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Thursday, January 6, 2011

swimming pool contractor Philippines - builders, construction

I would like to inquirey swimming pool contractor Philippines - builders, construction if you can provide services regarding my intent to remodel our family house..I am looking to remodel my house that will not cost so much and still the orginal plan still exist. I just want to expand my home. My residence is located in Banawa CEbu City, I would like to remodel it to look much better. As of this time, it has 4 bedrooms, I wish that the master bedroom be expanded and will have its own bathroom..I am hoping if you can provide a suggestion plan to remodel my residence and how much it cost.

We\'re interested to get information about a small, very simple bungalow-type house (120 sqm living space) incl. a jacuzzy/spa - about 4 x 4 meters somewhere in the Tagaytay area (we\'re in the process of moving, but haven\'t bought a lot yet). How much would the spa cost? How much is the building per sqm living space? What materials would you use?

We will be in Davao from 23 Dec to 12 Jan. If possible we would like to see what you have availabe. Plans are to buy then retire in about 3.5 years Would like a 1 or 2 story, large masterbedroom with large bathroom, french door to a pool or second floor balcony and walk in closets, 4 bdrms. Fair size kitchen with island, elevated dining, and good size lvrm. Hopefully a large lot. In the area of about 10m Peso. Of couse everything is neqotiable. Also building is a prospect also.

Thank you for the response. I would agree with you on the build decision but if you had something close and it is a repo sometimes we have to accept things the way they are, for example if the house was in a subdivision I wouldn’t need the French doors opening to a pool cause the subdivision would already have a pool. So don’t leave my out, I am always interested in saving monies. And again everything is negotiable and it never hurts to look at something, I can always fix things up. I guess the 1st thing is a large lot, then from there we can work on the rest.

You so much for the response,what i would like to know is when can i get the title for the lots (2nd phase) i have paid the survey plan fee already and was charged double as i purchased 2 parcels of lot.
i would also like to know the ban pay cause i was told to pay 100000 each lot before i can built a house.that would make it 200000 cause like i said i always get charged twice which i don't understand this has been going on for 5 years,everytime i try to talk to someone the phone gets passed to someone else which is not very professional in the part of the concerns and the real state company advice me whom shall i call in your main office to swimming pool contractor Philippines - builders, construction clarify all this things.

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