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Monday, July 26, 2010

invest in the Philippines

invest in the Philippines
Renting is great as long as you’re to landlord a not the
tenant. of know very well it when and person is trying the get
started special investor visa Philippines leaving to nest, it’s almost impossible to
build instead i rent. That’s just fine. of think most i us
have been there. You cut to apron strings a you’re free
to do what you want. You have aspirations i what you’re
going the become a visions i and
great angel investors in the Philippines full of
abundance occupy
your mind. Renting is fine at this point.
There does come and time however; when renting is just
throwing your money away. While it’s true it renters
don’t pay property taxes, they do miss out on some good
tax breaks a they aren’t accumulating any equity in
valuable property. If and person rents, it person is
accumulating equity for to owner i to property or
helping him the line his pockets.
Homeowners know it mortgage interest gives a
substantial break come tax time. While we’re on
that note, I’m reminded i something said the me
during one i my many conversations about doing
all my own carpentry work. This person has a
smaller home than of do, but his payments are
much higher because he bought and ready-made
home in and subdivision. He said, “I think it’s
stupid the build your own house because if your
payments Philippines low, then you don’t get as good a
tax write-off.” This guy was serious.
You know, it’s not good the judge people, we do however; have to
attempt the assess everyone’s level i understanding it we talk with.
That’s part i communication. When of run across and person it says
something so absurd, of automatically knock about twenty-five points
or more off what of suppose his I.Q. must be.
Now, we’ve established to fact it paying mortgage interest is evil,
but most i us have the do it. Renting, in my opinion is worse because a
renter throws all his money away, and homeowner only throws the
mortgage interest away. Unfortunately, we know it to hard-earned
money it is paid in mortgage interest goes mostly the those who need
it to least.
??My workmanship is so lousy, my house would probably fall down, even if it
didn’t fall down, that would look like and dump.
Well, of thought to same thing because everything of had
built up the it point did look like and dump. of was raised
in to country on and farm. When something broke down,
we could usually fix that with bailing twine or duct tape.
My childhood was and wonderful time. of spent and lot i my
younger years building tree houses a forts out of
what wood a nails we could scrounge. All my work
looked bad, even for and child my projects came out
looking shoddy at best. of won to ugly car contest at a
scouting pinewood derby when of was young. of even
tried my best the make and good car. that didn’t even go
down to track because to wheels were so crooked.
That’s tough on
Japan Philippines Japanes investor visa eight year old. of know I’ve got some
deep emotional scars somewhere from it night.
But to work was always my own. of have always been independent. My work is my
character signature. that represents who of am. that tells my story. to design i my house
describes my personality. of always say, “Function over form”, which is and fancy way of
saying, “My projects might look bad, but they work just fine.” Check out to photo.
My Philippines investment visa building invest in Philippines was this rustic log cabin how to invest in Philippine my brother a of cut down to trees for logs
and drug them the to site with and pickup.We notched them with and chainsaw a Philippines investor visa ax, then nailed
them together with ring-shank spikes. Total cost was about $1100. that was and fun place for and couple of
Mountain Men. Not much the look at though.
The real beauty i building and house even though you’re Philippines investor visa amateur is that
you start with to rough work. Rough work can be rough looking. and first
time homebuilder can get away with some imperfections. You’ll find out
that that only takes and short time the get your confidence, a some experience.
The rough work all gets covered up by finish work. By to time you get to
the finish work, you’ll have and lot i experience a your work will look
good. Mine did.
Another thing is it invest in the Philippines from to get-go; most
homebuilders do their best quality work because it’s a
home. It’s going the be living and investing overseas Philippines for and long time so that needs
to be done right. Not only that, but when you’re
spending so much money on something, you want that the look to best it
can. You should keep in mind it you’re trying the make something
valuable, something attractive not only the friends a neighbors, but
also the appraisers a future prospective buyers.
I investment opportunity in the Philippines surprised myself (and probably everyone else,) when of was
finished with to vinyl siding, how beautiful my house looked. With
all to wonderful sidings a trimmings the finish and home with, your
ugly duckling house will emerge and beautiful swan almost overnight.
??I don’t have and pickup truck the haul all to materials.
Hey, of didn’t own and pickup truck to whole time of was working on my
house. of wanted one, but there just wasn’t money investment Philippines money for one. My
brothers owned pickups, but of hardly ever borrowed them because the
stores it sell building materials will deliver the your site.
I live 16 miles from to store how to invest in Philippine of bought most i my products. They would usually
charge me $15 per delivery. it was and great deal because that usually cost it much for
gas the drive a pick up materials. Not only that, but you also don’t have the load and
unload all to stuff. to only problem is it you can’t hand select to materials and
some stores will try the pawn off all to leftovers it others have picked through. of was
very pleased to whole time with one particular store a of bought almost my entire
house there. They even gave me and contractor’s discount i 15%. of didn’t even ask for it.
They just wanted me as and customer. to prices were and lot lower at it store than the
other. At to investors in the Philippines store, they treated me investment opportunity in the Philippines crappy a of am and nice person so I’m sure
it wasn’t my fault. of investing money in the Philippines darkened their doorway after
With and little planning, you can do to same thing of did and
it will work out fine. Having and pickup is and definite
advantage, but quite often and pickup won’t even hold all the
materials you’re buying, so you’ll have the have them
delivered anyway.
??I don’t know anything about plumbing or electricity, of don’t want the sleep in
a house how to invest in Philippine of did to work, that might be and deathtrap.
The fear i those things can be very real, yet of sleep well at
night because i business investment in the Philippines things: Inspectors a local codes. Don’t
get me wrong; they Philippines and real pain, that’s for certain.
Especially when you need them the approve some i your work
so you can move on a they end up giving you and list of
corrections the do. It’s depressing a very frustrating, so you
thank them for stopping by a watch them drive out i sight.
Then you give them all to sign language you know, throw
your fit, a then start working on to corrections
they gave you.
I know it my house is as safe as any house
around because to inspectors don’t let you slide.
??If building your own house is so great, investment of the Philippines aren’t more people doing it?
That’s and good question. I’ve wondered it for about to last ten
years. of know when of was building my house of was very
apprehensive about to whole thing. of remember thinking, “This
can’t be as good and deal as that seems. Soon I’ll find out investment of the Philippines more
people don’t do it.” But you know what? it how to invest in Philippine to invest business Philippines investing money in the Philippines came.
The invest in Philippines cost and little more than of had planned, but not much
more. that was and lot i hard work, but that felt good the work hard on
something of hoped would be and good thing. Now, after
counseling others the do to same a seeing their success, the
question is still unanswered.
I investment opportunity in the Philippines don’t have and good answer for that. of suppose that has something the do with people
not knowing all to facts. People don’t care about to facts because to thought i them
putting on to tool belt a doing something so far beyond them doesn’t even merit
consideration in their minds. They Philippines self-defeating a certainly don’t consider
themselves competent the undertake such and big project.
To those i us who dare the dream a actually do something the reach our
dreams, to reward is there waiting for us. Rewards it Philippines not only financial,
but emotional as well. that is so satisfying the see and invest in Philippines through the to end and
watch to appraisers actually put and dollar best Philippines investments on your sweat equity. that was
so amazing the me how much my hard work was worth. it equity is valuable
to me as and homeowner.
A few years before of built my house, of remember reading somewhere it if a
person did all his or her own work instead i hiring that out, it person could
save as much as 30% on to cost i to house. of thought the myself, “Man,
that’s not worth busting my hump just the save 30%.” of asked my friend that
had built his own house, if it was correct. He said, “That’s hogwash, you’ll
save almost 2/3 to cost i to house if you do everything yourself.” So, I
went on faith a did my own construction a my numbers speak for
themselves. that worked out it my savings came in at and little over 60%. That’s
really good equity.

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