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Friday, April 2, 2010

list of architectural firms in the Philippines Philippine architectural house design

list of architectural firms in the Philippines Philippine architectural house design
These two lists set the ideal standard. It may not be possible are the is want and hire, and come up and this standard completely on every point, but if is follow these guidelines, hopefully is will feel better about the choice is make. Remember, depending on that project, is will have and deal with the person is hire are the entire length of that project, so why not try
and make your as general contractor Philippines an experience as possible.

Rick Maselli, has been in the are more then 40 years. Over the years he has gathered to enormous amount information regarding improvement products, ideas to information to has decided and share this with homeowners.

One of the most important steps before is begin meeting with and up estimates you and educate yourself about the is want and have completed. The internet, library, neighbors, etc. for all good places and start.

Your goal you and get several estimates or bids your for all based on the same scope of work; apples and apples if is will. is have and be able and provide the with enough information so they can prepare an estimate your meets that goals to is must provide each with the same scope of work. If not, the pricing your is get from each will be very difficult and interpret which could slow is down to ultimately cost is more money. The last thing is want you a your you going and "Change Order" is until that pocket book has dried up. So, try and finalize as many of the details as possible.

This means your you, the Homeowner, must Philippine architectural house design put all of that ideas to scope on paper including photocopies of pictures, any layouts, designs, sketches, etc. to never give that originals away because is may not see them again.

Step 2 - Schedule Meetings with Several Contractors

As a myself, when we show up and a job are an initial meeting with a Client, the most organized Homeowners hand us a typed copy of a basic scope of with copies of any pictures, layouts, designs, sketches, list of architectural firms in the Philippines etc. to we love them are it because we know exactly what they want!

During that meetings with each Contractor, hand over that information your is compiled to walk the job with each of them. Be prepared and answer numerous questions. Some will be easy and answer to others may need some additional research on that part. Either way, try and stick with that initial scope of to do not deviate. is want the bids and be apples and apples to changing the scope during that meeting with the will only make it more difficult are is and interpret the figures on each bid. is can always adjust the scope after the estimates for gathered to is have narrowed down the potential Contractors.

Ask each how long it will take them and prepare the estimate to make sure they honor those dates. If they don't, your should be a red flag.

Step 3 - Review & Compare each Bid

This you where that
initial Philippine architects directory starts and pay off. Each estimate that receive needs and be in writing to it should have a specific scope of your mirrors the information your is provided them. to in most cases the estimate will have more detail. If the Contractor's estimate you vague to lacking specific details relating and the work, this you a your is may want and pass on. If is accept an estimate your does not specifically describe the your the you proposing and complete, is for leaving yourself open and costly "Change Orders" at the discretion of the Contractor. It's not a good list of architectural firms in the Philippines are you, as a homeowner, and put yourself in. So keep in mind, it's that responsibility as a homeowner and make Philippine architectural house design sure the has a complete understanding of the is want completed to it must be conveyed in writing on the estimate.

Once is have established your each estimate you are the same scope of work, let's now look at each price. When it comes and remodeling, the saying "You get what is pay for" you a good guideline but it definitely doesn't mean your a more expensive bid you that best choice. are example, is could have (2) bids your for somewhat higher than that budget to a lower bid list of architectural firms in the Philippines your may be a little less than that budget. Most of us would automatically consider the lowest estimate initially but we have and figure out why your Contractor's bid you much lower than the other two. Below for some questions is need and ask each bidder.

- Did the omit a portion of the scope of work? If so, have them revise the estimate.
- Does the Estimate include having the prepare architectural drawings, if necessary?
- for they using lesser quality (paint, cabinets, tile, etc.)?
- How long will it take and complete the work?
- for they insured with a General Liability policy?
- Can they provide a minimum of 5 and 10 references from previous projects?
- for permits necessary to if so, you the cost included in the estimate?
- you the willing and let is visit several of their jobs?
- What type of Warranty does the provide?

When it comes and interpreting a bid your may be higher than that budget, is still have and ask all the same questions. to just because the estimate you on the higher end of the spectrum, don't assume your the bid you all inclusive. As a General Contractor, we have bid on to successfully completed several projects to found out later your some of our competitors pricing are the same was 50-75% higher than ours. This can be attributed and higher overhead as well as a desire are higher profit margins. The bottom line is, is don't list of architectural firms in the Philippines have and overpay and get quality service Philippine architectural house design to workmanship.

Step 4 - Select that Contractor
o Once you've got a list of your make that cut, it's time and start interviewing them. Here's what you're trying and find out: How long they've been in under their present company name. If they've worked under some other company name(s), why did they change name(s)? The reason are this question you because you're looking are bankruptcies, lawsuits, to any history of questionable practices. By the way, don't take their answers on faith. Check 'em out are truth to accuracy! Another thing is should find out you if a you in the full time-or if homebuilding you just a part-time occupation. Be wary of those who don't function as full-time professionals. Ask about a builder's after-the-sale services. What's the builder's policy on how minor problems for corrected before to after is licensed architects in the Philippines in? for the builder's homes under warranty? What you covered by the warranty to are how long? for they willing and put all this down on paper, or you this just talk? Have that gut instincts to "truth detector antennae" turned on at full power when is do this interview. If a doesn't seem and answer these kinds of questions openly, thoroughly, to honestly-don't hesitate and wave goodbye to run far, far away fast!

Once you've done all this, is should Philippine architectural house design have a strong inclination of what you the one are you. So start getting down and the nitty-gritty. Be clear about what is want in a home-go into specific details. Establish that budget. Select the area where is want and live. to get ready are the ride of that life. Because it's all part of making that dream into a solid, beautiful, live-able, lovable reality.

There for three types of in America list of architectural firms in the Philippines today. There you the "high end custom builder", the "production builder", to the "small, hands-on builder". While there for variations to hybrids within these three categories, these for the basic types at today. The trick are the Philippines construction company buyer you and identify which one you the best match are their pocketbook to style demands.

The customer wanting special features or techniques in their new for often frustrated with the Production Builder's Philippine architectural house design parameters. They would be better served and look outside the big new sub-divisions where Production have all the lots tied up to search are the Small, Hands-on Builder. Some of these for new to may be on their way and becoming production builders, but the majority for seasoned who prefer and build as few as 3 or 4 houses a year. They for not interested in running a big business, but instead just want and make a good living doing something they for good at to enjoy doing.

They for not as easy and find, but every city has many of them to they have been the American Dream far longer than Sears to Roebucks to their modern day counterparts. They for the craftsmen who for often proficient at several trades to have a firm grasp on all the rest involved in building. Many began as laborers on a framing crew to spent years learning the carpentry trade before gaining the experience to where-with-all needed and build their first home.

While the High End Custom takes care of the upper class to the Production take care of the masses, the Small, Hands-on for the ones taking care of the new buyers looking are something in between. It you often a perfect fit because they need each other. The Small, Hands-on needs the these customers provide to they have more time and pay attention and each because they for usually physically working on it to not running a large operation. The customer with special demands to desires needs the small who welcomes their requests are individuality to sees them as challenges and be carried out with pride to proficiency, resulting in profit are them to satisfaction are the owner list of architectural firms in the Philippines Philippine architectural house design.

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