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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Roof Materials in the Philippines

Philippine roofing contractors offer a few types of corrugated steel roofs like prepainted galvanized metal or zinc-aluminum roof panels. The first type is the most widely used roofing material in the Philippines while the second roof is a bit more expensive because it is imported from New Zealand or Malaysia.

The maintenance of a steel roof is frequent if your house is very near the see and is built with prepainted galvanized metal. The maintenance of zinc-aluminum roof panels is low, but the initial cost is higher.

How about a green roof garden in the Philippines?

How about roof shingles made of ceramic roof tiles, or asphalt...
Expect for stone roof tiles the requirement of a stronger structure of your house in the Philippines, to cary the very heavy load... hence higher cost...

we provide exhaust fans that have a thermostat which starts when the temerature inside your roof becomes too high.

The fans replace the hot air; this process assures owners not only of a cooler house in the Philippines and saves on the electricity-bill but also avoids cracking of ceiling board joints and joints of cornice and wall. See here:

...and more detailed here...

The insulation is placed between the purlins and the roof panels because this way the insulation rejects the heat by as much as 80% before it enters the ceiling.

If you would place the insulation on top of the ceiling board, then you allow the heat to come in and let the insulation work later...

The ceiling board also acts as secondary insulation.

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