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Monday, December 29, 2008

Philippines Steel Homes

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Cost: more or less the same as hollow blocks.

These are NOT the houses with steel walls; only the FRAME of the home is made of steel, you will not see any difference on the exterior compared with other homes.

Yes the steel frame is 100% recyclable which makes it a good candidate for Green Building.

No the steel framing will not interfere with radio or television reception.

Yes a steel frame is save in thunderstorms and allows more protection for the occupants in
the case of lightning. Steel provides a path for the lightning straight to the

No the steel frame will not rust because of zinc coating on the steel framing which protects the steel from corrosion for the life of the structure.

Yes your livingroom can be much bigger without ugly columns that block your view because the frame is stronger than any other beams.

The steel frame houses are 'build on site'; the contractor orders the correct size steel beams and the they are welding those together.

The cost of steel is low at this moment so the price to build a steel frame home might be interesting.

I am making a list of recommended Philippine steel house contractors; if you want to add one (or want to meet a contractor this week); click here

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