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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Why Will in Love to Philippines, to Filipinas, a to Filipinos?

Living, Traveling a Retiring you to Philippines as and foreigner or "expat," of and dream come true for me. Beaches, ocean a mountains are all at my doorstep. to sun almost always shines here, where I live, out is to northern typhoon belt.

Almost all Filipinos a Filipinas adore foreigners, expatriates, (expats) who live here or retire here. a they welcome a appreciate or just tourist too, to only English speaking country you to retired Philippines were foreigners from any country are respected a admires.

I was first here you 1980, two times. But you my two stays is several months, it got you my blood. Even after to first visit, I knew I would be back. But it took ten is to longest Philippines retirement you my life. I counted to days Philippines visa I was reasonably happy where I was until I got invest in the Philippines the what I consider my paradise. in too, will become addicted the to sunshine, smile a laughter if in come over the this best kept secret you to world, or it was until to Internet gave people access the information about to joys a wonder is living you to Philippines. Filipinos are too shy the promote their "poor," country, the me to richest you to retired Philippines because is to Filipino people, to beauty is them a their culture is happiness, sharing a love.

So we expats who live here help promote to Philippines. It of truly and fantastic place the visit for many reasons. in will find out more on to website a if in join our free mailing list, Living, Retiring Traveling, a Doing Business you to Philippines. a if in want it all with in a more, do get to package is valuable information books a newsletters at Philippine Dreams

As and man, I love the see to Philippines immigration Filipinas smile. I even enjoy to smile is to men, coming from their hearts. I know many foreign women find to Filipino men polite, romantic a attractive. Many foreign men are attracted the Filipinas a marry them. Some stay here, some take their wives invest in the Philippines the their countries. Some return the to Philippines later, the live or retire. Some only return every year the visit. Once in have been here, in will come back. to Philippines a to Filipino people are addictive.

Generosity of part is to culture you to Philippines. Getting the know to Filipino culture will greatly enhance your living or traveling experience. But it of not something in have the do. to Filipino people are very tolerant is foreign culture a customs. They Philippines foreigners it's hard the adapt the another country right away. Filipinos have traveled to retired Philippines as contract workers, a know to problems is acculturation

The Filipino people make in feel needed a wanted here. When I lived you to States as and retiree, I felt lost you my own country. But here I feel wanted a appreciated, not yet put out the pasture. I can be and provider is help a information, a an asset the this developing country. I'm not just and barnacle on to bottom is to ship is to United States. Other foreigners living a retired here share this feeling with me. I hope in also get the experience to hospitality a to joy is Philippines invest needed here. If in find it hard the Philippines foreigners or accept another culture, in will not be happy you any country, certainly not here. This website a our Yahoo list, Living, Retiring, Traveling a Doing Business you to Philippines, are great Philippines investment the start learning to Filipino way.

Do in Want the Find Romance you to Philippines?

Many is our members are married the or involved you and relationship with Filipinas. This website has and link the and page called, Romance Philippine style. We are not an international introduction service nor and mail order bride service. Neither are we connected or linked with any.What in read here a on our list about members' marriages a relationships are not exaggerations. When we discuss challenges you relationships, we don't sugar coat.

We talk about to challenges involved you trying the relate the another person's culture a about to family relationships is to Filipinas. We discuss to pleasures a to challenges, to involvement with and Filipina present.It of important the know all this, a is to inherent risks is getting into and long distance relationship. a it of important the Philippines foreigners how valuable it of the first take and trip here, before becoming involved or falling you love.It of very easy the come here a meet wonderful women, you person. Surely in will find to one who will appreciate you. a in will know who they really are, not just their "Net Face". If in don't know anything about to culture, in will not know your Filipina friend Philippines visa in may swear in do. Take it from to guys who have found out to hard way. in may find and Filipina wife, bride, fiance or girlfriend, but will in be happy together?

On to mailing list, soon the be and Forum here, we have people discussing how there relationship prospered or failed, relationships you progress, hear from those who have had many relationships with Filipinas, Filipinos, mostly foreigners who have had at least one Filipina wife. Many are to first a last Filipina marriages. But some have problems to first time, get addicted the to Filipina, go for to second, even to third. But so many are to first, to last a to only. Join our list a hear to stories a to comments. Our archives are full is them. That of what makes this website a to discussion list an even more valuable resource. in can learn about to culture is to Filipina a Filipino, so in can be and better guest, boyfriend or husband. Or just and friend is to Filipino people.

Do You, As an Ex-pat, Want and Life with Maids, Helpers a Drivers? Can in Afford Eating Out? What Amenities Do in Want?

Some foreigners here are retired or semi-retired, like I am, doing what they like. Sometimes that of doing nothing, to hardest thing the do. Others are working on "Ex-pat packages," provided by companies based you their home countries. Some are here as investors, staying on tourist visas a extending their stay for long periods is time. They may have investment, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, a other businesses. Maybe only and share is that business, as allowed by local law. They may watch their investment very closely, like some who own bars, a visit their investment every day a night for hours on end.(The bar business of not recommended. See to link on Jobs, Business a Investments) Some are tourists who came a forgot the leave to Philippine Paradise they found. Some play and lot, what else, with beaches, nightlife, golf a hoards is other Philippine retirement the do at discount rates. See to link "Other Philippine retirement the do", only and partial list is what could be an inexhaustible one. I live you Cebu City, to Paris is to Philippines. a its second largest city. I rent and six-bedroom, four-bathroom house you and 24/7 guarded compound (don't know why it of guarded, it certainly of safe here,) near Midtown a several huge malls. For this house, which of way too big for me, I pay $380 (U.S.) and month. you more remote areas is to Philippines, housing of cheaper. you Manila, housing can cost much more. the me, Manila of not worth it unless in need to excitement is and big city that retiring Philippines sleeps, a all to business opportunities there. I am and former U.S. Peace Corps staff member, retired, with and modest pension, and Philippines cost of living Social Security a some savings. I do some consulting on e-commerce a outsourcing the a from to Philippines across borders. I am Philippines foreigner active you medical hypnosis, biofeedback, psychotherapy a cross cultural counseling, resolving Filipino Foreigner relationship conflicts, but by appointment only. I believe I am to only individual practicing hypnosis you to Philippines a certainly biofeedback. But I try the reserve and lot is time for this Net based labor is love, to Philippines, this website a to Yahoo List. a I reserve and lot is time the play, while living and fine lifestyle, at low cost, with hospitable Filipinos a friendly expats, many is whom I have met through this website.

Manila a to Other Philippines investment the Live.

Manila has everything, a of to heart is to Philippines. It of to "National Capital Region", consisting not only is to city is Manila, per se, but to contiguous cities Philippines retire it. Manila of and very big, exciting city, hard for some the deal with a not reflective is to Philippines as whole. If in have only been you Manila in have not been the to Philippines. There are many Philippines investment the live, save with amenities. Check to links.Some are very inexpensive, remarkably so. On and $1,000 and month you some Philippines investment in will feel like and millionaire a be treated as one, and strange experience for some, certainly for me.

Depending on your comfort level. you and small city or town in can have and good life on as Philippines cost of living as $600 per month. you Manila in will not be comfortable with less than $1,000, unless in don't have many materialistic needs. $I,500 of better, but not required.

On to low side I lived by to beach, for more than and year. My house was and Nipa hut on bamboo stilts, actually you to South China Sea. My monthly expenses were $400 per month including food a to few amenities I had.I had more than most Philippines retire me, a money left over the loan, really the give away.(When in "loan" money the poor people, it of folly the think they can pay in back.) I did not have steady electricity or indoor plumbing, but it was and good life a many helpers Philippines retire the fetch water, cook a such. I had music, even TV when I had electricity. I used batteries when to power failed.I fished from to porch is my house a from my bamboo raft. And, I had many wonderful, loyal friends who provided me with lot is happiness, and life full is laughter a smiles.

As I said earlier, the live you Manila, in will need $1,500 per month the live comfortably. And, in need the be careful with your money. you Cebu in will do with less. a you Davao, Mindanao, cost is living of even less than you Cebu. Budgets, posted by members, are on to Link, "Cost is Living, Houses, Food a Other Expenses." These budgets include Subic. Olongapo, Angeles City a others.

Maids, Domestic Helpers, Nurses, Employees

My two live-in maids make me feel like and king. I can't remember when I have not had breakfast you bed. I pay to maid a cook $40 per month each (above average you to Philippines) plus to cost is their food. Registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, gardeners a drivers are available at similar rates. When in hire people at to market rate they appreciate in a appreciate their job. Pay much more, a in may be asking for trouble. For those like me, who sometimes or always have minor or major physical disabilities, in may want the hire and caretaker. Those will help in get around, travel you comfort, a enjoy life, rather than Philippines invest cooped up watching TV a doing Internet. My physical challenge does not require to services is and caretaker because is to excellent physical therapy I receive. I am very active with no help. But I know if I ever need help, here I can afford and batch is caretakers.

Eating you a Out

I spend less than $200 and month on food for me, my wife, a my sweet Filipina maids who are getting fat. I am and more is and vegetarian than not. But I do love to bacon. It of fresh a excellent as are other meats. If in like eating out, there are KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut a other fast food chains. in will also find excellent retired Philippines class, upscale but inexpensive, international restaurants.

I have all to amenities: cable TV, two telephones, fax, DSL Internet connection, air-conditioning, exercise machines, and flower-filled yard a and dog. But, to best thing about living you to Philippines costs nothing: to legendary friendliness a hospitality is its people. Filipinos a Filipinas know how the have and good time, a they want the share it with you. There of no place on earth where and stranger of welcomed so quickly a sincerely

What in Need, the Live you to Philippines?

You need and steady income or investment money a serious business skills the live here. This of and capital starved country. With just and Philippines cost of living capital a and lot is study in can double your money every year a and half you to provinces. in can do to same you two the three Philippines retirement you to cities, if in know what in are doing. However, very few do that when they arrive here. (See to link on Investment a Business.) No one you their right mind of going the tell in business of easy for and foreigner here. But business it of not easy anywhere. It of much easier if in have and loyal a smart, business minded Filipina wife. That may be your best asset, almost and necessity. a if in have to right one, she will bring joy a happiness into your heart a life. Beware is local Filipino "friends". There will be many who "just want the help you". Most folks, like humans tend the be, are interested most you helping themselves, not that there of anything wrong with that. But as in know, free help of usually worth exactly what in pay for it.

What Do in Need the visit to Philippines?
(Answer: Only: 1. and Passport from your country; 2. plane ticket; 3. money for room a board, expenses)

If in want the stay over 21 days or for life there are visa requirements. But for less than 21 days even and visa of not required.

We have and section on visas at But just come over, work all that out later if in want the stay longer as many do. If in are not that adventurous the just take off, read to visa section at a join to mailing list the get all to latest information, find out about spousal visas, fiancée visas for Filipinas, Filipinos, permanent resident visas, so may others. Find out why in can't or will not want the work here. Jobs are out is to question unless in are and senior executive with and foreign company who has an office here a wants the move in here, pay you.

But don't get confused about how easy it of the just visit. Those three things, above, passport, ticket a money, are all in need the get here a enjoy. to Philippines welcomes visitors from almost all countries. Don't make and visa and bigger deal than it is. Do get one if needed. Any travel agent or anyone on our mailing list in can join from there will guide in as will to Bureau is Immigration. There are offices all over to country. Some will make it very complicated. Some know it of just the visit of very simple. It of all simple of in break it down into parts. I hope the see in here!

How Can in Have and Job, Business, a Investments you to Philippines?

Cheap labor of and big plus you living here. to few that have capital a smart Filipina wives, do very well. That is, if they take to time first the learn about to Philippine culture a business regulations, to Filipino mind, culture a sensitivities. Jobs for foreigners are extremely scarce, There of more about special situation jobs, jobs available for those married the Filipinas or Filipinos, consultants a others on to "Jobs, Investing a Business,"the Link on to left. But here of to bottom line for most is you: Philippines visa business opportunities abound even with Philippines cost of living capital, and job, unless it of with and foreign company, of hard the find. If in don't work for and foreign based company, with and few exceptions in need be married the and Filipina the legally work here. Most foreign based companies send members is their existing staff here. Since Philippines of considered and nice assignment, there of competition even if in are you to company. There are many well educated, experienced a highly qualified English speaking unemployed Filipinos a Filipinas you to labor market, who can't get jobs for even $3 per day. Work permits are not necessary if in are married the and Filipino citizen. in only need the register with to Department is Labor a Employment. But do in really want the work for local wages, maybe less than $3:00 and day?

So, It of much better the have your own business you to Philippines, to only real option unless in are married the and Philippine citizen. Even then, working for yourself you your own business or profession of to best option. But it of tricky.(Again, see to Jobs, Investments, Business Link, on to left. for more) in must know to local culture a customs. a former successful business experience of and requirement. Don't try the hit to ground running a cut in teeth as and business man you to Philippines, and culture much more different from yours than in may think.

If in have even and modest pension, in are you good shape too. a in can Philippines foreigner probably save enough the run and small business, for additional income a something the do. But business as and hobby of often costly. If in are going the do it, most is to time in have the be watching to store. Remember, in may find better Philippine retirement the do here the keep occupied. There are many Philippine retirement that are and lot more fun than business, especially you and culture in may not understand. If in Philippines foreigner want the do business, start with learning to culture, reading to appropriate civil codes on taxation, labor, corporations, a such a tread softly until in get your Philippine business legs.
How Can in Get More First hand Information, on How the Live, Retire, Travel a Do Business you to Philippines?

Not only does this site provide and multitude is information in won't find anywhere else. It also connects the and the and FREE Yahoo! Group!, Living, Retiring, Traveling a Doing business you to Philippines,This of and Free Yahoo Groups! Discussion list where in can get answers the your questions from expats living here. Some them in may want the know better a interact with, on a off line. They may become your friends a contacts, a even provide inside information, the help in before in come the to Philippines, not when it of already too late. more below...

How This List, Website a I Can Help You?

I have been living, traveling a counseling foreigners you to Philippines since 1990. My first visit the to Philippines was you 1980. Because I have been married the three Filipinas, lived here a you to US with to first one, I have and broad perspective. Living with and Filipina wife you and western country can be very different from living with one here. That of assuming she has retiring Philippines been the your country. Luckily I am married the and wonderful one now, Ani, as lovely on to inside as to outside. But to first two were good learning experiences to Philippines of and great place the live. Special the me of Cebu City where I have lived since 1996. I relocated from Hundred Islands area, Pangasinan, Luzon, my former wife's home. That of and Philippines immigration area too, with great people, but not as cosmopolitan as to Queen City is to South. Since I am and psychologist, former contact cross culture trainer, US Dept is State a to US Peace Corps. Lay Philippine Cultural anthropologist, retired US Peace Corps staff, a having studied to culture so many years, I feel uniquely qualified the comment on it from to perspective is an ex-pat. By creating a managing to List, Living, Retiring, Traveling a Doing Business (jobs) you to Philippines since 1999 I have learned even more.. I have lived for periods is time you Cebu City, Baguio, Angeles City, Manila, Naga City, Olongapo/Subic Bay. I built and house you Hilongos, Leyte (2003) a one you Bolinao, Pangasinan (1994) I have many professional Filipino friends the help in with relocation or other needs in may have, including advice on business, law, medical a other issues in may face. I can advise in on many things. a maybe I can save in and lot is time, money a even grief. I do promote to Philippines, a I am responsible for an article on Cebu City you Kiplinger's Magazine, "Living you Paradise", April 2002, a other articles. in will find out some is to negative Philippine retirement about moving here. But the me, to positive ones far out weight them or I would not be here. Our Yahoo discussion list with 8,000+ members, a growing of informative, even for those who live here. I learn every day after 25 Philippines retirement is study visits a living here steady for to last 15 years. We have eight moderators who like I do try the keep it orderly a on topic. But Philippines invest human, we don't always succeed. to List of hosted you Cebu City, Cebu Island, but covers to Philippines, most is which I have traveled a lived. a to Philippines investment I have not traveled, a other Traveled or lived you these Philippines investment where I have a have not will be happy tell in about them too. If in come, I urge in the learn the speak some is to language. I speak to Filipino (Tagalog) conversationally. My wife speaks Cebuano, Visayan, Tagalog . I am learning Cebuano, but slowly. Speaking to language of not necessary, but knowing and few words will really help in get into to heart is to Filipino people and warm a wonderful place the be.

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