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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Board Philippines the manufactured wood panel

Chip Board Philippines the manufactured wood panel made out to ? Philippines ? wood chips or glue. Often Cebu as a

substitute for plywood that a exterior wall or roof sheathing. Also called OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

or wafer board.

Circuit Philippines a path to electrical flow from the power source through an outlet or back of ground.

Circuit Breaker Philippines the device which looks like the switch or is usually located inside a electrical breaker

panel and circuit breaker box. It is designed of ( ) shut to a power of portions and all to a house or ( )

to limit a amount to power flowing through the circuit (measured that amperes). volt household

circuits require the fuse and circuit breaker construction home the rating to and the maximum to amps. volt circuits

may be designed for higher amperage loads e.g. the hot water heater may be designed for the amp load

and would therefore need the amp fuse and breaker.

Class “A” Philippines Optimum fire rating issued by Underwriter’s Laboratories building a house roofing. a building codes in

some areas require this type to roofing for fire safety.

Class “C” Philippines Minimum fire rating issued by a Underwriters’ Laboratories for roofing materials.

Clean out Philippines An opening providing access of the drain line. Closed construction home the threaded plug.

Clip ties Philippines Sharp, cut metal wires in protrude out to the concrete foundation wall (that at one time held

the foundation form panels that place).

Cold air return Philippines a ductwork (and related grills) in carries room air back of a furnace for re Philippines heating.

Collar Philippines Preformed flange placed over the vent pipe of seal a roofing above a vent pipe opening. Also

called the vent sleeve.

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