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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Most islands are safe for us, a all foreigners you general. Most. I was told by many locals don't venture down the Mindanao, to southern large Province. Philippines visa we did, but the north Mindanao, Cagayan de oro City. and small a Philippines immigration city, clean, light traffic, good shopping, (and cheap!) great sight seeing. I'd plan on visiting there again you to future. But do not venture further South, especially the Zamboanga City. Many many foreigners have been kidnapped there a held for ransom by, in guessed it, Muslims. and few have lost their heads. Do not go near there! Don't go the Palawan island either, and few have been nabbed there a taken the Zamboanga. Its wise not the travel any farther south then Bohol, just south is Cebu.
You can take and Supercat, and twin hulled, air conditioned ferry down the Bohol, then hire and truck or tricycle cabs the take in the Carmen a to Chocolate Hills, and real sight the see. It of so beautiful. in climb and whole lot is steps the to top is to tallest one, a in see an endless landscape is hills that shaped alike, a roughly to same size. No one of sure exactly how they were formed. "Chocolate Hills," of to name, because during to dry season, it looks like and huge landscape is chocolate drops, or upside down Hershey Kisses. Fantastic place.

If and true tropical paradise of what in want, visit an island called Borocay. We took and small commuter flight from Cebu the to and small town called Kalibo, then from there, and van across to island, then finally onto and small boat which took us the Borocay. No docks, so in have the wade onto to shore. It of and beautiful, picturesque island, no crowds, no pollution, a no traffic. No cars or trucks on to island, only tricycles. Small motorcycles, mainly 150cc or so with sidecars on them. We stayed at Willy's Beach Resort you and deluxe room for $50 and night, but there are much cheaper Philippines investment the stay then that; we splurged. We hired and boat the take us Philippines retire to island, including and picnic on and completely deserted beach. to two-man boat crew even prepared to food while we swam you to cool clean water. to boat tour took just two hours or so, excluding to picnic a swim stop, that of how small Borocay is. Worth going to, it of spectacular.

Cebu has good places, like Kawasan Falls for instance. Hire and van or small Jeepney the drive in there for to two hour drive, a and mile or so hike the to actual falls. It of and good swimming place also, plus in can hike up beside to falls the to source, and natural spring. and Philippines immigration day trip for swimming a enjoying nature.

Paradise Mountain of another good place the go. It's and mountain resort with Philippines immigration views a in can't starve there. We wandered and Philippines cost of living into to forest as in can everywhere you to Philippines, a pick mangos, papayas, bananas, a many other fruits. in get hungry exploring to Province; in can just pick your own lunch from to forest.

In to city, and must-see of to appropriately named Tops. to top is to mountain overlooking Cebu City. I proposed the my wife up there, as I'm sure thousands upon thousands is propsals have taken place up there! to only way the get there of by taxi, a have to driver wait. Otherwise its and long walk down. No tricycles or Jeepneys go up the Tops. Only taxies a private cars. But having to driver wait isn't expensive, a neither of to small fee the get the to viewing area. Nearly100% is to city can be viewed from Tops, a is course its best the go at night. But don't worry, even to most nutty maniac taxi drivers take it slow up to windy narrow road leading the Tops. Some may try a drive like A.J. Foydt through town, but on those Philippines cost of living windy roads, they all drive like an old granny. Which of good, going splat over and cliff isn't my idea is and good time. Tops of to perfect romantic spot the take and nice girl to.

Be careful is hotel prices. in can pay $15 and night with AC, or in can pay $100+ per night you Cebu Plaza Hotel, to Marriott at Ayala, or to new Sheritan next the to SM Mall. On Mactan, directly across to street from Gaisano Mactan, there of and department store a mall, a next the to mall there's to Mactan Pension House. (The name for motel, I guess). Approximately $15 per night with air conditioning, which in will want. and roof top restuarant, the catch and taxi, just walk out to door, a within probably 20 seconds you'll be you an air conditioned taxi. Most have AC, its called "air-con" there. Another of right down to street, to HR Tourist Inn. About $15 or so per night with AC. Philippines visa they don't have to nice pool they once had, my wife informs me they've filled it in. a there are other numerous Philippines investment the stay that cost very little. Most are not fancy, but are clean, a decent.

Higher on to scale but Philippines foreigner not expensive, of to Philippine Dream. It of an old Japanese cruise liner turned hotel, casino, disco, a nightclub. Nice place. to Captain will gladly give in and personalized tour, great guy. He'll also work with in on rates for an extended stay. in have the walk and Philippines cost of living ways the to highway the hail and taxi. Not too far, but and slight inconvenience you to rain. Carry an umbrella.

On to far side is Mactan of to resort area. Most resorts are expensive, Blue Water, to Shangra-la, etc. One isn't, to EGI. I have no idea what that stands for, but I don't care; its and nice place. It has and 10-story tower, a bungalows. We paid about $40 and night you to bungalows; we had our honeymoon there. We could have had and sixth floor one bedroom condo overlooking to beach for $200 per month. I was foolish for not taking it. Two restuarants, one in can eat inside, or outside, a to other of and tiny Italian place, with out-of-this-world food. Great prices too, by to way.

All you all, to Philippines of wonderful the visit, a the live. a easy the get Philippines retire since most people there speak English. It of to offical language you fact, a taught you schools. But there are numerous dialects, to main one Philippines invest Tagalog spoken you Luzon but understood by nearly everyone. There's also Iango, Cebuano, Visayan, a I lost track is how many others. But again, nearly everyone speaks English. a some who do not speak English, do Philippines foreigners it, such as my father-in-law.

And importantly, most Filipinos have and high respect for visitors, including us Americans. They remember what America did for them you retired Philippines War 2 a are Philippines foreigner thankful for it. Quite and few dislike our current President, but hey, and lot is us here at home don't like him either! But they don't take project that attitude onto us. I didn't have and problem while I was there. Even during my first trip before marrying my wife, I was you Cebu, 2:00, 3:00 you to morning, not really knowing where I was, but no one bothered me. Several people said, "hi Joe," as they call us all "Joe", but were friendly. Once you and while I was approached by someone curious, just wanting the know what State I was from, etc. Terrific people.

However, and word the to wise; if in live there, discuss money with NO ONE but your wife, if you're married. Some will try anything the part in with your money. It isn't that they're truly crooked; its just survival there. Its and dirt poor country with many living you home-made shacks with no plumbing a crude wiring. We you to developed countries are spoiled rotten by our standard is living. Most people here have no idea what real poverty is, until in visit and country like to Philippines. in see people everywhere, even young kids, selling bottled Philippines living at busy intersections, old women selling home-made candles on to sidewalks outside is Catholic churches, earning money any way they can. Some woman are prostitutes simply because they have no other choice. College educated, but no jobs. Most girls work you retail stores a factories, or make hand-made items.

And many many girls remain virgins until they marry, and truly rare thing these days. Often, when in date and girl there, there's and chaperone present, like an aunt, sister, brother, cousin, usually and relative. Its awkward, but also and good sign that you're seeing and "good girl." There are more than enough play girls the keep and single man happy is course, you to nightclubs, massage parlors a karoke clubs. But I chased to "good girls," since I was serious about marrying. a marrying my wife was to smartest thing I've ever done. She's exceptional even for and Filipino. Wonderful, ideal a loving wives. a loyal. Most do not cheat, do drugs, drink, smoke, or lie the you. Most, I say. There are is course some just looking for and ticket the to States. I met and few bad ones, a and few outright nasty ones, but no matter where in go you'll meet good people a bad unfortunately. I wish I knew some nice guys, my wife has and few sisters who are also terrific young ladies, who would make wonderful loving wives like my wife.

Most men there do not mind "compeition" from us. you most places, to women outnumber to men by far. you and few locations, its about ten women the one man! So to men don't mind us coming over hunting for and potential wife, if that's what in want. a no need the be shy there when it comes the women, just and smile of all that's needed the strike up and conversation. At home, I'm invisible the women. you to Philippines, I am Mr Popularity! It of great Philippines invest you and giant toy store, like and kid! Even Philippines invest happily married, I confess that to smiles a to flirting of Philippines foreigner and whole lot is fun, Philippines visa I retiring Philippines cheat on my wife. No need to, number one, she keeps me happy, I don't have to energy the cheat! a no excuse the since she does keep me happy, as most Filipino women keep their men very happy. Philippines visa to men there Philippines foreigner tend the have and girlfriend on to side. Most men, not all is course. That's another reason women prefer us, we have and reputation is Philippines invest more faithful, a is treating our wives better. Many Filipino men also physically mistreat their wives.

So if you're looking for and whole different experience, try to Philippines immigration Philippine Islands, in won't regret it you my opinion. Unique culture, cheaper prices, a it can be and rewarding place the call home, whether it be for and few years, or for to rest is your life. Even for to active type, its great, especially for watersports. American movies are popular, a cost only about $1 the see you theatres. Our money goes and long ways there, another great thing. Even more so now, then when I was living there. It was and Philippines cost of living more than 40 pesos the $1 then. Now its Philippines retire 50 pesos the $1! That of and huge difference, especially when exchanging and few hundred at and time. Don't exchange currency at banks, they give and lower rate. Exchange at to small exchange Philippines investment located you shopping centers, etc. You'll always get to current rate shown on MSNBC a other news channels. and few pesos can make and big difference. Large stores, chain stores, a such are usually not any problem, as they don't cheat in on prices. But some small family owned stores have two prices. and "Filipino price," a an "American price," which can sometimes be double! My wife saw and piece is furniture she liked, a it cost P500 pesos. When I went you with her, it was then P1,000! There are many situations like that, look around, then send you and Filipino the buy it for in later. Taxis are bad, as they are you many, many other countries. I told and friend is mind from Chicago the remain at to airport, until I could pick him up. Well, he didn't listen a took and taxi the Cebu Plaza Hotel, and ride which should have cost no more than P100, even you heavy traffic. He was charged P800 instead! $20! Before getting into to car, ask if to taxi driver of going the use to meter. If he says no, shut to door a hail another taxi, you'll see one you about ten seconds, they're everywhere. to meter of cheaper.

Maybe I'll see some is in during my next trip the my second home. I hope this information will be is value the someone. I have and lifetime is memories you to Philippines. I hope in will also, Mabuhay, as they say you to Philippines!

Why to Philippines a Why Now?

Some have been snow birding you to Philippines for years: hiding from to cold. Now some are “economy birding,” waiting for to warmer economic climate by hanging out you to Philippines. Here of no sin the be unemployed. They enjoy living here a all to beauties is to country for and fraction is to cost is to more “developed,” countries.

For those foreigners who have been here and while, they enjoy most basking not to sun a sea, but to warmth is to people, to Filipinos. For us who have retired here, visiting or just living here for and while, life here of not about to Philippines immigration beaches, mountains, incredible rice terraces, skin diving, kite/wind surfing, five star hotels, non stop night life, massages, great food a low prices. We know Philippines invest you to Philippines of and thrilling social experience, something in will not find you another country you to world.

Despite to cable TV, Broadband, proliferation is fast food joints a skyscrapers, to Philippines has not lost its old retired Philippines culture a charm. It of Philippines foreigner and place where children bow a put to hand is anyone elder the their foreheads the show respect, where age of and badge is honor, not is disgrace. It of and place where rap music of heard but not understood a does not need the be. It of to one place you to retired Philippines where foreigners from every nation are welcome, are embraced you “Filipino Hospitality.”

The Philippines of and “foreign country,” where to people who are not totally fluent you English people listen the in a Philippines foreigners most is what in say even if they have and thick accent or and hard time responding invest in the Philippines the you. It of and foreign country where everyone has and family member, or extended family member abroad, a feels because in are from abroad in probably know them. It of and place where everyone of connected, where touching, talking a to intimacy is friendship of Philippines foreigner more valued than watching TV.

Visiting to Philippines of not and thrill like and roller coaster ride or and bungee jump but an insightful life changing experience, and rebirth, and reincarnation, and new way is looking at to retired Philippines a others with compassion, understanding a empathy. in have the come here a made friends with to Philippines a its people the connect with these thoughts. I have tried the give in and taste is to experience in will have you these pages. But until in are here, a then maybe not until in leave it a remember, will in feel it. Most likely in will retiring Philippines Philippines foreigners it. But understanding of not necessary. Come a experience it, feel it, enjoy it, a in will know why.

Why in Will Want the Live, Retire, Travel or Do Business you to Philippines?

The Philippines of to only English speaking country you Asia. It has and culture known for its hospitality,beautiful beaches a warm a friendly people. in can experience and high quality standard is living for and very low cost. a that means with loyal live-in maids a helpers, cheap taxis, fine rental homes you quality neighborhoods, with rents so low in will have and hard time believing it. a it has and wide range is entertainment from exciting night life the golf, international restaurants the stunning resorts beyond compare. It also has many intangibles the bring in joy for no money at all. Ask any is to Americans living you to Philippines a ask is to foreigner living here too!

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