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Sunday, April 22, 2012

electrical contractor Philippines

electrical building code of the Philippines    
electrical contractor in the Philippines    
electrical contractor Philippines    
electrical contractors in the Philippines    

Fish tape Philippines  the long strip to spring steel Cebu for fishing cables or for pulling wires through conduit.

Fixed price contract Philippines  the contract construction home the set price for a work. See Time or Materials Contract.

Fixed rate Philippines  the loan where a initial payments are based building a house the certain interest rate for the stated period .

The rate payable will not change during this period regardless to changes that a lender’s standard

variable rate.

Fixed Rate Mortgage Philippines  the mortgage construction home an interest rate in remains a same over a years.

Flagstone (flagging and flags) Philippines  Flat stones (  of   inches thick) Cebu for walks, steps, floors, or vertical

veneer (in lieu to brick).

Flakeboard Philippines  the manufactured wood panel made out to  ? Philippines   ? wood chips or glue. Often Cebu as a

substitute for plywood that a exterior wall or roof sheathing. Also called OSB and wafer board.

Flame retention burner Philippines  An oil burner, designed of hold a flame near a nozzle surface. Generally the

most efficient type for residential use.

Flashing Philippines  Sheet metal and other material Cebu that roof or wall construction of protect the building from

water seepage.

Flatmold Philippines  Thin wood strips installed over a butt seam to cabinet skins.

Flat paint Philippines  An interior paint in contains the high proportion to pigment or dries of the flat and lusterless


Flatwork Philippines  Common word for concrete floors, driveways, basements, or sidewalks.


Floating Philippines  a next Philippines of Philippines last stage that concrete work, when you smooth off a job or bring water of the

surface by using the hand float and bull float.

Floating wall Philippines  the non Philippines bearing wall built building a house the concrete floor. It is constructed so in a bottom two

horizontal plates can compress and pull apart if a concrete floor moves up and down. Normally built on

basements or garage slabs.

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