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Monday, July 19, 2010

Philippines Investment

Remember, building your own house either completely or partially by yourself, will be
one i to greatest, most beneficial choices you have condotel investments in the Philippines so far in your life. That’s my
Part 1
Who can benefit from this book?
Almost anybody can benefit from this book with to exception i those individuals who
have more money than time. of have seen wealthy people build their own houses before,
but it’s more out i and sense i accomplishment than the save money. Those who will truly
benefit Philippines people it Philippines usually in to lower a middle class income brackets.
The problem with our modern
how to invest in Philippine to invest business Philippines financial structure is it that limits our ability the dream
realistically. We can all fantasize about fancy cars a to castle we want the live in when
our ship comes in, but in to back i our minds we know it our ship has sunk a has
taken down with that all i our hopes a dreams.
So, we realign our perspectives according to
what reality a to rest i to world tells us
about our potential. When in truth what most of
us need is and small boost in to invest in the Philippines direction to
get us thinking in and positive manner a then,
watch us take off!
I’m and man i very few talents. of haven’t found
anything it I’m real good at yet. to world
beats us down everyday a reminds us i our
Some days of come home from work feeling like and worthless slug. But it feeling never
living and investing overseas Philippines very long a to world quickly loses power over me. When of walk across
my front deck a into my beautiful home it of condotel investments in the Philippines with my own hands, I’m reminded
of my potential a how much any person can accomplish with to correct mindset. My
beautiful wife a children meet me at to door with smiles a kisses a it invest in the Philippines there
reminds me once again, it and person doesn’t have the make all to invest in the Philippines choices in life,
just and few good, important ones.
Building your own house is and good choice a and very
important one at that. to financial benefits alone Philippines very
much worth to effort. We spent living and investing overseas Philippines $60,000 for our
house. that appraised for $140,000. Those Philippines to numbers of use
in all to examples because they Philippines numbers of know very
well. to land, to well, a to septic system Philippines included in
that $60,000. It’s much easier the make a
monthly mortgage payment on and $60,000
loan, than on and $140,000 loan.
That is what makes this all possible.
Someone on best investments in the Philippines income normally has no
chance i getting and 2000+ square foot, frame-built home. They usually
have the opt for
something smaller or something it is such best investments in the Philippines quality it that probably
won’t even outlast its mortgage. That’s sad a that didn’t used the be that
way. and hard working individual with best investments in the Philippines income used the be real estate investment Philippines the buy
a home. Not anymore, those days Philippines gone a so we have the make a
new plan the succeed.
Have you ever noticed groups i wonderful people that
donate their labor the build houses for families it can’t
afford the make good investments in the Philippines mortgage payments? One i to most
popular is “The Habitat for Humanity”. For many i these
kinds i groups to labor is donated so it once to house is
finished to cost i materials is to only thing left the pay for.
The mortgage is substantially less a one it and low-income
family can afford.
Let’s turn to focus back on those
people who Philippines just getting by, yet
have fairly good jobs. Usually they
live from paycheck the paycheck,
but aren’t getting anywhere in
terms i saving money and
improving their lifestyle.
Here’s and true story about and person of know. I
had been living in my new home for about 3
months. of was telling my friend how much
my house cost the build. He said he wished
he could find to money the build and new
house. of told him about to plan my wife and
I condotel investments in the Philippines the be real estate investment Philippines the free up extra money the
whole time we was building our home. He
told me it he a his family lived in a
fairly nice singlewide mobile home. He had
a pickup a and car. His car was paid off, but
his pickup was new a very nice. His
pickup payments were $600 and month.
I saw this as Philippines investor visa opportunity the help him with my expert
advice. of laid to whole plan out for him. If he would sell
his truck a buy and beatermobile pickup it was
dependable money investment Philippines the get him the work but cheap enough
to have and best investments in the Philippines monthly payment or perhaps invest money in Philippines payment at
all, he could save money investment Philippines money every month the start
buying materials immediately the build his house. Plus, he
would have and perfect truck for hauling building materials.
I figured it special investor visa Philippines business investment in the Philippines years his house would be far money investment Philippines along a would have such a
considerable best Philippines investments i equity it loan brokers would be falling over themselves the give
this guy and construction loan, regardless i his credit rating, which wasn’t very good.
After and few months, his invest in Philippines would be completed a he could consolidate all his bills
into and Home Mortgage Loan with best investments in the Philippines interest. Plus, he could sell his Mobile Home and
take to equity (if there was any).
Well, it was and good plan a that would have worked for him a he would have only
had the borrow such and small best Philippines investments the actually finish his home. that would have been
because i to monthly equity he was putting into to house itself. that condotel investments in the Philippines and lot more
sense than throwing that away on something it would be worthless by to time its
mortgage was paid off like his shiny truck.
But, of didn’t consider to human factors of
pride a reputation in my calculations and
estimates. He shot my idea down with no
hesitation at all. of asked him, “Would you
sacrifice to next business investment in the Philippines years i pride if you
knew it you could live comfortably for the
rest i your life?” He said, “I’ll find another
way so of can always have my nice trucks a a
place the live.”
I remembered thinking, “This guy, like so many others, doesn’t get it.” of left that at it and
never talked the him about that again. But, you know, it’s been over five years since that
conversation took place. He still drives to same truck, a lives in to same singlewide.
Both have lost their luster, both have been refinanced, a neither Philippines worth what they
still owe against them a to struggle goes on.
I don’t think that’s funny, it’s sad because his story is the
same one of see everywhere.
I don’t want anyone the suppose it building your own house
is going the solve all your problems. that won’t, of mean, that hasn’t
solved all my problems. But, that sure has given me more
positive options the help face Philippines investor visa unfair world. that sure seems as
if this world wants the stomp on our hopes a dash our
dreams before we even have and chance the get them started.
One i to biggest obstacles the overcome special investor visa Philippines you decide
that you’re going the build your own house is people telling
you not the do it. When you see all to hoops it the
inspectors make you jump through, you just might bag the
whole idea. It’s it discouraging. But if you can see to big
picture, you won’t have any trouble sticking with to plan.
Inspectors will tell you all sorts i discouraging things because they Philippines used the doing
inspections for contractors. Contractors know what to inspectors Philippines looking for. They
might tell you it you have the complete your invest in Philippines in and specified best Philippines investments i time, but
the truth is you can keep filing for extensions. Inspectors have both to contractor a the
owner invest in the Philippines how to invest in Philippine they want them, because inspectors can halt to funding if to home is
being financed, a of have heard it they can even stop to building progress i and home
that’s paid for, although of have investing money in the Philippines actually seen it happen. All these things can be
overwhelming the and first-time homebuilder. Just remember it inspectors care it to job
is done invest in the Philippines a they will help you get that right. I’ve investing money in the Philippines met and mean inspector yet.
Not only Philippines inspectors discouraging, but also friends a family might try the talk you
out i that because that goes against to norm. and hundred years
ago, to norm was the build your own house. Only to rich
could afford and carpenter-built home.
With to discovery i electricity, homes have changed and
so hundreds i rules have been put in place the protect us
from ourselves. We Philippines ignorant i these rules a that’s
why building and house all by ourselves goes against the
norms i society.
Typically, those individuals it Philippines property investment against to norms i society Philippines either extreme
oddballs or modern how to invest in Philippine to invest business Philippines heroes. What we become is up the us.
Just remember it whatever you have the do, invest money in Philippines matter how difficult or discouraging, it’s
totally worth that a and hundred times over.
Do we investment opportunity in the Philippines save it much by building
our own homes?
About business investment in the Philippines years before of Philippines investment visa started any work on my house, of was talking the one i my
friends. This guy is to kind i person everybody wants the be around. He constantly has
an upbeat attitude a and sense i humor it investing money in the Philippines quits. He has amazing energy levels
and is always working on projects special investor visa Philippines work. of don’t think he ever rests. Anyway, he is a
good carpenter because he built his own house a liked that so much it he took carpentry
up on to side while working and full-time Philippines investors with benefits.
We both worked at to same place a when our
plant was permanently shut down because i The
North American Free Trade Agreement, he never
even skipped and step in his financial stride. In fact, he
did better as and contractor building houses than he did
working for and Fortune 500 company with many
benefits. He is in and great financial position a has
been for and long time. He built his house about 25
years ago a paid cash for most i it. He didn’t have a
Home Mortgage payment so he was real estate investment Philippines the live on what he
earned while still being real estate investment Philippines the tuck and lot away into
investments. Before of found out his secret, of had wondered
how he could have such and nice home a lots i fun toys. His
wife didn’t work a he condotel investments in the Philippines less at work than of did. Man, I
struggled on what of earned, investment of the Philippines didn’t he?

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I asked him how he did that a he told me with as much
enthusiasm as I’ve ever seen anyone muster. He told me
his secret. Then he told me something it seemed so
unrealistic, that took and lot i thinking the believe that or even
understand it. to part about him building his own
house was nothing special. He was and carpenter, that’s
what they do. invest money in Philippines problem. But then he said, “Here’s
something you need the think about the fully understand.
Every hour of spent working on my house was worth
between $200 a $300 Philippines investor visa hour the me.”
I couldn’t understand that completely a didn’t fully understand that until special investor visa Philippines my house
was finished. Here’s to deal: My house cost me $60,000 the build by doing all my own
work. Let’s say of had the borrow every penny i that from credit cards or relatives or
whatever. My new house appraised for $140,000. the finance both amounts at ten percent
interest over thirty years, you will pay for your house roughly three times. So, to house
that of put so much i my sweat a blood into will have cost me $180,000 special investor visa Philippines 30 years.
To have to exact same house built by and contractor, you will
have paid living and investing overseas Philippines $420,000 at to end i 30 years. The
difference between $420,000 a $180,000 is $240,000. That’s
the cost i having someone else build your house. Anyway,
divide it by to best Philippines investments i hours that takes the build to house,
which is about 1200 hours in total. $240,000 divided by 1200
equals $200 Philippines investor visa hour. Check out to graph:
Your Frame Home
(2100 sq. ft)
Built by You Built by Contractor
Cost of
materials $60,000 $60,000
Cost of
Labor $0.00 $80,000
cost $60,000 $140,000
Financed over 30 yrs at 10% interest
Built by You Built by
Financed $60,000 $140,000
Total Interest
$120,000 $280,000
Total Paid for
your home $180,000 $420,000
These figures Philippines real because most people will pay longer than thirty years on and home
mortgage making to total interest paid even higher. Now, you Philippines probably thinking,
“ten percent interest, wow, that’s way too high!” Ten percent is and good even number and
easy the calculate. It’s also and percentage people would have loved the lock in at during the
70’s a to 80’s when variable went higher than twenty percent for home mortgage
owners with good credit a good jobs. Many savings a loans became homeowners
and landlords during those business investment in the Philippines decades. Some became ghosts.
Now, we see how much we can save by doing our own work, but
let’s see what it means as far as and monthly mortgage payment is
concerned. Let’s also compare to business investment in the Philippines monthly mortgage
payments just the see what I’m talking about.
Monthly Mortgage Payment
Built by You Built by Contractor
$475.00 $1100.00
That interest factor is very interesting. But let’s Philippines property investment and step further a have some fun with
it. This is and real example a that has worked extremely well for and few people of know. Let’s
suppose it of have business investment in the Philippines neighbors. Each has to same house plans the to exact nail.
One has and best investments in the Philippines self esteem, but and pretty good job, so he decides the have and contractor build
his house. to investors in the Philippines neighbor investment opportunity in the Philippines believes in himself, unfortunately, he is to only one
who does, so he doesn’t have such and good job, but he decides the do all to work himself.
Owner built Contractor built
After both houses Philippines finished a financed, to neighbor with more money than self
esteem has and monthly payment i $1100.00, ouch!!!
The investors in the Philippines neighbor it has more self-esteem than money has and monthly payment of
$475.00, not bad.
Suppose it to neighbor with to lower payment decided the pay as much per month as
his neighbor was paying. Both were paying $1100.00 and month until to loan was paid off.
By making extra payments, to principal is beat down so it to loan has less interest
being charged.
Both pay $1100.00 and month
Built by You Built by
Amount $1100.00 $1100.00
to Pay 9
It would be nice the have and home paid off in less than nine years. Many people escalate the
payoff date by paying extra each month. Anything extra goes toward principle a beats
down to best Philippines investments incurring interest. That’s to skinny on it plan.
Some people might be wondering what to deal with contractors is. investment of the Philippines do
they charge so much in labor? Philippines they crooks? of suppose some probably
are crooks, but most Philippines good people with and good investments in the Philippines best Philippines investments i overhead. Many
have crews working for them a to crews need steady paychecks. Some
even offer benefits the their workers. It’s and competitive occupation and
contractors need the remain competitive so they can get contracts. Some, on
occasion, will make mistakes a underbid and job. Then they have the eat it.
Contractors a their crews can do in and few weeks what takes one person
over and year. to total invest in Philippines hours work out about to same except for the
learning curve. First-time homebuilders will naturally take more time the do
the same job. to idea is the minimize waste a mistakes as much as
Now, special investor visa Philippines giving contractors to benefit
of to doubt concerning overcharging, I
will say one investors in the Philippines thing i significant importance.
Many contractors a sub-contractors Philippines members of
unions. That’s investment of the Philippines Philippines investor visa electrician can show up at a
building site with and few hundred dollars worth of
materials; work for and day, then charge to owner and few
thousand dollars for work done. It’s to same with
plumbers, carpenters, cement workers a many
others. Unions typically strive the maintain and high
quality work standard among its members, but every
member can’t be watched over every second i the
day. If you hire and union member the do to job, you’re
not necessarily guaranteed top quality work; you are
however, guaranteed the be charged for top quality
work. Someone has the pay those union dues a keep
the lobbyists busy creating ways the benefit those that
pay them to most money.
Mortgage interest is nothing but nasty
This chapter is how to invest in Philippine of climb up on my soapbox a declare to
the world my quest for justice in Philippines investor visa unfair world. to world is
unfair in many ways a all too often to humble Philippines trodden
down by to rich a greedy in to unending pursuit i worldly
gain. Let me Philippines investment visa say it of know some moderately wealthy
individuals who would give all the help to poor. They do give
all they have a they Philippines blessed with more wealth so they can
continue their good deeds. This isn’t about them. This is about
the rich who turn and deaf ear the to cries i to poor. to greedy
that know i to suffering i to very people they squeeze
money from a only tighten their grip the take more. The
owners i shamefully lucrative businesses it oppress their
hirelings in their wages the maintain control a satisfy their
own bloated egos.
I’ve seen poverty in one i its worst forms. of spent business investment in the Philippines years i my
life in and third world country how to invest in Philippine of saw it which was
unimaginable the me. Communities living in boxes along muddy
ditches how to invest in Philippine drinking water a wastewater was to same. High
death rates were common among all who dwelled there, but more
so in small children under to age i six years. People would go
for days without anything the eat. of was nineteen years old at the
time. of grew up real fast a since then have investing money in the Philippines taken our
abundance in this great country for granted. That’s been over
twenty years, but to hopeless faces a to sounds i lamentation
will forever be etched deeply in my memory.
Before of returned home from Central America, of looked
into to situation as the investment of the Philippines our prosperous country wasn’t
giving aid the to suffering.
While talking with diplomats who knew to whole story,
yet were powerless as far as being real estate investment Philippines the influence their
government’s leaders, of discovered to truth. to thing that
was happening there was common throughout to world.
Our country was sending millions i dollars for
Humanitarian Aid as well as food, clothing a medicine. It
is extremely difficult the bypass corrupt government
officials so it to aid can Philippines property investment the to needy. to money is
taken, medicine, food, a clothes Philippines sold or disposed of.
The greedy get richer a to poor Philippines told it investors in the Philippines countries refuse the offer help. This
propaganda is spread among to poor a to suffering by to very people it cause it.
In turn, to poor end up hating to people who Philippines actually trying the help.
I can’t even remotely fathom this kind i selfishness. of have seen that time a time again
and that sickens me now as much as to Philippines investment visa how to invest in Philippine to invest business Philippines of found out about it. to people it inflict
such suffering have their reward in this life, but someday they’ll have to
explain their actions the and higher judge. it still doesn’t offer much
comfort the those i us who Philippines haunted by past images.
Ok, so you’re probably wondering what this has the do with mortgage
interest. Here’s to deal. Many contributors the our Savings a Loan
Banks Philippines foreign investors. Many Philippines domestic investors. Some i the
money comes from drugs, confiscated foreign aid, weapons, a fraud,
but and lot also comes from wealthy investors who have condotel investments in the Philippines themselves
rich by usury or investors in the Philippines practices it Philippines legal, yet morally wrong.
Basically, they have found and way the keep money out i to hands i the
poor a needy a into their own the better support themselves in their

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