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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fractional Yacht Ownership; Philippines Cruise Charter

Philippines Yachts and Cruises

Why are the 7,107 Philippine Islands perfect for a cruise with a yacht?
- See parts of the Philippines which remain inaccessible by road and usually unseen by the average tourist; private islands, secluded beaches, bays, coves, caves.
- Enjoy the serenity the sea offers.
- See unique plants and animals, sunrises and sunsets.
- Use kayaks, fishing rods and snorkeling equipment where nobody else goes.
- It's the perfect wedding - honeymoon or just a romantic cruise.
- It's your birthday! (or a present for the kids).

Only by 'getting off the beaten path', by getting off the roads and onto the open sea, can one truly experience the beauty and mystery that surrounds each newly discovered island, each new bay and beach, each new sunset experience of being in the Philippines.

A group entrepreneurs from different countries who recognized the huge potential of luxury yacht cruises in the Philippines have started an exciting yacht sales- plus chartering operation ('a private cruise for you and your friends only'), specializing in short 2 to 4 day trips to the most adventurous and unseen parts of the Philippines.

The reason they cater exclusively to the 'customized private cruises' is simply because many people ask for that...

Many tourists want to break free from the 'dull chartering/cruising experience where everything is predictable' and Europe nor the Carribean can offer the unique- mysterious- excitement filled adventure found only in the Philippines:
- Coral-fringed uninhabited "Robinson Crusoe" islands which are home to wonders enough to stagger even the most jaded traveller.
- Underground rivers, soaring limestone towers and cascading waterfalls.

But more than just stunning natural scenery, it's the people of the Philippines that visitors find unforgettable - Filipinos form a mosaic that reflects the islands' rich and varied nature.

The Company is awaiting the Grand Launch of its yachts sale- plus cruises business upon the delivery of a brand new 50' Fairline Squadron, its "Flagship" vessel, the completion of which is anticipated for October 2011. This yacht will be added to the fleet of smaller vessels which will be used for day charters.

At this moment the group is finalizing details and discussions with investors, interested yacht captains and other specialists who might wish to join their team - for the anticipated growing market in the coming years.

What is also unique in their approach is the (optional) implementation of the growing popularity of 'Fractional Ownership' which is a concept that can be successfully applied to "any asset which is not frequently used"; like a yacht.

Most people probably only use the yacht for a few weeks per year; so why buying one (with all the hassle and expenses) while you could also buy a yacht together with some other people?
This is called 'Fractional Yacht Ownership'.

As a 'fractional owner' you become shareholder in the LLC that owns the yacht; your group is able to buy a much bigger yacht than you could ever afford alone plus it is cheaper than chartering.

For example; the cost of a yacht cruise in the Philippines for 6 persons for one week with a 50-feet private yacht (plus captain and crew) might roughly be only US$ 7,000 if you are one of the Fractional Owners. Now compare that with the US$ 15,000 you pay for a one week charter with the same yacht...

Benefits of Fractional Yachting in the Philippines:
- No more hassles, responsibilities of individual yacht ownership; scheduling, administration, insurance, maintenance, service, training, regular cleaning, catering, transportation, captain's services, crew etc. are all professionally handled.
- Benefits of an investment, direct income from charters, and the tax advantages of depreciating a major asset.
- The liabilities and expenses of maintenance are shared across a small group of owners.
- Your yacht can optional be leased to a Cruise Company which will offer cruises (charters) in the Philippines for approximately 20 weeks annually and the revenue/cash flow will go to the fractional owners; you.

(By the way; a minimum investment of US$ 50,000 in a Philippine Cruise Company would immediately entitle the investor to obtain a SIRV (Philippines Special Investor’s Resident Visa) which offers many incentives.)

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Fractional Yacht Ownership in the Philippines

The rather new concept of 'fractional yacht ownership' will also make it's entree in the Philippines soon; here is some background information plus the benefits of fractional ownership in a yacht compared with buying or chartering one.

Why is the Philippines an obvious location for yachts? Because it's almost a necesity; there are 7,107 islands and if you really want to enjoy the unspoiled beautifull nature on most of those islands you don't have many other options
than yachting.

A group of foreign investors is now setting up a fractional yacht business in the Philippines to prepare for the increasing demand for a power boat, a sailing yacht or a sportfishing yacht.

Many tourists spend US$ 15,000 for a one-week Philippine yacht rental (charter a luxury 50-feet private boat including crew etc.) while that might only cost US$ 7,000 through 'fractional boat leasing'...

When you enter a fractional yacht program you become shareholder in the LLC that owns the yacht which means that it is possible to buy a much bigger boat.

And all those things that need to be arranged like schedule a cruise, administration, insurance, maintenance, service, training, cleaning, food, captain and crew are all taken care of by the fractional yacht management (depending on the contract).

Fractional boat shares (not the same like time share) can make your yacht travel experience affordable.

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