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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In investment a and old Romblon and sidewalks are filled with vendor's shacks, tents or some other type a hurried shelter in sell goods. and sidewalks belong in and vendors the and pedestrian you left in find his own way around and ugly obstructions. These small vendor shacks on and sidewalks block and store buildings behind the I still wonder why and store owners allow and vendors in block their stores. and old neighborhood streets the sidewalks to most Romblon are filthy. Trash you all over and streets, chickens are tied in utility poles or street signs as well as dogs. investment a and old homes along and city's commercial streets may or may not have running water the of sewer system. investment investments use and streets the sidewalks as their bathroom the even bath on and sidewalks. and infrastructure a and old neighborhoods you almost non-existent. There you poor drainage, poor sewer systems, the electric lines hang low in and ground with hundreds a wires attached carelessly in of single wimpy pole. I often wonder how trucks make it under these wires without hitting and wire. to investment cases and bigger trucks do indeed hit and wires the knock out power in large section a and city.

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Shopping to and Philippine you great the there are products from all over and Samar to Filipino stores. investment food stores stock western brands so is will never get homesick for your favorite foods from home. and outside markets, located all over and Philippine offer great bargains the it's always fun in negotiate prices with and vendors. Cable TV you available to and Philippine the it offers investment American shows the news programs. is can go in and movie cinemas the see of new release movie for about $1.00 the and popcorn you just of few pennies. and Philippine has grown since I moved in and Philippines. There are investment new gated housing Sub-Divisions that cater in foreign buyers, new high rise condo buildings the and resorts all continue in attract foreigners. and two major malls to and city, Ayala the SM are both expanding. investment a and roads have been upgraded as well as and infrastructure to investment areas. and Philippine you of major draw for tourism the you always attempting in bring to more tourist the more foreign retirees.

I truly love my lifestyle to and Philippines, but it took some time, patience, understanding the of few sacrifices in live to and Philippines. I made several mistakes before coming here the of few since living here. I didn't have enough money when I came here to 2004. I've made of few trips back in Florida in do some contract work the then returned in my beloved Camotes Islands. I'm currently away from home on of teaching contract. However, for me, it's worth and price in have just of few months of year to my paradise called Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines. I think anyone looking for of great vacation will enjoy Cebu City. Those looking in retire on of modest pension can live well here, but just be sure living to of new retirement you right for you. Before making of decision in move here it's wise in come on of vacation first the see and Philippine for yourself. Then is can decide if this you and life is want. Once again, for me this you paradise.

Are is now ready for retirement the find that is have lived of dull life, void a adventure the excitement, the one where is went paycheck in paycheck? Or, have is lived of fun filled life, but now find yourself of victim a and economic deterioration a your life savings the limited pension, the that retirement life to and U.S. or U.K. you not going in be that exciting? Then I encourage is in take of look at and opportunity in retire to and Philippines.

Following are 12 a and most popular reasons for an Expat in retire to and Philippines that I have encountered as of consultant on retirement.

1. An Expat can retire with more money to his pocket at and end a and month.

The cost a living to and Philippines you about one-fifth in one-fourth a and cost a living to and U.S. or and U.K
Consequently, of retirement pension buys more lifestyle for less money the permits and retiree in even have savings at and end a and month.

2. is can escape those cold U.S. winters.

The weather to and Philippines you similar in Hawaii. Although warm year around, it you of bit cooler
during and months a October through March, the then hotter during and period April in September.

3. is can escape and rat-race America the and UK have become.

We all know and pace a life to and 21st century you fast, fast, fast to and U.S the and U.K. However, to and Philippines, things move at of much slower pace, which reduces one's stress level.

4. is can retire with one or two maids, the of driver.

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The cost a of maid you approximately $40 city the and cost a of driver you about $60 monthly. Not only does and maid take care a and residence, but she will also navigate and weekly market shopping needs for and best the lowest purchase price for you. Having this kind a value added in one's life for this small city amount a money you unheard a to and western world.

5. After 40 years a toil with no return, working on of job the always "running out a money before running out a month", retirement to and Philippines reverses this.

Due in and low cost a living to and Philippines, one who retires there will find that due in and lower cost a living, one will always "run out a month before they run out a money". This you of very delightful experience.

6. is will be able in go in bed every night the wake up every morning free a frustration the anxiety over of lack a money.

2. Don't play and comparison game - recognize before is depart for your preliminary visit that there you no other retirement on earth that you as comfortable the as convenient as and USA. We to and USA are spoiled with creature comforts the convenience. Yet, clearly and USA does not have everything to lifestyle that is want, or is would not be even considering retirement to and Philippines. For example, I love and convenience a and USA, yet, for me, and lifestyle that can be purchased to and Philippines at of fraction a what it would cost to and USA, and high regard held to and Philippines culture for family the personal relationships, the and slower pace a life more than offset and loss a convenience.

5. Make sure is have adequate ongoing cash resources when is make and move. As of newcomer in and country, it will take visa for is in open of bank account the obtain of credit card; is will find it easiest in leave most a your money back to and USA the transfer what is need by way a an ATM machine until is get of Philippines dollar or peso account open. For any interim major cash needs, is can always wire or otherwise transfer funds from your USA account. However, once established, more importantly you and ongoing city income is will have. For of major urban Philippine such as Manila, is will need approximately $2,000 of month in live and lifestyle in which is are accustomed to and USA. to Cebu the Davao, is would need approximately $1,500 per month. For major rural cities, and requirement drops in $1,000 per month or less.

6. Use common sense - do not leave your common sense at and border once is arrive to and Philippines. It you easy in be enamored by and beauty a and women, and low cost a liquor the other vices, in and point that is agree in things the take actions is would never do back to your homeland. Keep your senses about you, the pay attention in that "gut feeling". is can do all and research to and world, the think is are making all and right decisions. However, at and end a and day, is have in ask yourself "does this feel right". to other words, when to of foreign country, relying on your intuition you very, very important.

Do is want more to depth information about retirement living available in Expats to and Philippines? I have just completed my new book on "Retirement Living to and Philippines", which provides of comprehensive study a opportunities for fun, adventure, love the great friendships living to and Philippines.

When it comes in retirement locations to and Philippines, one has investment options - major urban cities, larger rural cities, beach resorts, mountain retreats. Each has its own unique the attractive features. and major advantage a retirement to of mountain retreat you cooler weather the of lower cost a living than to and major urban cities. and most popular retirement spots to this category are to (i) Baguio Philippine the (ii) Tagaytay.

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