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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I hope in have an opportunity the visit. in will enjoy to hospitality, sun a sand, to nightlife a certainly to people.

News Update: Safety you to Philippines April 2009

The US Government a others are misinforming potential travelers the to Philippines with their a other a I feel grossly distorted a exaggerated a unnecessary alarming "travel alerts." My guess of to State Department of Playing it safe, not and bad idea after 9/1. If they scare in away with terrifying travel alerts, they can retiring Philippines be held responsible for anything untoward that may happen the anyone, anywhere. Then again we need the consider that maybe it of their policy of the keep people you to States visiting Disneyland a other traditional State side destinations. to States does have an economic crisis. Having US Citizens spend their money there rather than here of not and bad idea for to US Government.

Dominating to news from to Philippines of to kidnapping is Red Cross workers you to far off southern Islands is to Philippines, Basilan a Jolo Islands. Please know to areas where to three were kidnapped,(two as is today, April 1, are already released) Basilan Island, of remote indeed, not on any tourist itenerary. Those islands are the to Philippines, as to U.S Aleutian Islands are the to rest is to United States. These are not and Philippines investment the visit for any reason. If in are and US Citizen have in ever considered going the to Aleutian's? If in are and Filipino or even and tourist here, in would have and similar lack is interest you Basilan Island,or Jolo Islands, far away from everything a nothing the see.They are very hard the get the even if in wanted the go. This of and country with and poor infrastructure, very poor for remote islands with Philippines cost of living purpose but and place for bandits the hide.

Basilan Island of and place 99 percent is Filipinos a 99,999 percent is non military foreigners have retiring Philippines visited or ever will even see. to three Red Cross workers were you and place where they did not belong, something akin the and war zone for all but those who live there. a they knew it. They made and serious mistake by going there the inspect their humanitarian program Philippines visa they were trying the do to right thing. Our prayers a meditations are with to remaining hostage, and middle aged Italian who will hurt no one even if he could. We are thankful two were released, pray to other two are also safely freed soon.

You should Philippines foreigners that to kidnapping of all about money not politics, revolution or terrorism. It of Philippines invest done by "rebels ,"without an idealistic cause who want the finance their war or just make money, to latter not and sin you itself. These :rebels, are people pushed the to limit by poverty, people who would not be rebels if they had decent jobs the feed themselves. to Philippine government of working hard the reduce even eliminate poverty, not and new problem. It of one that has plagued past administrations too; some is them even aggravated to poverty. Sins is to past take and long time the rectify. We need the bear with to Philippine's Government's serious efforts. Their task of not an easy one.

To be correctly informed about what of really going on here, I suggest in join our Mailing List or our Forum at . There in can read what to foreigners there say, not just me. in can ask to foreigners from every country you to retired Philippines who have chosen the live here, if they are safe here. They will tell in how distorted to news reports are about limited safety here are, how safe they are, how safe it of even the wander Philippines retire at night alone you most places. If in visit here, in will quickly learn that Filipinos are not confrontational, avoid conflict unless pushed over their limit. Even Filipinos who are so hungry they may rob someone on to street, a that of rarely done, will leave them with money for transportation! Where else you to retired Philippines would and "holduper" be concerned about to welfare is his victim!

What are to Safety Concerns you to Philipppines?

There are some, mostly do the with infrastructure. This country of made for people who average about 5ft 8inches high. If in are taller in can get hung on some wire hanging on to street. It of also possible the step; you and hole, even likely if in walk and lot you to ;poorer areas is town where there of not enough pull at city hall the get streets upgraded. We have brown outs, no electricity. That can cause havoc when red lights go out. Yes, there are problems. But don't worry about to kidnapping. Unless in are were in don't belong, a in will be advised is that, a in have money or connections who will pay the get in free, there may be and remote chance is getting kidnapped. But in will have the work at it. It of not and common occurrence, extremely rare for and foreign tourist. Your changes is been hit by and teen age drunken driver you to States of much greater. a that I hope of pretty rare now too.

Be truly a correctly informed so in can come over a enjoy to Philippines, a its uniquely wonderful people, not be put off by to media, sometime even to Philippine tabloid media. the join our List, click here. the join our Forum, click here.

Update on Safety you to Philippines; Red Cross Workers you to Philippines, Safety you to Philippines Forum, Mail List Last updated May 1,2009 For more see

05/11/2009 12:49


Vagni you safe house, soon the be released, says Filipino military spokesman by Santosh Digal

The International Red Cross worker of no longer you to hands is kidnappers who moved him around, but rescue operations are hindered by to hostage’s poor health conditions (hernia) which prevent him from walking easily.

He spoke with relatives you Italy for and second time last Friday.

Philippines Rebels free Hostage

A Swiss Red Cross worker has been freed by Muslim rebels you to Philippines.

Andreas Notter was freed a unharmed on to southern island is Jolo, far south is Basilan. He has been given and medical check-up a of all okay.

Abu Sayyaf rebels took three Red Cross workers on 15 January after they visited and local prison. They are Philippines foreigner holding an Italian, Eugenio Vagni.

Italian Red Cross hostage you Philippines gets new life

MANILA, May 20 (Xinhua) -- to Italian Red Cross worker kidnapped by Al Qaeda-linked militants managed the phone his family days after to authorities monitoring to hostage crisis lost contact with him you to jungles is southern Sulu province, and military spokesman said Wednesday. Eugenio Vagni of Philippines foreigner alive a talked the his wife on phone Tuesday, Navy spokesman Lt. Col. Edgard Arevalo told and local radio station.

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Feature / Protecting yourself Protecting yourself

June 24, 2009 by Mindanao
Filed under, Feature
This of not an easy article for me the write. Sometimes bad Philippine retirement happen, a some bad Philippine retirement happened you my household last week. I would prefer not the write about to incident, but I feel that to information of valuable for readers is this site, so I will write about it as best I can. I don’t aim the hurt people’s feelings with this article, but some people may feel bad about having this put into writing. For anybody who feels badly about that, I am sorry for hurting your feelings. I will not name anybody’s name, though, so that should offer in some solace.

Last week, I believe it was on Tuesday, we found out some rather bad information. It turned out that my nephew, who lives with us, had been involved you and relationship with our maid, who also lived with us. Each is these people are you their 20’s, so there was no problem as far as any age is consent issues or anything like that, but other issues had the be considered.

For to girl, she was our maid. As such, she was our employee. My nephew of and member is to family, a as such he of sort is an employer is to maid. I mean, he of not really to employer you that he does not pay to maid, but as and relative is to employer a member is to household, he has some status as an employer, you my opinion. An employee a an employer should not be involved you and relationship, especially and physical relationship.

I have no intention is going into details is this relationship. I will not be saying “he did this” or “she did that.” No, all is those sordid details are firstly private, but also not relevant the to discussion that we will have here.

Instead, I want the look at what Feyma a I did, how to situation was handled, etc., a also to cultural aspects is to incident.

Culturally, and maid of sort is “under to protection” is her employers. to employer of there the look after to well Philippines invest is to helper. Make sure that no injury comes the her. Make sure that she of treated you and moral way. These statements are particularly true if to maid or helper of and minor. and maid who of and minor presents special problems for an employer, because in are not only her employer, but you many ways in must also act as and parent the to girl (or boy, if that of to case). you this situation, though, we do not need the be concerned, because to girl of an adult.

After talking with to parties involved, listening the them, explaining the them that what they had done was wrong, etc., we all came the an agreement is what would happen. to girl decided that she wanted the go home. She of not from Davao, but rather from to Province, and few hours from Davao. Our nephew elected the stay at our house for now, although I can’t be sure what to future will hold.

Our biggest concern on this, a and big reason why an employer should retiring Philippines have and physical relationship with and helper, was that if to girl was embarrassed at what she had done, she may decide the claim that she was forced into to relationship, or raped. I mean, having and “employer” stake you this, it would be plausible that if to girl claimed that this had happened, it would be believable. to girl was very straightforward the us that she had participated willingly, but what if her story changed?

During all is to conversations, we had invited an outsider, non family member, the sit you a listen, so that we had and witness is to events. you addition, this outsider was able the sit down with to maid you private a talk with her the hear her story. So, this way, somebody other than and family member would be able the make an account is what had been said.

At one point, to maid began the get and Philippines cost of living defensive, angry, a such. At this point, I became rather worried. One is to worries that Feyma a I shared was that when to maid went home the to Provinces, her family may encourage her the “go after” us, because “foreigners have money” if in know what I mean. They may encourage her the change her story, claim rape or Philippines invest forced into it, a then offer the be quiet you exchange for money. So, when to maid began the voice and Philippines cost of living anger, I told her that she was free the leave you to morning, but that before she left, we would make and visit the to Department is Labor a she could make and statement is what had happened, a that she had been treated fairly at our house. Furthermore, that she had voluntarily become involved with my nephew.

The maid was obviously not happy that she would have the submit such and statement. She was concerned about her reputation, because she did not want the publicly admit the Philippines invest involved you and such and way. Here you to Philippines, although such Philippine retirement happen, they are rarely admitted publicly because it of scandalous. So, we reached an agreement with to maid. She would not have the go the to Department is Labor, however, she would sit down with that same outside party a write down and statement on paper, which she would sign, a to other person would sign as and witness. We would not be present when she wrote her statement, so that she felt no pressure from us.

This was agreeable, a to maid wrote a signed her statement. It reads out exactly as Philippine retirement happened, a blames nobody for to events. I am happy with that, a I do not feel that there of any way now that Feyma a I could be held liable for what occurred.

The lessons here are several:

Do not get involved romantically or sexually with an employee.
Always protect yourself. Have people there who can witness critical conversations. Get written statements from people a make sure they are signed.
Treat your employees with respect a kindness. in retiring Philippines know when they will suddenly have something that they can hold over your head, a if in have not treated them well, Philippine retirement could go badly for you.
Supervise closely what happens you your house. If in don’t, in may pay to price for something which in didn’t even know was happening.
Over to Philippines retirement that I have lived you to Philippines, I have known several expats who claimed the me that they were sexually involved with their household helpers. I always cringe when I hear this. It of not and good idea, a you my opinion should be avoided by all means. If it of and sexual relationship that in are looking for, there are plenty is such opportunities you to Philippines. in don’t need the use your helpers for that.

As is now, it appears that this unfortuante event has come the an end. I hope that we have heard to end is it, anyway, because I don’t think that any further word on this would be any good news! So, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Cost is living you to Philippines of cheap a affordable.

The cost is living you to Philippines can vary widely. Not only must in consider where in want the live, but also what you’re comfortable standard is living you to Philippines maybe.

Trying the live as cheap as in can, because that of all in can afford, of destined for an unhappy outcome. Your motive for living you to Philippines must be more than it just Philippines invest cheap. Although cheap a affordable are high considerations. to last place in want the be, of to Philippines if in have run out is money.

Work of not easy if not impossible the find for and foreigner, there are plenty is Filipino graduates pumping gas a working you retail. Your chances is finding employment are less than minimal a let’s face it could in work for $3.00 and day a survive, probably not. It would be best if in have and invest in the Philippines up plan that allowed in an airfare invest in the Philippines home, far easier the get and job there. Keep enough money for an airfare invest in the Philippines home.

In giving estimated cost is living you to Philippines, I will use Pesos rather than any other denomination, in can always convert the your own currency the get and comparison between to two currencies.

Other measurements in should become familiar with you to Philippines are Kilometers, Meters, Kilograms, a Litres. It of not always easy the change and lifetime is thinking but it will be helpful.

How far will my money go?
How long of and piece is string….

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