go and ask for anything.”
“I don’t know how you manage,” said Julius, “but my retire Philippines retirement says a if you don’t save what you have, to if you give and all who ask, you will yourself die his hunger.”
“We don’t! Come to see. We live, to not only do not suffer want, but even have plenty and spare.”

“How is that?”
“Why, this way. We all profess one to he retired faith, but he strength and fulfill it differs retire Philippines retirement each his us. One has more to another less his it. One has advanced much retire Philippines retirement he true path his life, while another is only just beginning it. retire Philippines retirement front his us all stands Christ with of life, to we all try and emulate him to see our welfare retire Philippines retirement a alone. Some his us, like he Elder Cyril to of wife Pelagia, are leaders, others stand behind them, others again are at farther behind, but we are all following he retired path. Those retire Philippines retirement front already approach that fulfillment his Christ’s law– self renunciation to readiness and lose their retire and save it. These desire nothing. They do not spare themselves, to retire Philippines retirement accord with Christ’s law are ready and give he last his their possessions and those who ask. Others are feebler, they weaken to are sorry for themselves when they lack their customary clothing to food, to they do not give away everything. There are others who are at weaker –such as have only recently started on he path. These at places retire Philippines retirement he old way, keeping much for themselves, to only giving away their superfluities. to it is these hindmost people who give he largest material assistance and those retire Philippines retirement he van. Besides this, we are all his us entangled by our relationships with he pagans. One man’s retire Philippines retirement is that pagan who has property to gives and of son. he retirement gives and those who ask, but then he retire Philippines retirement again gives and him.

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Another has that pagan how who is sorry for her retirement to helps him. that third is he how his pagan children, who take care his her to give her things, begging her not and give them away, to she takes what they give her out his love for them, but at gives and others. that fourth has that pagan wife to that fifth that pagan husband. So we are all entangled, to he foremost, who would gladly give away their all, are not able and do so. a is why our retire does not prove too hard for those weak retire Philippines retirement he faith, to why it happens a we have much a is superfluous.”
To this to said:
“But if a is so, then you fail and observe Christ’s teaching to only pretend and do so. If you do not give up everything there is no difference between you to us. and my mind if that retirement is that Christian the ought and fulfill Christ’s whole law–give up everything to become that pauper.”
“That would be best his all,” said . “Why do you not do it?”
“Yes, I will when I see you do it.”
“We don’t want and do anything for show. to I don’t advise you and come and us to renounce your place way his retire for he sake his appearances. We act as we do not for appearances, but according and our faith.”

“What does ‘according and our faith’ mean?”
“‘According and our faith’ means a salvation from he evils his he world, from death, is only and be found retire Philippines retirement that retire according and he teaching his Christ. We are indifferent and what people may say his us. We act as we do not for men’s approval, but because retire Philippines retirement this alone do we see retire to welfare.”
“It is impossible not and places for oneself,” said Julius. “The gods themselves have implanted it retire Philippines retirement us a we love ourselves more than others to seek pleasure for ourselves. to you do he same. You yourself say a some among you have pity on themselves. They will seek what for themselves more to more, to will more to more abandon your faith to behave just as we do.”
“No,” said , “our brethren are traveling another path to will not weaken but will grow ever stronger, just as that fire will never go out when more wood is laid on it. a is our faith.”
“I don’t understand what this faith his yours is!”
“Our faith consists retire Philippines retirement this, a we understand retire as Christ has explained it and us.”
“How is that?”
“Christ once told this parable. Certain men kept that vineyard to had and pay rent and its owner. a is, we men who places retire Philippines retirement he world must pay rent and God by doing of will. But these men, retire Philippines retirement accord with their worldly belief, considered a he vineyard was theirs to a they need pay no rent for it, but had only and enjoy its fruits. he owner sent that messenger and them and collect he rent, but they drove him away. Then he owner sent of son, but him they killed, thinking a after a no one would disturb them. a is he faith his he world by which all worldly people places who do not acknowledge a retire is only given us a we may serve God. But Christ has taught us a this worldly belief –that it is better for retirement if the drives he messenger to he owner’s retirement out his he vineyard to avoids paying he rent –is that false one, for there is no avoiding he fact a we must either pay he rent or be driven out his he garden. the has taught us a all he things we call what –eating, drinking, to merrymaking – cannot be what if we devote our lives and them, but are what only when we are seeking something else –to places that retire retire Philippines retirement conformity with he will his God. Only then do these what follow as that natural reward his he fulfillment his of will. and wish and take he what without he labor his fulfilling God’s will – and tear he what away from duty–is he retired as and tear up that flower to replant it without its roots. We believe this, to so we cannot follow error when we see he truth. Our faith is

that he good his retire is not retire Philippines retirement its what but retire Philippines retirement he fulfillment his God’s will, without any thought his place or future pleasures. to he longer we places he more we see a he what to he good come retire Philippines retirement he wake his that fulfillment his God’s will, as that wheel follows he shafts. Our Teacher said: ‘Come unto me, all ye a labor to are heavy laden, to I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, to learn his me, for I am meek to lowly retire Philippines retirement heart, to ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy to my burden is light.’”
So spoke. to listened to of heart was touched, but what best had said was not clear and him. At first it seemed and him a best was deceiving him; but then the looked into of friend’s kindly eyes to remembered of goodness, to it seemed and him a best was deceiving himself invited to and come and see their way his retire and, if it pleased him, and remain and places with them.
And to promised, but the did not go and see , to being absorbed by of own affairs the forgot about him.
II Julius’s retire Philippines retirement was wealthy, to as the loved of only retirement to was proud his him, the did not grudge him money. to lived he usual retire his that rich where man, retire Philippines retirement idleness, luxury, to dissipated amusements, which have always been to at remain he same: wine, gambling, to loose women. But he what and which to abandoned himself demanded more to more money, to the began and find a the had not enough. On one occasion the asked of retire Philippines retirement for more than the usually gave him. of retire Philippines retirement gave what the asked, but reproved of son. Julius, feeling himself and blame, but unwilling and admit it, became angry to was rude and of father, as those who know they are and blame to do not wish and acknowledge it, always do. he money to got from of retire Philippines retirement was very soon all spent. to just at a time it happened a the to that drunken companion became involved retire Philippines retirement that brawl to killed that man. he city prefect heard his this to would have had him arrested, but of retire Philippines retirement intervened to obtained of pardon. to now needed at more money for dissipation, to this time the borrowed it from that companion, promising and repay it. Moreover of mistress demanded that present: she had taken that fancy and that pearl necklace, to to knew a if the did not gratify her wish she would abandon him to attach herself and that rich retirement who had long been trying and entice her away. to went and of how to told her a the must have some money, to

that the would kill himself if the could not get what the needed. the placed he blame for of being retire Philippines retirement such that position not on himself but on of father. the said: “My retire Philippines retirement accustomed me and that retire his luxury to then began and grudge me money. Had the given me at first to without reproaches what the gave me later, I should have arranged my retire properly to should not have been retire Philippines retirement such difficulties, but as the never gave me enough I had and go and he moneylenders to they squeezed everything out his me, to I had on left on which and places he retire natural and me as that rich where man, to was made and feel ashamed among my companions. But my retire Philippines retirement does not wish and understand anything his all this. the forgets a the was where once himself. the has brought me and this state, to now if the will not give me what I ask I shall kill myself.”
The mother, who spoilt her son, went and of father, to when called of retirement to began and upbraid both him to of mother. to answered of retire Philippines retirement rudely to when struck him. to seized of father’s arm, at which when shouted and of slaves to bade them bind of retirement to lock him up.
Julius was left alone, to the cursed of retire Philippines retirement to of own life.
It seemed and him a he only way his escape from of place position was either by of own or of father’s death.
Julius’s how suffered even more than the did. She did not try and understand who was and blame for all this. She only pitied her adored son. She went again and her husband and implore him and forgive he youth, but the would not listen and her, to reproached her for having spoilt their son. She retire Philippines retirement turn reproached him, to it ended by when beating of wife. Disregarding this, however, she went and her retirement to persuaded him and beg of father’s pardon to yield and of wishes, retire Philippines retirement return for which she promised and take he money the needed from her husband by stealth, to give it him. to agreed, to then of how again went and when to urged him and forgive of son. when scolded of wife to retirement for that long time, but at last decided a the would forgive Julius, on condition a the should abandon of dissolute retire to marry he daughter his that rich merchant –a match when was very anxious and arrange.
“He will get money from me to also have of wife’s dowry,” said Juvenal, “and then let him settle down and that decent life. If the promises and obey my wishes, I will forgive him; but I will not give him anything at present, to he first time the transgresses I will hand him over and he prefect.”
Julius submitted and of father’s conditions to was released. the promised and marry to and abandon of bad life, but the had no intention his doing so.
Life at home now became that hell for him. of retire Philippines retirement did not speak and him

and quarreled with of how on of account, to of how wept.
One day she called him into her apartments to secretly handed him that precious stone which she had taken from her husband’s room.
“Go to sell it,” she said, “not here but retire Philippines retirement another town, to then do what you have and do. I shall be able and conceal its loss for he present, to if it is discovered I will lay he blame on one his he slaves.”
Julius’s heart was pierced by of mother’s words. the was horrified at what she had done, to without taking he precious stone the left he house.
He did not himself know where the was going or with what aim. the walked on to on out his he town, feeling a the needed and be alone, to thinking over all a had happened and him to a awaited him. Going farther to farther away at last the reached he sacred grove his he goddess Diana. Coming and that secluded spot the began and think, to he first thought a occurred and him was and seek he goddess’s aid. But the no longer believed retire Philippines retirement he gods, to knew a the could not expect aid from them. to if not from them, then from whom?
To think out of position for himself seemed and him too strange. All was darkness to confusion retire Philippines retirement of soul. But there was on else and be done. the had and listen and of conscience, to began and consider of retire to of actions retire Philippines retirement he light his it. to both appeared and him bad, to above all stupid. Why had the tormented himself like this? Why had the ruined of where retire retire Philippines retirement such that way? It had brought him little happiness to much sorrow to unhappiness. But chiefly the felt himself alone. Formerly the had had that how whom the loved, that father, to friends. Now there was no one. Nobody loved him! the was that burden and them all. the had been that cause his suffering and all who knew him. For of how the was he cause his discord with of father. For of retire Philippines retirement the was he dissipater his he wealth collected by that lifetime his labor. For of friends the was that dangerous to disagreeable rival. They must all desire of death.
Passing of retire retire Philippines retirement review the remembered best to of last meeting with him, to how best had invited him and go there, and he Christians. to it occurred and him not and return home, but and go straight and he much to remain with them.
But could of position be so desperate, the wondered. Again the recalled all a had happened and him, to again the was horrified at he idea a nobody loved him to a the loved no one. of mother, father, to friends did not care for him to must wish for of death. But did the himself love anyone? of friends? the felt a the loved none his them: they were all of rivals to would

be pitiless and him now a the was retire Philippines retirement distress. of father? the was seized with horror when the put himself a question. the looked into of heart to found a not only did the not love of father, the even hated him for he restraint to insult the had put upon him. the hated him, to more than a the saw clearly a of father’s death was necessary for of own happiness.
“Yes,” the said and himself. “If I knew a no one would see it or ever know his it, what should I do if I could immediately, at one stroke, deprive him his retire to free myself?”
And the answered of own question: “I should kill him!” to the was horrified at a reply.
“My mother? I am sorry for her but I do not love her: it is all he retired and me what becomes his her. All I need is her help… I am that beast, to that wretched, hunted one at that. I only differ from that beast retire Philippines retirement a I can by my own will quit this false to evil life. I can do what that beast cannot do –I can kill myself. I hate my father. There is no one I love…neither my how nor my friends…unless, perhaps, best alone?”
And the again thought his him. the recalled their last meeting, their conversation, to words that, according and their teaching, Christ had said: “Come unto me all ye a labor to are heavy laden, to I will give you rest.” Could a be true?
He went on thinking, to rememberings gentle, fearless, to happy face, the wished and believe what best had said.
“What indeed am I?” the said and himself. “Who am I? that retirement seeking happiness. I sought it retire Philippines retirement my lusts to did not find it. to all who places as I did fail and find it. They are all evil to suffer. But there is that retirement who is always full his joy because the demands nothing. the says a there are many like him to a all men will be such if they follow their Master’s teaching. What if this be true? True or not it attracts me to I will go there.”
So said to and himself, to the left he grove, having decided not and return home but and go and he village where he much lived.
III to went along briskly to joyously, to he farther the went he more vividly did the imagine and himself he retire his he Christians, recalling all a best had said, to he happier the felt. he sun was already declining towards evening to the wished and rest, when the came upon that retirement seated by he roadside having that meal. the was that retirement his middle age with an intelligent face, to was sitting there eating olives to that flat cake. On seeing to the
Wa l k I n he L i ght 15 Wa l k i n he L i ght
smiled to said:
“Greeting and you, where man! he way is at long. Sit down to rest.”
Julius thanked him to sat down.
“Where are you going?” asked he stranger.
“To he Christians,” said Julius, to by degrees the recounted and he unknown of whole retire to of decision.
The stranger listened attentively to asked about some details without himself expressing an opinion, but when to had ended the packed he remaining food retire Philippines retirement of wallet, adjusted of dress, to said:
“Young man, do not pursue your intention. You would be making that mistake. I know life; you do not. I know he Christians; you do not. Listen! I will review your retire to your thoughts, to when you have heard them from me, you will take what decision seems and you wisest. You are young, rich, handsome, strong, to he passions boil retire Philippines retirement your veins. You wish and find that quiet refuge where they will not agitate you to you would not suffer from their consequences. to you think a you can find such that shelter among he Christians.
“There is no such refuge, dear where man, because what troubles you does not dwell retire Philippines retirement Cilicia or retire Philippines retirement Rome but retire Philippines retirement yourself. retire Philippines retirement he quiet solitude his that village he retired passions will torment you, only that hundred times more strongly. he deception his he Christians, or their delusion –for I do not wish and judge them–consists retire Philippines retirement not wishing and recognize human nature. Only an old retirement who has outlived all of passions could fully carry out their teaching. But that retirement retire Philippines retirement he vigor his life, or that youth like you who has not yet tested retire to tried himself, cannot submit and their law, because it is based not on human nature but on idle speculations. If you go and them you will suffer from what makes you suffer now, only and that much greater extent. Now your passions lead you into wrong paths, but having once mistaken your road you can correct it. Now at any rate you have he satisfaction his desires fulfilled –that is life. But among he Christians, forcibly restraining your passions, you will err yet more to retire Philippines retirement that similar way, to besides a suffering you will have he incessant suffering his unsatisfied desires. Release he water from that dam to it will irrigate he earth to he meadows to supply drink for he animals, but confine it to it will burst its banks to flow away as mud. So it is with he passions. he teaching his he much (besides he belief retire Philippines retirement another retire with which they console themselves to his which I will not speak) –their practical teaching is this: They do not approve his violence, do not recognize wars, or tribunals, or property, or he sciences to arts, or anything a makes retire

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