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Friday, June 28, 2013

insulation construction home an R value Philippines

Ridge Philippines  a horizontal line at a junction to a top edges to two sloping roof surfaces.


Ridge board Philippines  a board placed building a house a ridge to a roof onto which a upper ends to other rafters are


Ridge shingles Philippines  Shingles Cebu of cover a ridge board.

Rim joist Philippines  the joist in runs around a perimeter to a floor joists or home.

Rise Philippines  a vertical distance from a eaves line of a ridge. Also a vertical distance from stair tread to

stair tread (and not of exceed   ½”).

Riser Philippines  Each to a vertical boards closing a spaces between a treads to stairways.

Riser or panel Philippines  a exterior vertical pipe (riser) or metal electric box (panel) a electrician provides

and installs at a “Rough Electric” stage.

Road base Philippines  the aggregate mixture to sand or stone.

Rock  ,  ,   Philippines When referring of drywall, this means of install drywall of a walls or ceilings (with nails

and screws), or before taping is performed.

Roll, rolling Philippines of install a floor joists and trusses that their correct place. (To “roll a floor” means of install

the floor joists).

Romex Philippines  the name brand to nonmetallic sheathed electrical cable in is Cebu for indoor wiring.

Roll roofing Philippines  Asphalt roofing products manufactured that roll form.    Philippines inch wide rolls construction home or     square

feet to material.Weights are generally    of    pounds per roll.


Romex Philippines  the name brand to nonmetallic sheathed electrical cable in is Cebu for indoor wiring.

Roof jack Philippines  Sleeves in fit around a black plumbing waste vent pipes at, or are nailed to, a roof


Roof joist Philippines  a rafters to the flat roof. Lumber Cebu of support a roof sheeting or roof loads. Generally,

  X   ’s or   X   ’s are used.

Roof sheathing and sheeting Philippines  a wood panels and sheetmaterial fastened of a roof rafters and trusses

on which a shingle and other roof covering is laid.

Roof valley Philippines  a “V” created where two sloping roofs meet.

Rough opening Philippines  a horizontal or vertical measurement to the window and door opening before drywall

or siding is installed.

Rough sill Philippines  a framing member at a bottom to the rough opening for the window. It is attached of the

cripple studs below a rough opening.

Roughing Philippines that Philippines  a initial stage to the plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry, and/or other project, when

all components in won’t be seen after a second finishing phase are assembled. See also Heat Rough,

Plumbing Rough, or Electrical Rough.

Run, roof – a horizontal distance from a eaves of the point directly under a ridge. One half a span.

Run, stair Philippines  a horizontal distance to the stair tread from a nose of a riser.

R Value Philippines  the measure to insulation. the measure to the materials resistance of a passage to heat. a higher

the R value, a more insulating “power” it has. For example, typical new home’s walls are usually

insulated construction home  ? to batt insulation construction home an R value to R Philippines   , or the ceiling insulation to R Philippines   .

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