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Friday, December 31, 2010

Philippines Construction: Architects and Contractors

Philippines Construction: Architects and Contractors

Hello, I\'m planning to model houses in the Philippines build a house at the Lakeshore in Pampanga
next year. To give you an idea of the design, I found this plan. Is it possible for you to look at this
house on their website and tell me approximately how much it will cost to build it
there? Of course what you\'ll give me is only an Philippine house designs estimate. I feel I will get a
better estimate from you than doing the math myself. Thanks for your time.

Can I ask how much is the regular price of a complete set of plan?
Would it reach 50 thousand for the complete set of construction companies in the Philippines plan???
What would be the
inclusions of the package. For example the plan is about 250sqm, a bungalow type
with 4BR,2T&B and a garage. What would be the cost and its breakdown.

Hi good day. I checked your modern houses in the Philippines website today. We do have plans to build
a house. Total land area is 251 sq meters only, we decided on a 2 storey, 5 rooms (1
+ maids rm in first floor, 3 on second), 3.5 toilet/bath (1full, 1 half in first
floor, 2 full bath in second flr), kitchen, dining room, living room, entertainment
room laundry room and covered carpark for 1. A little space for flowers and green
plants would be good in front to side of the house design pictures in the Philippines house.

Lot is at the above address.
where our ancestral house Philippine house plans is located now. We\'re thinking of mid \'08 as start date
which will give us ample time to decide on who\'s gonna build it and enough time to
prepare for the finances needed. I understand you need more infos and you need to
check the location and everything before you can give out estimates but if you could
give me sample houses (with more or less same lot area and specifications) that
you\'ve building a house in the Philippines built before with the corresponding prices, that would help us a
lot. And
also, may I ask how many months do you think will it take to finish?
Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hear from you.

I want to have a custom built home builders Philippines home for my family as I have 5 children. I\'m still
the process of reviewing where can we build a home that is in a quiet area but
affordable. Can you build in the Laguna or Tagaytay area? Do you also have an
in-house banking or afiliate with other financing company? Gusto ko po talaga ng
maliki at magandamg bahay pero affordable. The maximum I can spend is $200,000 but
very little money to put down. Any suggestions as to where can we cost of house construction in the
Philippines buy a lot that in
the safe area and yet close to elementary, high school and university, hospitals and

First..allow me to straighten things out. I am local..Filipino born in heart. Been in the US for close to 25
years. I am in the medical house plan Philippines business. My wife being a Physiatrist.. I handle the
business side of our humble operation here in NY. I'm a regular balikbayan. At least vacation there for at
the least 2 times a year. Very involved in Mission work there infact just had an outreach mission sa mga
mangyan ng Mindoro last August. I'm visiting again for a specific purpose and that is to check on possible
investments model houses in the Philippines with floor plan which is for the purpose of fueling a charitable
intent. Will also attend the annual communication of the Philippine association. Therefore, simply looking
into all the possibilities. I really hope and pray na sana something positive can come out of my visit. I'll
keep you posted..and engineer will be my greatest pleasure into sharing me some of your valued time.
Looking forward. Maraming salamat po. May the good lord bless and keep you, your family and your
architect Philippines

house models in the Philippines

Philippine architects

concrete hollow blocks Philippines

house builder Philippines

I'd want to update you on that prospect of a construction companies in Cebu developement for a very
huge market I really strongly believed there was a strong market for an out side the campus. I did my
homework checking until I was able to communicate with alumni officers in the US. Our chapter President
thought he has heard of this but wasn't sure. After a few more links I decided to got down to the root
which was the office of the University president. The secretary responded promising to request the
President to communicate directly which to now hasn't responded. While waiting I thought of going thru a
facultyu insider and there it was...I will forward you his response. picture of houses in the Philippines
Developemnet on-going. Mukhang nahuli tayo.

My husband and I are planning to build our very first home here in Consolacion.
We will be working on a limited budget since we will only use whatever amount the
bank will loan us.
Our lot area is 354 sqm. We wanted a medium sized how much to build a house in the Philippines house
(Zen inspired) for a family
of five. We have 3 small children so we wanted a bigger lawn for them to be used as
We wanted a house that lets in lots of light. The house design should be minimalist
so it\'s easier/faster to build and cost effective too.
How long can you contractors in the Philippines build this kind of house?

I\'am interested to build a residential house in our place. The lot
area is 24mtr.(front along the road)x 18mtr.going back. There is an existing chapel
which is 6mtr.x6mtr. in-line w/ the 24mtr. Philippine homes front measurement. Give me your
choice of design of the lot for a two-story residential house 6bdrs.,4btrms.,w/
terrace then below is the garrage that can be park by two vehicles. time-schedule
summer 2008 and also the price-range,labor &materials. I\'m expecting your immediate

My wife and i will be looking to build Philippine building materials a house within the next 6
months. We are thinking of purchasing a beach front lot on Samal Island just off of
Davao. I would like to know your Per SQM estimate to build a house using ICF and
also using the Wall forms. we are not sure on the design of the house yet or if it
will be one or two stories but if you can give me the estimated swimming pool contractor in the
Philippines cost per SQM then we
can plan accordingly.

I looked at the construction companies in Manila designs , their are a few that i like , i talked to my
husband and he said that one should see first our lot , coz its kinda slopy . my husband is a contractor
here in US , and he said our lot requires a lot of excavation . anyway , we will be in cebu on Nov. 20 . but
if you like you can go and take a look at our lot . actually i have a house in royal cebu Philippine
architecture estate also , my brother lives there . you can take a hold of him if you wanna see our lot .
thank you , and i'll be in touch .

I was wondering if you guys can give me some info if theres any swimming pool contractor in the
Philippines real estate selling in my area Tandag, Surigao del Sur. or if you guys can estimate how much
its gonna cost if i build my own house...bonglow with 3 bedrooms 2 baths and patio, backyard with gate
and yard. please let me know thanks and God Bless!!

I read your article and i am quite interested to your portfolio, i would like to inquire with regard to new
model houses in the Philippines design and build a residential house with 4-5 Bedroom 2 storey comes
with garage and a pool + landscaping Located in San Fernando Pampanga, i have a lot drawn on CAD with
estimated of 266sqm. motiff is Tropical Design. budget required 2-3m. Appreciate your early reply.

The exact location of my lot is, Cavite contractor Philippines. According to some there are many
contractors who are the one financing the said construction of houses are you one of them? it is a two
lots with a total of 280sqm what i want to build is a 4BR 4TB maids room & music room/family room and
a veranda or trellis with this specifications how much is the budget or the total cost?

Am french and i want live in Philippines so i will need your help because i project to construction
companies in the Philippines buy a home or build on a land i already found to Quezon poblacion, but i am
not sure for now.
My major problem is to know if i can buy a home and i am worry too about my visa and of course, how i
can get an account in a filipino bank.
I am here untill 15 jamuary after i return to France, while this time i need to get all informations because i
plan to come back here in april 2007.
My budget for the house (finished) will be about 2 or 3 M php. Depend if i can transfert all my money

Thanks for your response. I am amazed that you respond so timely. My lot is at Robinsons. Is there a
restriction construction company in the Philippines that I should use them or will it be an open forum?
Is there something you can send me via email in the meantime as to average costing for building or
should I bring my plans from here in Australia?
I am due to be at Davao next Tuesday, arriving in Manila on Monday for just a week there. I hope you will
have the time to meet with me. Thanks once again.

I was wondering about if you had list of construction company in the Philippines pictures of houses
ranging from 1-2 million pecos. My land is 16 meters wide & 121 meters long. I would like to see some
bungalo or 2 story that might fit this land. I working overseas right now, but if saw a house plan i would
like to purchase the blueprints, because my wife\'s brother\'s are going to style of houses in the
Philippines build the house.

I would like to get the cost estimate for the following architect Philippines house plan (please click on the
following link to see the house plan), it includes everything you need to know about it (the total area
summary, elevation, lay-out of the house, photos of the house models in the Philippines house, etc...)
I would like to know the total estimate for the whole plan including the backyard (the pool/gazebo and
the sunroom look in the backyard w/the Philippine architects glass surrounding the whole backyard)
all the materials that you need to build this concrete hollow blocks Philippines house.
As of now, we are still looking for a lot to purchase in PI, but we already picked the home plan that we
like. So, if you can please email me back at your earliest convenience with the house builder Philippines
cost estimate.

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