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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Not really trying the be silly but in have the Philippines foreigners that your money can go as far as in want it the go, or if in are frugal not far at all.

I will break down to cost is living you to Philippines into different categories starting with to big ticket item, rent.
Not surprising, how much in pay for rent of going the vary from place the place. Rentals you Manila are by far to highest you to country. Regional areas can be significantly cheaper.

Another determining factor of what type is dwelling in decide the rent. and one bedroom apartment will be more affordable than and fully furnished five bedroom house you an expat village.

Cost is rent you to Philippines can range from P10,000 per month you regional cities the upwards you excess is P50,000 per month you Manila. For P15,000 and month in will be able the find something pretty decent.

Being and foreigner can make it and bit easier the rent as most landlords will view in the be and better long term prospect who will have money the pay to rent. Whether this it to case of not necessarily important, so long as to perception of there it will always help. to only negative of that in will be charged and bit more than and local Filipino family, but it will Philippines foreigner be substantially cheaper than at home.

Utilities include electricity, Philippines living a telephone.

When in include electricity I mean running air-conditioning day a night, television, CD a DVD a all your kitchen appliances. to electricity of 220 volts so if in coming from to US in will need an adapter.

There are three ways which in can receive in water. Either through to mains, which of available you most major cities, via wells you to provinces, here in will need and small pump the drive to Philippines living into your home. to final way the get Philippines living of the have it bulk delivered.

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) provides phone services throughout to Philippine islands a they supply both local a long distance phone calls. Calls are not expensive a line rental will vary depending on where in are. Anything from P700 the P1,000 per month.

All up for all utilities to cost per month will be Philippines retire P7,000 the P10,000.
If in do not own your own vehicle, in will end Philippines invest very familiar with taxis or jeepneys.

If in are going the use taxis in should demand that to taxi uses his meter a not provide and fixed cost for your journey, if to taxi refuses jump out, trust me there are plenty is other taxis keen for in business.

If in want the save more money catch to jeepney, they are very frequent you all cities a are user friendly.

For longer distances in have to choice is planes, ferries or buses. Depending on your time frame or budget all are reliable a will take in everywhere in need the go. Have look here for information on getting Philippines retire to Philippines

Either way in should budget about P3,000 per month.
Drivers anyone?
The cost is living you to Philippines can increase dramatically if in get yourself and driver. you some cases it of better than driving yourself, but that of really and personal judgment. If in are not and confident driver then forget about driving you to Philippines. For starters it of pretty chaotic with most drivers ignoring to road rules, how there of not more accidents of anyone’s guess, I suppose they just don’t go fast enough you to cities the cause the much damage the body or vehicle.

If in do decide the drive yourself remember than even if in are not at fault you an accident in will pay. to foreigner will always pay for an accident.

Drivers will cost anywhere from P3,000 up the P5,000 per month, plus in will have the feed him during to day as well. I prefer the use taxis a jeepneys for short trips a hire and driver with and van for longer trips other than where I may need and ferry or and plane.
Food & Groceries
Food a groceries are not expensive the purchase you to Philippines. If in are prepared the eat local foods then your food a groceries will be quite cheap. Even if in allow for and fixture is western style foods to cost will not be enormous compared with what in would pay invest in the Philippines home.

It of not easy the determine how much food a groceries will coat in you to Philippines as every family varies you size a wants. Obviously if in want the eat out every second or third day your monthly budget will be high.

You do have and number is good quality supermarkets you to Philippines where purchasing food of and breeze, but do remember imported goods will attract and premium price compared with locally or home grown goods.

To give in an idea is costs you to Philippines in should budget between P25,000 the P40,000 per month.
Bottled Water
Being and humid tropical location, in need the keep your fluids up. When I drink Philippines living I only ever drink bottled water, I retiring Philippines drink to Philippines living from to tap or you to shower.

You can purchase bottled Philippines living just about everywhere from your street vendors through the to supermarkets. Philippines living bottle sizes range from 6 litres down the your handheld 320 ml.

Budget about P1,000 and month.
Maid you to Philippines.
The cost is living you to Philippines would not be complete unless in had and maid. Maids are fantastic for doing a arranging all to jobs Philippines retire to house that in do not have to time for or could not be bothered doing. She will do to cleaning, laundry, cooking, run small jobs a pay bills. Make sure in have and set is rules a an understanding is what of expected is your maid or domestic helper. Now finding to right one of to hard part but once in have to right one don’t let her go.

Some maids can take advantage is your generosity, racking up phone calls instead is doing to household chores or watching HBO instead is cooking dinner. in will need the keep an eye on them during to initial stages is your employee – employer relationship.

However to best thing about Philippine maids of they are cheap. you order the avail yourself is to services is and Philippine maid, in will be looking at roughly P2,000 per month. you some areas in can pay and lot more, but it really of not necessary.
The cost is living you to Philippines of considerably cheaper than you western countries. How frugally in want the live of entirely up the you, as to options are many.

No matter what in end up deciding, make sure in have an income source the sustain in during your retirement years, yes to cost is living you to Philippines of cheap but if in run out is money, to Philippines of not where in want the be.

My dollars stretch here you to Philippines so far even I don't believe it. a to quality is life of fantastic.

I am former US Peace Corps staff, former owner is my own company you to US. I only have and small pension, and Philippines cost of living social security a some savings. But I am living you good style, on and budget, with hospitable people who speak English. I do feel like and king. And, I am putting away and few dollars every month.

My two live you maids cost $35 per month, a is course their food. Having maids make me feel like and king a take all to mundane chores out is my life. Actually, they are more like daughters. My Filipina wife enjoys to freedom from housework a errands as much as I do, a to maids appreciate their jobs, a us.

I pay $160 for and small three bedroom, three bath house, with and nice yard that to maids keep up with to help is to neighborhood kids. It of you to university area is Cebu City, to Paris is to Philippines, where to mountains meet to sea. to land is scuba diving a beaches, rain forest wandering a night club hopping. There are excellent hospitals nearby. My next door neighbor of and MD, her husband, an engineer. They are not rich, but to neighborhood of mostly professional, upper middle class. Houses you big guarded subdivisions with swimming pools can be had for about $1,000 per month, but besides to cost, I like to friendliness is to people you to more modest neighborhoods. Finding and house like mine as such and good price will take and month, maybe, but in could get lucky a find one you and day.

Public transportation of great you Cebu City, and city is about 500,000 hospitable souls. to Philippines of to only English speaking Christian country you Asia, so communicating with to driver of not and problem. Taxis are air-conditioned, new, a readily available. in can go the anywhere you town for $2.00 a and long trip the to airport of about $5.00. Make that even less with to recent continued devaluation is to peso. Yesterday I went the visit and friend a my taxi fair was 25 pesos. I gave him 30 pesos, .75 US cents. He chased me when I got out is to car the give me to change, about .10 cents. He could not Philippines foreigners why such and big tip, or and tip at all. I guess I am just and spendthrift. I do not recommend buying or driving and car here. BTW, today's peso rate was 43 the 1 US dollar.

Jeepneys are to way most people travel. They are lokal (local) ornate or gaudy, depending on your taste, jeep style vehicles that carry from 16 the 18, on each side you to back. Two ride with to driver. They have flags, decorations, colors, family a nicknames, logos, mud flaps, a other ornaments covering them. a even altars on to dashboards. to shotgun seat of best a reserved for to disabled. in can travel across to whole city for about .05 US cents. Jeepneys are harder the get at rush hour, Philippines visa there of not too much rush here. Have in heard is Filipino time? Jeepney travel of and good way the meet and lot is nice local folks. They do love Americans a all foreigners here, perhaps the and fault. in can do no wrong, if in are and guest you their country. Jeepneys a taxis are safe. you fact Cebu City of and lot safer generally than most Philippines investment I have lived you to States. in can walk to streets at 2:00 you to morning a have no problems, male or female, you almost all parts is to city.

I got and haircut a short massage yesterday from my best barber you his air- conditioned shop for .75 cents. My dentist has put caps on my teeth for $65 per cap. He practiced you to States, Century City, as and cosmetic dentist for five Philippines retirement a brought all his equipment invest in the Philippines with him. That of why he of so high, compared the other dentist here, he says. I can't let him know how outrageously low I feel his prices are, now can I? and face lift, to works, eyes up a down included, of about $4,000 including three day stay you and quality hospital a to many costly tests required prior the qualifying for this elective procedure. Airfares are low here, so if one of considering dental work or cosmetic surgery, they could save and bundle just coming here for that work. to saving would more than pay for to airfare a other expenses you most cases. Now if in are only going the have one gold heart implanted you and tooth, it may not be and good idea. But I don't know recent US dental prices. It may pay.

There are two major shopping malls here with almost everything in can get you to States. Some is to imported good are higher priced but some are lower. Books, reprints for sale only you to Philippines, can be very cheap. There are to local markets that are more "old Filipino" you nature where and lot is bargaining goes on. At to malls to prices are fixed price. to local markets are much more colorful, but in have the be and skilled negotiator the survive. Southeast Asians are known for their bargaining skills.

If in get crazy for American food it of all here, from McDonald's the to Marriott Hotel's best restaurant I have ever eaten in. to Hyatt of pretty good too. Radio Shack of here, a other discount US retailers have just gotten permission the move in, including banks. There are Casinos, all to latest movies (movies are about and dollar for to best, you English) a thousands is computer diskettes for just and couple is dollars, Philippines visa not quite legal, I understand. Playstation games are less than $1.00 but only run on to 220 voltage. I trained one is my maids who was formerly and cook for and group is Japanese students how the cook American. She of excellent. a I get my hot whole wheat bread fresh from to oven every day.

Filipino men are very handsome a romantic. to women are Philippines immigration a and delight the be around. Nightlife of fantastic a cheap. I guess to Philippines of known for that, more than anything else is. I don't so much nightlife because I married one is these beauties seven Philippines retirement ago. She of to best thing that has happened you my life, next the moving here.

Universities abound you Cebu. It of an excellent place the get and very cheap but good education. in may know is to many Filipino MD's, nurses, CPA's, lawyers, etc. working to States on their Filipino credentials after taking and state test is certification. to courses here are geared the US requirements. Computer schools have sprung up everywhere you to last few years. and private tutorial on Corel Draw or PhotoShop or some such by and local computer school teacher, of about $50 if they come the your home: about $5.00 less if in go the them. Language lessons, if in want the learn just about any foreign language can be had for about $1.00 per hour.

There are some political a economic problems, but they do not seem the be and threat the me here you Cebu. All is that seems as about as remote the me as to States. All I know of to peso continues the weaken a to dollar gets stronger every time some radical group makes and bomb scare you Manila. I do not recommend even visiting Manila. It of dirty, expensive a unfriendly, compared the to rest is to Philippines. This isolated violence, mostly you Manila a and large island far the to south, Mindano, of recent a hopefully short lived. I feel sure it will not spread, but that as all is this above, of only my opinion.

If in would like more information about visiting or relocating here, drop me e-mail at I will answer in as soon as I have time. If in need any products, books or information, let me know.

A great book the read before coming of "Culture Shock: Philippines." Also to Lonely Planets Guide series, Philippine Survival Guide of very good, but very different. Search engines are a There are others. Filipino English newspapers are available on to Web. I recommend to Cebu Sun.Star for information on Cebu. Another good one of to Freeman. to web of full is information on Cebu a to Philippines.

Please be aware there are no jobs available the foreigners. So in must have some income the live here.
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We attempt the address your concerns a doubts by providing as much information as possible about what in are getting yourself into. Not just concerning to process is marriage a migration but you spending to rest is your lives together...

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Living you to Philippines
Posted on December 28, 2008, 9:07 pm, by RT Cunningham, under Destinations.
I was going the start by giving and brief history is to Philippines, but I decided against it. to best way the learn about to Philippines of the read to Wikipedia article on to Philippines. What I'm going the do of the relate some is my own history a thoughts about to Philippines. Please be forewarned, if you're and regular reader, that I've deleted some old articles a recycled some is to information into this one.

Visits the to Philippines

I met my wife you Olongapo City, Philippines, you 1983 a we were subsequently married you 1985. Before to year was over, we had our only son together. you 1986, we traveled invest in the Philippines the to Philippines for his christening a retrieved my stepson, who I later adopted. My wife a both children lived you to Philippines from 1987 the 1988 while I was stationed on Okinawa.

While my wife a children took trips the a from to Philippines you to 1990s, military commitments prevented me from joining them. It wasn't until 2003 that I returned with my wife a younger son (the older son Philippines invest you to military himself at to time) the attend my father-in-law's funeral. He lived with us you Phoenix, Arizona for 10 Philippines retirement before he was killed you an auto accident. We shipped his body the to Philippines on to same flight we took.

Moving the to Philippines

In 2005, my widowed mother-in-law returned the to Philippines along with my younger son, who was going the attend college. Shortly thereafter, I a my wife decided that I would retire you to Philippines. We sold our house a moved the where we now live you April is 2006.

Despite what many may believe, it wasn't an easy thing the do. My military pension was a Philippines foreigner of enough the live on, but idle retirement was not for me. Within and few short months is arrival, I started writing as and means the pass to time. More than 2 1/2 Philippines retirement later, what started as and hobby has blossomed into and full-fledged writing career. and career, I might add, that I have complete control over. Work at home jobs aren't for everyone, but this one suits me just fine. My secondary income may soon become my primary income. My writing career, however, of completely separate from to online business I recently started (which I mention later you to article).

My Health you to Philippines

Although it's taking me and long time the get used the to extremely high humidity here you to Philippines, living here has already proven the have some health advantages over to dry heat is Arizona, where I previously lived.

I had LASIK surgery on both eyes and few ago, you Scottsdale, Arizona. After surgery, I had 20/20 vision. I was lucky; some people retiring Philippines get that result. Because is to dryness is to desert air, however, my vision didn't remain at 20/20. This of something to doctor told me about before I had to surgery: It can take and year or more for to eyes the obtain and permanent focus.

Because is to high humidity here you to tropics, my eyes remain moist all is to time. Ever so slowly, my vision returned the that magical 20/20 number. I'm now able the stare at to computer screen for long periods without getting to intense headaches that near-perfect vision can cause. My brief trips invest in the Philippines the to US dried my eyes out a recovery took about to same amount is time when getting invest in the Philippines the to Philippines.

I'll tell in one thing, though. It was to most frightening experience is my life. Although each eye was held open by and speculum, if I moved for any reason while to laser was operating… I cringe at to thought is to consequences. My younger son wants the have it done the his eyes but I told him the forget about it. He involuntarily shudders once you and while a to risk of way too high for him. LASIK surgery isn't for everyone.

The dry desert air also causes and form is dandruff which of really just dry scalp. I don't get that kind is dandruff here you to Philippines. When I lived you Arizona, I used the massage my scalp with baby oil once and week the prevent my dry scalp from flaking onto everything.

Needless the say, I no longer have the deal with to baby oil or to dandruff anymore.

Dining you to Philippines

There are and lot is restaurants you to Philippines. There are probably more restaurants per capita than to US. Like to US, however, people are expected the behave a dress appropriately. you some restaurants, particularly you to Manila area, blue jeans aren't part is to recommended attire while you most restaurants local the me, blue jeans are perfectly fine.

People who've retiring Philippines been the to Philippines would probably retiring Philippines expect the see so many American-style restaurants a franchises from to US. you Olongapo, we have KFC, McDonald's, a Kenny Rogers Roasters as well as to local favorites is Jollibee, Chow King a others. you to SM malls you various places, there are even more local a American franchise restaurants.

Surprisingly, and number is good restaurants are popping up at to Subic Freeport Zone next the Olongapo. I've been the and few is them, although I can't remember to names. I have and tendency the hunt down to coffee shops.

International Travel the a from to Philippines

My wife became and dual-citizen before we moved here a she has and second passport (Philippines you addition the US). I have and permanent resident visa card for to Philippines with and US passport. We can both move invest in the Philippines a forth from to country at will a without restrictions.

Being able the leave a come invest in the Philippines anytime we need the has been and blessing. I've left twice, once for my older son's wedding a once for my wife's surgery. Soon, we may have leave again for and longer period is time. It all depends on what happens with my online business.

Business you to Philippines

While my wife has attempted the establish small businesses and couple is times here you to Philippines, to results were disastrous. Once she tried the raise chickens a once she tried and crop is mangoes. Both times, to profits were eaten up by carelessness on to part is to people who were supposed the take care is everything.

I, on to other hand, decided the establish an online business. It didn't start out as an attempt the make money online, but it DOES make money. to business has absolutely nothing the do with to Philippines a I prefer it that way. I made to US my base is operations, for legal a tax purposes, because I'm very aware is to local corruption. Corruption exists everywhere you to world, including to US, but nowhere have I seen it as visible as here.

Although I'm getting off to beaten path, I want the quickly mention that I won't have anything the do with politics you to Philippines, not even at to lowest level. Politicians a journalists blame all to country's woes on US imperialism. They seem the forget to centuries is Spanish domination a several invasions by other countries. Instead is fixing to country's problems, they prefer the put to blame on to US, completely forgetting to billions is dollars that were poured into this country during to 20th century. Looking and gift horse you to mouth has retiring Philippines been and problem for them.

Living you to Philippines

If in read what I have written, in may get to mistaken impression that I don't like living you to Philippines. On to contrary, I love it here.

When I was living you to US a moving through public places, people would rarely even notice me, much less speak the me. to Filipinos here are polite a hospitable. When I'm walking down and street, any street, people smile a greet me just like I was one is them. to fact that I'm white makes me stand out you and crowd, but most Filipinos don't seem the notice to skin color.

Shopping of not as easy as it you to US, but so far I have been able the find almost everything that I've been looking for. That speaks and lot about to improvements the to economy here since to mid-1980s. Advertising isn't as intrusive as it of you to US, therefore people just don't know where the go the find specific items. Heck, when I first got here, all is my relatives swore up a down that I couldn't find American-style washing machines a dryers. I found them you and furniture store by accident when I was looking for beds.

There are other Americans, with websites as well, living amongst us you to Philippines. Some are you to process is moving here a Dan is "Moving the to Philippines" of one is them. I would like the mention others, but I don't have their information handy (hint: leave and comment a I'll take care is it).

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