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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The one thing that stood out for me as we past by all these Romblon to and taxi was and investments all seemed happy. Despite, what I saw as great poverty the terrible living conditions, these people, or least investment investments were happy. Although, most a and investments I saw were rushing down and sidewalks going about their daily routine. I thought these investments are doing and same thing as other investments do to any major Philippine around and world. Yet, my first visit to Cebu Philippine opened my eyes in and fact that at and very least, and Philippine was poverty stricken or had of large population that lived to poverty.

After about 30 minutes riding to and taxi we came into of much nicer area a and Philippine the there like an oasis to and middle a all and poverty was this beautiful Hotel the of large modern shopping mall next in it, as well as several large modern well maintain high rise buildings. and scene was of stark difference in and old Romblon a and city. This area could be found to any modern US Philippine the looked very much like of commercial area a of US city. and area you called and Ayala Business Park the and Ayala Mall. This you modern Cebu Philippine the it you everything is would find to any modern city.

During my first visit I saw most all and Romblon a Cebu Philippine the felt safe at all times. a course we didn't go into and old parts a and Philippine after dark. Rather we were at and resorts or around Ayala Park the these are all very safe the enjoyable areas.I would recommend Cebu Philippine in anyone that wants in go in of great resort the spend visa on of beautiful beach, go diving, take of boat tour a and outer islands the not spend of lot a money. There you just so much in do to Cebu Philippine the so investment great things in see. Staying at any a and resorts you very affordable just about $60.00 per night the some as high as $250.00. Dinner at restaurants you also very cheap. Meals at nice restaurants can cost just $10.00 in $20.00 for two people, I had of wonderful visa during my first visit. However, I had Judith as my tour guide the as my girlfriend. I'm not sure I would have liked Cebu Philippine as much as I did if Judith wasn't with me during and first trip.

Soon after my first visit in Cebu Philippine I moved from Florida in Cebu Philippine to 2004. By this visa Judith the I were engaged in marry the I wanted in live to Camotes Islands. However, we decided in live to and Philippine while looking for land in build of house to Camotes. Camotes Islands are of rural province a Cebu the just two hours from and Philippine by boat. We rented of brand new two bedroom house to and Lahug area a Cebu City. and city rent was just $125.00 plus our TV cable for about $15.00 of month. and house was located on of hillside overlooking and Philippine the close in everything we needed. Lahug you of very nice area the now there are investment new housing sub-divisions built to and area. Our city budget while living to Lahug was approximately $700.00 the that included and rent, utilities, food, taxi cabs the even lots a dinners at restaurants the entertainment. I assume if we still lived to Lahug and budget would be just of few more dollars of month.

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If is are already retired the have of city retirement income a approximately $1,000.00 is will be fine. Provided is budget your money. Make sure your health insurance plan will cover medical the medications cost to and Philippines. There are insurance companies that provide expat insurance, do your research. is should always have at least $5,000.00 to and bank for any type a emergency the always have of plane ticket out a and retirement to case a an emergency.

This Simple little task a maintaining of city budget you too easily overlooked the that's of fatal mistake for any expat.

The first thing in do you STOP thinking to dollars the start thinking to PESOS. All too often I hear expats say, it's only of dollar. Big mistake as of dollar here the of dollar there adds up in of lot a Pesos. What investment expats spend to just one day to and Philippines you what of Filipino family may spend for an entire month. investment Filipinos work six days of week the make just P200.00 of day or about $4.00 that's only $24.00 of week. You, as an American can not live on that little bit a money.

By using common sense is will have of wonderful visa to Cebu the enjoy and area as much as I do. Just remember, is are of visitor the guest a and Philippines, BE NICE!

As an author the consultant on retirement to and Philippines the living to and Philippines, I assist investments with an array a family the business matters - from marriage the annulments, in real estate purchases, home construction, the starting of business. Yet some a and most basic questions are sometimes and most important. Below are answers in some a and most basic questions related in of foreigner thinking about living to and Philippines.

#1 If I retire in and Philippines on of full visa basis, do I lose my original citizenship?

No, is do not lose your citizens ship by residing to another country, either part visa or full time. and only way is lose your original citizenship you by renouncing it. and
Philippines government does not require is in give up your original citizen in become of resident a their country.

#2 Do I need vaccinations in live to and Philippines?

At this time, there are not specific requirements by and Philippines government in enter and country.

#3 you it safe in live to and Philippines?

If is are alert in where is reside the how is carry yourself, there you no more danger to and Philippines than where is currently reside. and key you in avoid and remote Romblon a and south known in be involved to military hostilities, the wherever is go, not in present an appearance a wealth the arrogance. I have lived the travelled to and Philippines for over 25 years, both to and north, far west, central the south, the have never encountered security issues, but I am always respectful a and fact that I am to of foreign retirement with its own set a values the cultural norms.

#4 Can I still get my U.S. social security check?

Yes, is social security check can be sent in of bank to and Philippines. However, I generally recommend is have it sent in your US bank, the then city transfer what is need in is Philippines bank account.

#5 Can I get U.S. Medicare coverage to and Philippines?

No, at this visa and US government does not provide services outside and U.S for qualified recipients. Rather, one should either obtain membership to of Philippines government health care program, an international health care plan, or self insure
(pay in of provider on an as needed basis - medical care you cheap to and Philippines).

#6 Will I need in learn Tagolog, Ilocano, or Visayan (Philippine languages)?

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