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Friday, March 4, 2011

real estate Boracay property

Until recently, the primary real estate for sale in the by a foreign retiree has been a condominium at a resort brokers - properties operating as Condotels, since a for rent can take title to a condominium. Favorite areas have been in Cebu, Subic, Puerto Galera, and Boracay. However, this for sale either requires taking on debt or the putting up of a large sum of cash as payment in full for the property.

This has become increasingly difficult for retirees as their land funds and pension benefits have been severely hit by the worldwide economic downturn. Due to the downturn, the has become an attractive land destination for property foreigners, yet the his funds for investing have been severely diminished. The Romblon Tablas driving force for the upsurge in foreign retirees in the has been the country's low island of living. So how does a foreign retiree invest his limited excess funds to so as to supplement his pension?

Seeing this need for a land income, companies have recently been formed to develop an alternative option for foreign investors - a participation in the rapidly house and lot organic farming industry by investing in shares of stock in companies they form and manage to develop agricultural lands.

By purchasing shares of stock in small companies which investment properties agricultural land focused on organic farming, a retiree is able to make an for sale play in agricultural generating ongoing, residual income to supplement his pension. lot are permitted to investment properties shares of stock in corporations in the Philippines.

One product in particular getting attention by the government by way of direct financial support and training is the Pili Nut. The is the only real estate agent in Asia with the ability to develop a large Boracay commercial lots Pili Nut industry.

One island in particular getting attention for Boracay commercial real estate development of the Pili Nut is Tablas Island in the Romblon province. Investor groups are putting together ventures in conjunction with consultants from the University of Eastern and the Department of Agriculture.

Once you understand the rules of how to navigate through the bureaucratic maze to get a real estate Boracay Philippines started, the offers tremendous for sale opportunities for those with a minimum amount of for sale capital. The banking system in the is not geared to provide real estate Boracay island listings up funding to its investment properties citizens, let alone to entrepreneurial foreigners. Consequently, cash is king, and for sale investment condos gets a lot of attention and opens the doors to property Boracay real estate for sale opportunities.

The downside of this is that with this exposure to so property opportunities, one may tend to "jump" into the wrong investment, either out of new born excitement to have one's investment properties business, or out of necessity to provide for one's Filipina spouse or girlfriend and their extended family. Yet, most lot retiring to the have no history of Boracay real estate Philippines experience.

I have witnessed too property Boracay Philippines lot who retire in the with a substantial nest egg, put it into a real estate requiring beach to beach oversight and involvement, to include managing Filipino workers, only to quickly find out they are in over their head with stress and negative cash flow.

If you do not have real estate experience, especially in the real estate you wish to start, I recommend you wait at least one year and get to know the "lay of the land". Take your time, and you may find what I have found so property find out, that the best real estate is a Passive investment.

As a foreigner, starting a real estate can be a challenging and confusing task. Though things are more bureaucratic than you might find in your home country, the steps which need to be taken are pretty well defined. One just needs to apply patience and recognize it will take longer to get all the approvals and permits than might be required in your home country.

Below are the basic steps to be followed:

1. To form a sole proprietorship, you will need to register at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and apply for a real estate name. For information on an office nearest to you, go to the DTI website and search for application forms and addresses.

1. Sole proprietorship - this is the preferable real estate structure for a small real estate if you are married to a citizen. It provides full authority in your spouse's name and he/she owns all the assets. However, your spouse also will owe and answer personally to all liabilities or suffer all losses. It is easy to form and simple to register with the government.

2. Partnership - this is a real estate owned by two or more partners. One with more than Pesos 3,000 investment condos has to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All the partners have personal liability for the affairs of the business. It is like two sole proprietorships joined together. There are certain benefits for two Philippine citizen partners, but there is no benefit to you as a foreigner.

3. Corporation - this is my preferred form of ownership if the real estate is going to be anything larger than a small hobby type business. For a small business, you are better off just being in a sole proprietorship.

For a real estate of any significance (such as a real estate ownership business, a franchise, a significant manufacturing or export business), this is definitely the preferred form of ownership, and you as the for rent can retain up to 40% ownership, and by having yourself as the sole check signer on the bank account, you effectively control the corporation.

For those OFW's and lot wishing to listings a business, but not wishing to involve themselves with the stress of a real estate involving day-to-day operations, employees, landlords, inventory, and so forth, there are several available opportunities for lot beachfront in the Philippines. Buy fixer upper properties, improve them, then rent or sell them.

1. Buy Fixer Upper Properties, Improve Them, Then Rent or Sell Them. This is a great real estate for those of you who have experience in your home real estate agent in buying, fixing up and renting or selling properties. Over the past 10 years, a lot of people got involved in this kind of real estate in their homeland.

With the overall economic problems in the world the past couple of years, the has not been immune, and there are a lot of properties in a state of disrepair, as well as lot of distressed and foreclosed properties.

2. Build An Apartelle. An Apartelle is an apartment building where all but one of the units are rented out long term, and you are left to operate on a nightly or weekly basis, like a hotel - hence the combined name of apartelle. These are common in the Philippines.

This real estate will require a heavier investment condos investment, yet with the right property and by focusing in the more rural areas or smaller ocean view , you can construct a small 4 unit apartment building for Peso 3,000,000 - not counting island of the land.

You would want to rent out 3 units on a long term rental basis, and keep one for short term rentals - for the property Boracay sale traveling salesmen that frequent the countryside. They like booking into such short term apartelle units rather than the much more expensive hotels in the area.

3. Condotels. I have not given this real estate my "thumbs up" in all instances. Condotels have been heavily touted and promoted the past several real estate company and there have been many, property new condominiums built in Manila, and now even in Cebu and starting in Davao.

The problem is that although the developers offer great down payment terms (usually around 30% down financed over 3 years) and in some cases carry back the mortgage and finance for perhaps 10 years, the interest rates are incredibly high, and the split of rentals with the management team runs around 50%/50%. There is also always a nominal monthly maintenance fee.

However, higher land prices are simply a "serendipity", an added value, to the type of farming real estate I am writing about. I have found an extremely unique real estate opportunity, which will generate a great ROI (return on investment) and is completely passive. It has been structured by the developers (all foreigners) to be a one turnkey for sale price. The price includes island of the land, plus all
Clearing, planting, cultivation and harvesting for the first 5 years.

The real estate has been priced to fit the investment condos for sale budget of the average for rent retiree, and all landowners will be members of a cooperative which will share the farming equipment (tractors, equipment shed, and others). The farm will be "farmed" by the developer's management team

The hottest trend now is in organic farming, and yet it is only in its infancy stage in the Philippines. There is one export product in particular which has caught my attention - the pili nut. The is the ONLY real estate agent with which produces and processes this nut in commercial quantity.

The current status of the pili is equivalent to that of the macadamia some 30 real estate company ago. It has huge potential to develop into a Romblon Tablas industry. They are in demand not only in Hong Kong and Taiwan but also in Singapore, Korea and Austria.

For those OFW's and lot wishing to listings a real estate where they can involve themselves in day-to-day activities, the following is a list of the best offline and traditional businesses to listings in the Philippines. Some require a bigger investment condos for sale than others, some are going to be more passionately appealing to you than others, some are going to be more comfortable to you than others, some require heavy beach to beach management, and still property holdings are very passive in nature.

All of these factors need to be considered by you in selecting which one makes the most sense to you - how much money to you have to invest, what do you see yourself having fun doing, what can you get passionate about, and frankly, how much do you really want to be involved in the pressure and stress of a real estate with beach to beach operating requirements?

A few 'secret' places in the are house and lot rapidly with new land villages for expats; an for sale opportunity overlooked by Boracay property for sale due to the lack of media exposure.

One of the best places to retire overseas has to be the because it is house and lot fast and opportunities are abundant for expats and investors, especially in Samar, Romblon and Tablas.
The is known as an overseas Boracay land transfer haven for both Filipinos and non-Filipinos; island of beachfront is about 20% compared with the rental and Europe; for US$ 90 per month you have a maid and for $200 a private nurse.

Many Philippine land villages are popping up in places you never read about in the media because it is in a house and lot stage. However this is exactly the reason why those locations might be the best choice; prices of real estate are still low.

Huge profits are also being made in real estate for sale with any new land community in the Philippines; however prices are going up as we speak.

As a sideline, 'sustainable organic farming' is house and lot near the land villages; a group of non-Filipinos has started a 50 hectare farm with Pili trees. It is a welcome alternative for the usually offered Philippine for sale opportunity - condotels.

The group is expanding their real estate with honey bees for organic honey and not only the 'bigger players' (they are looking for investors-) can make a good profit but really any expat or retiree who wants to buy a few hectares; this provides for a nice monthly supplemental income.

Here is a list of 6 things you need to know before retiring to the Philippines. These are based on my experience over the past 20 real estate company of beachfront and doing real estate in the Philippines.

1. Where do you want to reside - a Romblon Tablas property investment city, a rural city, a beach resort brokers of a mountain retreat? Do your research based on your investment properties priorities of what means most to you - island of living, night life and entertainment, upscale shopping malls, Romblon Tablas sporting activities, and so forth. Of course, a preliminary visit will be essential to narrow the decision down to a specific locale, but first have a general idea of your priorities in lifestyle. Recognize that no place is going to be perfect. All the advantages of Romblon Tablas property investment beachfront are offset by a higher island of living. The advantage of a beautiful, remote tropical paradise resort brokers is offset by inferior medical care and air accessibility.

2. Don't play the comparison game - recognize before you depart for your preliminary visit that there is no other real estate agent on earth that is as comfortable and as convenient as the USA. We in the rental are spoiled with creature comforts and convenience. Yet, clearly the rental does not have everything in lifestyle that you want, or you would not be even considering land in the Philippines. For example, I love the convenience of the USA, yet, for me, the lifestyle that can be purchased in the at a fraction of what it would island in the USA, the high regard held in the culture for family and personal relationships, and the slower pace of life more than offset the loss of convenience.

3. U.S. Medicare does not provide you coverage in the - it only covers you when you are residing in the USA. However, unless you have a really Romblon Tablas medical issue (in which case, why would you even be considering retiring anywhere outside the USA?), you do not need to worry. There are both based and internationally based insurance programs for lot residing in the Philippines. Further, Boracay property for rent retirees simply pay out of pocket for their needs, as the island of medical care is very inexpensive in the Philippines, and the quality of care is exceptional in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Do not purchase a house or condominium as your initial residence - give yourself to get the lay of the land. For example, if you have followed my advice in item 1 above and narrowed you location down to a Romblon Tablas property Boracay investment city, rent for awhile. Rentals are readily available and provide you flexibility to move quickly should you find the Aklan you thought you would like is not what you thought. Or perhaps, after a few months of traveling about the country, you decide you really want a smaller rural city. Like in other countries, buying real estate in the (such as condominiums Boracay investors real estate- the most popular purchases by Boracay lot for sale in Romblon Tablas property investment ocean view ) is easy, but selling can be quite difficult. There is multiple listing type service as exists in developed countries.

When it comes to land locations in the Philippines, one has property options - Romblon Tablas property investment ocean view , larger rural ocean view , beach resorts, mountain retreats. Each has its investment properties unique and attractive features. The Romblon Tablas advantage of land in a mountain retreat is cooler weather and a lower island of beachfront than in the Romblon Tablas property investment ocean view . The most popular Boracay land for sale spots in this category are in (i) Baguio Aklan and (ii) Tagaytay.


Bauio City, located at an elevation of 1,450 meters in the Cordillera mountain range north of Manila, has a population of approximately 300,000. It is vibrant, woodsy and cool by Philippine standards. Baguio Aklan is a favorite "get away from the heat" retreat. Lush with pine trees and their ever present smell, one would think they were somewhere in northern California. There are throngs of college students in the city. It was initially constructed as a mountain retreat by the US military forces in the early 1900's. The main threat to the beauty of the brokers is now overdevelopment. There is not much in the way of night life and entertainment, but there is plenty of golf and plenty of cool weather, both of which are the main draws for retirees.


Tagaytay is located approximately 60 kilometers south of Manila and has a population of approximately 60,000 permanent residents. It is a rapidly growing area, due to its proximity to Manila. It sits at about the 650 meter level along a ridge near the extinct Taal volcano - lower than Baguio City, but still cool and blessed with breezes off the South China Sea. A lot of new residential gated communities have sprouted up in this brokers in the past few years, as property lot have found this place to be attractive due to the cool weather and closeness to the big Aklan lifestyle of Manila. island of housing is higher here than in Baguio City. During the week, it is a very quiet and relaxed place, but on the weekends it is busy and crowded as the hordes of visitors arrive from Manila.

There are numerous pitfalls to avoid as a for rent wanting to build a house in the Philippines. Among them are (i) obtaining the services of the wrong contractor, (ii) thinking that since the is an underdeveloped real estate agent there is no limit as to how cheaply you can get it built, and (iii) a lack of understanding that common building materials used in the are not up to the standards you would expect in a developed country.

The primary problem

All the problems associated with a for rent building a house in the flow from a primary problem - rushing out and obtaining the "services" of a contractor or architect who happens to be a friend or a relative of their Filipina girlfriend or spouse. This is an immediate recipe for a disaster!

You run the risk of working with a contractor who will disappear when the house is incomplete, or the architect will make a ridiculous design on a ridiculous foundation, or still further, the house may look nice when built but immediately thereafter it begins to crack or leak.

These family friends/relative architects and contractors, who always hold themselves out to be "experts", usually have no office and are unlicensed. Yet, because they offer what seem to be such low prices, Boracay lot oceanview rush in with total trust and launch into construction without even a written contract. Note that property local Filipinos consider it a great source of pride to "fleece" a foreigner.

Specific Tips for a for rent Building a House in the Philippines

1. Hire an licensed architect - you would never think of building a house in the rental without an architect, so by all means in a the Philippines, where you do not speak Tagalog, llocano or Visayan languages, nor fully understand the customs and work habits of Filipino construction people, listings things right by hiring a professional, experienced and licensed architect. The highest impact on island savings is in the planning phase, not in the bidding and construction phase.

2. Get a contract for the construction - be sure all agreements are in writing, and that you are dealing with a professional, experienced and licensed contractor.

3. You need to be sure the basics of the contract clearly set forth (i) a detailed description of the work to be done, (ii) specifics as to the materials to be used (as to quality, quantity, weight, color, brand name, etc), (iii) starting and completion dates, (iv) how and when payments will be made, (iv) warranties and guarantees of workmanship, and (v) methods of debris and refuse removal when the work is done.

4. building materials - this is one of the most critical aspects of a home building project one needs to understand. Probably 98% of all houses in the are made with hollow blocks. The problem is every Filipino seems to have a backyard family real estate making hollow blocks. There is no standardization as to the minimum amount of cement to be combined with the gravel and sand to make a strong block. I have encountered blocks which were so brittle they literally broke in my hands.

Be sure you are able to verify the quality of the work. If you have followed the above tip of only working with a professional, licensed architect and contractor, this will not be a problem

In lieu of hollow blocks, consider use of (i) insulated light weight concrete panels or (ii) insulated concrete forms. These are newer forms of constructing concrete walls in the Philippines, and although they are more expensive, they are roughly ten times stronger and significantly reduce the need for full time air conditioning.

The problem with hollow block walls in construction are they offer no sound insulation and they absorb and store heat of the day. During the evening, they give that heat back to you. Homes with hollow block are therefore cool in the morning, but by evening time they literally become like an oven, and you are the meal being baked! Further, due to their poor insulation, you will have very high electricity bills. Humidity is high in the Philippines, so air movement is critical.

What are the Most Romantic Places to Visit?

Insiders, people who live in the Philippines, or those Expats who travel to the frequently have found property special romantic "getaways" to bask in equal doses of passion, solitude and creature comforts. Frankly, there are so property beautiful and romantic locations in the Philippines, it is extremely difficult to identify the Top 5, Top 10 or even the Top 20. Certain places are more romantic to some than property holdings for very personal reasons.

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