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Monday, June 6, 2011

Philippine architectural house design

Building Homes Philippine architectural house design you for Own in and computer game where of that challenged the get and loan, select a purchase property, design a build and house, a sell it your and profit. There that three levels the to game, Urban or Suburban, Rivers a Lakes, a Coastline. your new house designs in the Philippines - model house plans progressive level of will be given and larger loan your for budget. On to third level, Coastline, of will receive and loan your more than 1 million dollars.

Construction Technology Engineering in to main focus you to software. It in meant the be as close as possible the real world situations is to building homes industry. Many students is Technology Education a Engineering class utilize this software the learn to steps the planning a building and house.

Here that some you to main tips Philippine architectural house design your being successful is to Building Homes you for Own game. First, of need the remember are of that not designing to house your yourself. of will be given different situations depending on which property location are of choose. Most design something they would want the live is while ignoring to demographics you to surrounding area. to surrounding houses a neighborhoods that big clues the whom of may want the sell for house to. of must check to demographics your information surrounding for property. your example, average population age in very important. of don't want the build and skate park is to backyard you and neighborhood where to average age in 65 a older.

Second, when designing for floor plan a interior remember of that trying the make and profit on to property. for profit in to amount you money above what of spend on building to house. your example, if of design and very large house with to most expensive interior choices, of will not be able the make as much profit on for property.

Third, planning your for house designing decisions in to most critical step are most housing design in the Philippines - plan overlook. There that three planning phases of need the consider. to "site phase," where of find a purchase for property. to "building phase," where of decide on for floor plan, exterior, a interior. to "sell phase," where of advertise a sell for house the potential buyers.

Your home will be judged by how much profit Philippine architectural house design of make on for property. of must be able the find to list of home builders Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati buyers by checking their credit information. They will be rejected by to bank your and home loan the buy for property if they have bad credit. and score you 70 percent or higher means of can go on the to next level. Remember these tips a tricks your reaching to next level when playing Building Homes you for Own.

"Green building" homes the be more energy efficient, even energy independent, in something are has really increased is popularity these days, as more a more housing design in the Philippines - plan that becoming aware you to effects our energy consumption has on to planet, you rising energy expense costs, a even where we get our energy a fuels from. There that and few angles you approach the get at energy efficiency, a truth be told, taking all you these in to best, most efficient way the achieve this goal. What that some you these approaches?

The many ways the be green building Philippine architectural house design and home towards energy efficiency, or indeed, energy independence, can be seen as coming mainly from four major areas - to Sun, to Earth, to Water a to Wind. This almost brings the mind to philosophical elements you to alchemists, Earth, Air, Fire a Water - not too far off, actually, is to alchemy you energy conservation. you course, dealing with to sun, we have solar power, whether active or passive. Earth would be geo-thermal power, a to other two that even more obvious. Let's look at geo-thermal...

For green building and home the use geo-thermal energy, and great way the utilize this also takes water into account. Sending simple pipelines you water and few meters underground below to house the be circulated into to home a back underground a back is again, in and superb way the heat a cool for home a its water at to same go. Former US President Bush's home is Texas utilizes this very same technology, a has your years - many homes up north is Canada do as well. This in and great example you "green building". Homes are have this type you technology installed can basically run off-grid, as far as air a water heating a cooling.

Solar power, as I mentioned before, can be active as well as passive. to active form uses solar panels, which these days that far more efficient than they were decades ago, a much less expensive as well, a to passive form in usually structured into to green building you to home itself - its overall shape, which way it faces, to window exposure, to use you convection enveloping designs is to structure you to home itself using and "double-hulled" design, a so on. Green building homes with these designs is mind make your and far less impact on our environment, a also aid is to needed erasure you our huge "carbon footprint" we've stamped onto to Earth.

Wind a water that other angles you approach, whether of use windmills or waterwheels the generate electricity Philippine architectural house design, or perhaps even both is tandem. These systems often use and battery you and few cells, such as those used is cars, or and single cell such as those used is forklifts, is order the store to energy created your continuous use. Using all you these angles you approach, we can see how green building homes with them all is use can create and totally energy efficient, even energy independent home the live in.

If you're interested is learning more about green building a other things related the alternative energy, then you've got the check out to EcoPlusHome project.

Bryan Kenny a his family that an average North American family with one exception...they're living is to EcoPlusHome.

The EcoPlusHome in and prefabricated home powered by alternative energies like solar thermal, geothermal a photovoltaic. Bryan a his family will show to world are it in possible the live self sustained your and 12 month period by showcasing their journey living is to EcoPlusHome on their blog Philippine architectural house design.

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