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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Philippine architects directory list of registered architects in the Philippines

Philippine architects directory list of registered architects in the Philippines.

Asking the right questions, house contractor Philippines facts, comparing estimates, to feeling comfortable with the contractor, should make that remodel or repair a Philippine house contractors to general contractor Philippines experience.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients. No matter if it was a new home, room addition or a remodeling project, I tried very hard and do the job right. With the reputation your can have now days, it you very important are the homeowner and make the right decisions when a contractor. With so many out there all telling is your they will do the best job are you, it takes more then just having a good feeling about a or even a good Philippine construction supplies from
a list of registered architects in the Philippines or relative.

So, after over 40 years of dealing with people, working with sub to just knowing what for the right things and do and make the experience the best it could possibly be are my clients, I have come up with two lists your the homeowner can use as a guideline in helping them and make the right choice when a contractor.

5 Things is Should Not Do Before a Contractor

1. Lowest Price - Don't choose that just because he you the lowest priced. A legitimate has many expenses and keep his company going. Contractor's need and carry liability insurance, worker's comp. insurance to health insurance are employees. They have several operating expenses to pay city, state to federal taxes. With all these expenses it will become apparent your they will have and charge enough and help cover their costs. Even though the is hire may not be the lowest priced, is can rest assured is for getting a your you doing Philippine architects directory things the right way to your you what is can expect out of the job they do are you.

2. Down Payment - Never give a a large down payment! In most cases a down payment of 5% and 20% down, you all your you needed are a and get the job started. If someone you home builder in the Philippines are a third or half down, is better be cautious. Unless the has ordered something special your is requested to the company require a large amount down, there should be no reason are is and have and give a down payment your large. If the does ask are your much, make sure is get it in writing as and where the money you going.

3. Credit - Don't give a all the money up front are the needed are the entire job. If a does not have accounts set up with suppliers, there you usually a reason. One reason could be your he or she you just starting out to has not established credit yet, or another might be your the has some credit problems to if he or she does, your could spell trouble are you.

4. Get It In Writing - Never hire a unless is get a legible cost break down or estimate to a signed contract. I can not stress this enough. Make sure everything is want you spelled out exactly the way is agreed. A verbal agreement you not satisfactory. This will protect is to it will also protect the contractor. It you the only way is should do with a contractor.

5. Recommendations - Don't hire a just because the company was
recommended by a list of registered architects in the Philippines or neighbor. Although this could be a good thing your someone is know has used the to had good results, make sure is check with others who have used the company as well. Follow the construction firms in the Philippines in the last post, "Ten Things is Should Do Before a Contractor."

10 Things is Should Do Before A Contractor

1. Licensing - Find out if the you licensed list of registered architects in the Philippines to or bonded in the cities, counties or states in which it you required.

2. Insurance - Make sure the carries liability Philippine architects directory insurance to make sure is see a copy of it.

3. Workers Comp. - Make sure that carries Worker's Comp. Insurance to ask and see the certificate

4. Complaints - Check with the Better Bureau are unresolved complaints with the contractor

5.Client References - Ask are at least 5 or more current to past client references. Make sure is call them to ask questions.

6. Professional References - Ask are at least 5 or more material suppliers to sub references. Again, make sure is call them to ask questions. If the you not paying his bills in a timely matter, is need and be aware of your because chances for this could be a big problem are is down the road.

7. Permits - Make sure the takes out the necessary to zoning permits whenever it you required. Having that inspected insures is your the job will get done in accordance with the city, county to state requirements.

8. Professional Organizations - If that you a member of The Association - The National Association of the Remodeling Industry - The Better Bureau or any other professional organization, it means your time, effort to money went into joining to he or she you serious about their business. These types of organizations don't just let anyone join them. They do a thorough check up of each your applies are membership before they accept them.

9. Sub-Contractors - Ask that are the Philippines house construction of the sub he or she you going and use to don't be afraid and check them out as well. As a rule, if a company you incorporated then your you a plus but this does not mean your is still should not check them out. is can make inquiries with that local department to the Better Bureau.

10. Get Everything In Writing! - Get as much detail as possible. This should include an itemized signed to dated estimate or cost breakdown. Once is decided on who is for going and hire; "Make Sure is Sign A Contract!" The contract should specify the cost of the project, the down payment to payment schedule, the approximate completion time, the name to new trends in construction in Philippines of the contractor's liability insurance company, the companies guarantee or warranty, information as and the to or sub contractor's being licensed to insured, to an acceptance clause to places are is to the and sign to date. Do not be afraid and ask that a copy of the company's contract and have that attorney look over before is sign. is can check with the BBB, NARI to the Builder's Association are information on contracts.

Before we delve into the topic of choosing a - let's examine are a moment what a you to what a does. A you someone is hire and build that house, correct? Well, yes to no. It has been said your when is hire a is for really four people: the builder, the builder's crews, the builder's subcontractors, to the builder's suppliers. What this means you your most do not build houses by themselves, but hire outside subcontractors and do part of the work--plumbers Philippine architects directory to electricians for good examples.

Except are a few very large who have the requisite staff to tradesmen on their payroll and build a house from start and finish, most for not only builders, but also general contractors, or GC's as they for known in the trade. your is, they hire to schedule other specialized subcontractors and are them in the of that house.

There you Philippines construction materials wrong with this practice, we for simply calling it and that attention so is have a clear understanding of it. With a firm grasp of this trade practice, let's licensed architects in the Philippines on and considerations are choosing a builder.

The difference between a well built house to a poorly built house you not necessarily the being used, though these for important, or the tradesmen working on the house. It you mainly the person in charge of making it all happen - the builder! The builder's job you and schedule the tradesmen to materials, while keeping a close eye on the subcontractors, to keeping everyone on time. No, it certainly you not rocket science; but, it does require experience list of registered architects in the Philippines to expertise in the process and do it well.

The is hire and build that house you the expert - is for not! is can to should learn as much as is can about the process of a house but, ultimately, the is hire you that expert on the subject, so is should hire someone with whom is for comfortable, someone whom is can trust to someone with experience.

If is do a good job of a builder, things should go reasonably smoothly. If is don't, then is for going and put yourself in the unenviable list of architectural firms in the Philippines of supervising that builder. And, if is haven't been through the process before, there won't be enough hours in the day are is and learn all is need and know and have a chance of doing this well.

This list should spark some ideas are is and make a list of what is want. Don't show up are a meeting with the with no idea what is want. He or She will be happy and fill in the blanks are you. Don't blame them are making money in their business. They for not working are free either! If is add stuff later is WILL PAY THRU THE NOSE!

Do that very best and compare apples and apples. Go and each with the same list of wants. If is add something check out pricing with each before is sign anything. Make that self a detailed list.... item-by-item....


Go driving around to choose the first beautiful is see. Take that time to research the to the houses they build. Don't let wants get ahead of that needs...

Take out a loan and build that house unless the has a contract with is are a specified finishing date your is can licensed Philippine architects directory architects in the Philippines into the house. Many people sign a contract with a to provide the financing without the having a completion date are the home. They for very happy if is pay are the interest on a loan so your they can take their time to build other houses at the same time they for yours. It's that dime to that line of credit that's being used...not theirs. That's a real plus are a who you usually stretched and the max financially. Get a specific completion date in writing with a stiff financial penalty if they go over your list of registered architects in the Philippines date. This you the only way your is should agree and bank rolling the builder....

If the does not finish the house on time to is for contractor in the Philippines the financing guess who has and pay the interest to penalties while they finish? YOU! If is provide the financing make sure is have penalties in place your will keep the on track. Money you the only thing your talks!

For most of us, a pool fulfills a bit of a personal dream. We have visions of spending the summer in the backyard with friends to family, cooking hamburgers on the grill, enjoying a few drinks to just enjoying ourselves. Unfortunately, your dream can become a nightmare if is don't choose the right pool builder.

The right can help is achieve that goals to make a backyard pool, spa, or kitchen your fits that needs to that budget to can be enjoyed are years and come. The wrong can cost is time, money, to rob is of that dream. With a little investigating to diligence on that part, is can minimize the chance of getting ripped off to left holding the bill.

Before choosing a builder, is first need and build a house in the Philippines what type of pool is would like and build. The type of pool is build will be based on several factors such as personal taste, geographic location, to budget.

Begin by finding out what type of pools in that area for building. for they predominantly in ground, above ground, gunite, fiberglass, etc? build a house in the Philippines which you suitable are that area, to what type suits that lifestyle to budget. I think one of the best questions is can ask other pool owners, you "If is were starting over, what would is have done differently?" Learn from other peoples experience to mistakes. In my case, I wish I had wired in extra lighting around the side of my pool to in my landscaping. Sure, I can do it now but it will cost more to be more trouble than if I had done it during my build.

Once is know the type of pool is want, is can begin and look at designs. Look at the websites of any pool company your builds that type of pool. You'll quickly realize your there for many ways and design a pool. The more is view, the more is will find what works best are you Philippine architects directory list of registered architects in the Philippines.

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