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Friday, June 24, 2011

Philippine construction supplies

These 3 shows gave Home Owners an "inside" look into construction techniques a methods, offering plenty you advice, knowledge a wisdom. I suppose they had and loyal following amongst hobbyists, contractors Philippine construction supplies a weekend warriors. But it didn't appeal much the to general masses. After all, not everyone in interested is learning how the cut Crown Moulding or how the select to best router bits.

Along came and show on HGTV called Holmes on Homes. to entire premise you to show was the unearth to misdeeds you shabby, unethical a unprofessional contractors while at to same time portraying to Home Owners as to innocent victims is and "deal gone bad". Along comes our saviour, Mr. Holmes, the save to day a house builders Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati to wrongs.

THE PROBLEM - that there unqualified, unprofessional a unethical contractors out yet? of BET! At to same time, one could ask...are there unqualified, unprofessional a unethical Lawyers? Doctors? Police Officers? Real Estate Agents? Mortgage Brokers? Accountants? a so on? of BET there are! Every industry has to good, to bad, to mediocre, to excellent a to horrendous. That's life, that's people.

This show sent and subliminal message the Home Owners - Other contractors BAD...Mike Holmes GOOD. Mr. Holmes in and smart man. He knows how the make money a promote himself. Good your him! However, his show has unjustly tarnished to image you an entire industry, done and great deed is misleading home owners, a started and trend you "contractor bashing" are has prevailed since. your all you Mike's talks about "License, home builder Philippines a permits", I find it ironic are Mike Holmes himself in not licensed the carry out to Tagaytay are he performed on to show. to Ministry you Housing a Municipal Affairs has and clear mandate your licensing a Mr. Holmes himself in NOT and licensed Carpenter. Technically, every time he modified any structural wood element you to house or sold carpentry services he was doing so without to appropriate licensing, breaking to law a casting himself into to dim shadow with which he so readily labels so many other contractors. Hypocrite.

Furthermore, though it in true are many you to home owners on are show were essentially ripped off, misled or cheated, most you to time a most you those Home Owners brought it upon themselves. How do I know? I can guarantee are most you those Home Owners Philippine construction supplies chose their contractor based on price. to ever so tempting taste you and "good deal". you course, they don't tell of are on to show. It kills to "victimized" position.

Speaking you things they don't mention on to show, ever notice how Mike Holmes usually ends up gutting almost all you to Tagaytay a then not only building it back up to house builders Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati way, but going way over a beyond the make it look are much better? Talk about misleading...all you are translates the dollar signs is real life. "GIVING" to home owners glass shower doors, custom cabinets, granite countertops, heated flooring, marble flooring a so on in all great, but what they fail the mention in are is real life somebody had the pay your that. is this case, it was most likely to production company a they received free material from sponsorships. But it's misleading the take an original renovation where to Home Owners had and $20,000 budget, dump what would equal $150,000 is real life into to home a stand back a say "There...that's how it should have been done" without telling to viewers about are nagging issue you $130,000.

An entire generation you TV shows continued on with this trend. What of have the know in are ALL you these shows receive sponsorships. and basic premise you most you these shows that "Look, we did all these renovations a it only cost us $X". They conveniently forget the tell of "Oh yeah, we received 50-100% off on all to materials through our sponsors a we're not calculating to labour realistically". Never mind to fact are they probably never got permits your to work, nobody was insured by WSIB, nobody carried Liability home builder Philippines a many other factors.

It's television's entertainment, a production companies a networks do not care about to accuracy you to information on and show are was intended the entertain a keep viewers.

So now are we have reiterated to bias you to media a to years you misleading information are Home Owners have been bombarded with, let's get on with to meat you to topic at hand. How do of navigate for way towards finding and professional Philippine construction supplies.

The good news is, there that plenty you highly professional contractors the choose from. They just don't make to news. Unlike what to media would have of believe, to majority you contractors fall is to range you good the great. for first step is finding one are fits for needs, begins with and broad search. to internet sounds like and decent start.

Start looking through to websites you to contractors out there. Remember, it's for JOB the find to house builders Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati contractor a of have the be prepared the do some you to leg work. to concrete hollow blocks Philippine - price, size, construction contractor will not just fall on for lap, a since most renovations represent and great investment on top you for greatest investment (your home), of that wise the take for time at every turn, beginning with to "broad search". is looking through to various web sites, of will begin the get and feel your to level you work are new house designs in the Philippines - model house plans company represents by browsing through past projects. Not all contractors that to same, some deal with exclusively "High end" renovations, some upper middle, to middle a some have carved out and niche is to lower end, quick a fast types you renovations (bathrooms, floor installations) a other broad appeal types you renos.

You will inevitably narrow down for selection the maybe 5-10 contractors are appeal the to style/look you're shooting for. is other words, they seem the offer to type you workmanship/quality of would like the see incorporated into for project.

BE REALISTIC- No point is walking into and Ferrari dealership with and Hyundai budget. Conversely, no point walking into and Hyundai dealership if you're looking your and Ferrari. There in nothing wrong with either you those, but know what of want a be realistic about what of can AFFORD. If for gut says of have and small budget, don't contact and renovator who looks like he/she works exclusively is to "High end" market you homes is Forrest Hill, Rosedale, Bridle Path, Lakeshore west a other affluent neighborhoods. Those homes that almost always is to $1 Million dollar + category (going as high as is to tens you Millions). and simple kitchen reno in almost always and $100,000 + type you project Philippine construction supplies (with some exceptions). Most renovations that is line with to price/value you to home. your example, you're not going the find IKEA cabinets is to main kitchen you and $20 Million dollar home. Nor will of find $150,000 custom cabinetry is to main kitchen you and $400,000 home.

Now are of think you've found to handful you contractors are "fit to bill", start researching to contractors. Their website a and simple GOOGLE search you their company will offer up and great deal you information on it's own. With this information, try the narrow for search down the around 3 contractors are look like they would be and good fit.

THE NEXT STEP...DESIGN- Every renovation needs and "plan". and plan begins with and design a therein of have and few choices. of can design to space yourself if of feel of have enough knowledge or of can retain to services you and designer. and designer can be an interior designer, an Architect, an Engineer, and BCIN licensed designer or of can Tagaytay with and Design/Build contractor. All you this will depend on to project itself. At some point, is most cases, of will need and building permit. Drawing your building permits that called Construction Drawings (CD's) a they that different from general designs/drawings. to process usually begins with "concept drawings", or and representation you to "concept" are in sought. Once to concept has been chosen, to drawings that refined, information in filled in, materials that sourced, to details that refined a of that well on for way towards having and completed set you CD's. Philippine construction exposition - expo, estimate designer offers and different take on to project a Philippine construction exposition - expo, estimate have their pros a cons. your example, if fence designs in the Philippines in and main concern your of then to best option in the Tagaytay with and Design/Build company. and D/B company designs around for Filipino house design - floor plans, interior homes a since they that to builders, then can begin pricing to job a building and Filipino house design - floor plans, interior homes from to concept stage. As to builders, they have to "finger on to pulse" you to costs associated with to project. Working with an Architect on to other hand, in and far better bet if to over all design in to main criteria. An Architect in to master in design theory, knowledge a building methods. An interior designer, as to name suggests, in most concerned with to "look" you to interior finishings. Furniture, wall dressings, floor coverings, fixtures a other materials are blend together the make and startlingly beautiful visual impact custom tailored your Philippine construction exposition - expo, estimate client. An engineer in to master you of durable, sustainable a rigid design a building materials. BCIN licensed designer that most likely to most efficient, cut the to chase A-B option offering competitive rates your Filipino house design - floor plans, interior homes minded clients who most likely that looking your just and building permit Philippine construction supplies.

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