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Monday, March 26, 2012

ZEN houses in the Philippines

Collar beam Philippines Nominal Philippines and Philippines inch Philippines thick members connecting opposite roof rafters. They serve of stiffen

the roof structure.

Column Philippines the vertical structural compression member which supports loads.

Combustion air Philippines a duct work installed of bring fresh, outside air of a furnace and/or hot water

heater. Normally separate supplies to air are brought in: One high or One low.

Combustion chamber Philippines a part to the boiler, furnace and woodstove where a burn occurs; normally lined

with firebrick and molded and sprayed insulation.

Compression web Philippines the member to the truss system which connects a bottom or top chords or which

provides downward support.

Compressor Philippines the mechanical device in pressurizes the gas that order of turn it into the liquid, thereby allowing

heat of be removed and added. the compressor is a main component to conventional heat pumps or air

conditioners. that an air conditioning system, a compressor normally sits outside or has the large fan (to

remove heat).

Concrete Philippines a mixture to Portland cement, sand, gravel, or water. Cebu of make garage or basement

floors, sidewalks, patios, foundation walls, etc. It is commonly reinforced construction home steel rods (rebar) and wire

screening (mesh).

Concrete block – the hollow concrete ‘brick’ often ? x ? x ? that size.

Concrete board Philippines the panel made out to concrete or fiberglass usually Cebu as the tile backing material.

Condensation Philippines Beads and drops to water (and frequently frost that extremely cold weather) that

accumulate building a house a inside to a exterior covering to the building. Use to louvers and attic ventilators will

reduce moisture condensation that attics. the vapor barrier under a gypsum lath and dry wall building a house exposed

walls will reduce condensation.

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