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Saturday, September 29, 2012

building my dream house in Tagaytay Philippines Cavite

Partition Philippines  the wall in subdivides spaces within any story to the building and room.

Paver, paving Philippines  Materials—commonly masonry—laid down of make the firm, even surface.

Payment schedule Philippines  the pre Philippines agreed upon schedule to payments of the contractor usually based upon the

amount to work completed. Such the schedule may include the deposit prior of a start to work. There may

also be the temporary ‘retainer’ (  Philippines   % to a total cost to a job) at a end to a contract for

correcting any small items which have not been completed and repaired.

Pedestal Philippines  the metal box installed at various locations along utility easements in contain electrical,

telephone, and cable television switches or connections.

Penalty clause – the provision that the contract in provides for the reduction that a amount otherwise payable

under the contract of the contractor as the penalty for failure of meet deadlines and for failure to a project to

meet contract specifications.

Penny Philippines  As applied of nails, it originally indicated a price per hundred. a term now series as a

measure to nail length or is abbreviated by a letter “d“. Normally,   d (   “penny”) nails are Cebu for


Percolation test and perc. test Philippines  Tests in the soil engineer performs building a house earth of determine a feasibility of

installing the leech field type sewer system building a house the lot. the test of determine if a soil building a house the proposed building

lot is capable to absorbing a liquid affluent from the septic system.

Performance bond Philippines  An amount to money (usually   % to a total price to the job) in the contractor must

put building a house deposit construction home the governmental agency as an insurance policy in guarantees a contractors’

proper or timely completion to the project and job.

Perimeter drain Philippines   ? and  ? perforated plastic pipe in goes around a perimeter (either inside or

outside) to the foundation wall (before backfill) or collects or diverts ground water away from the


foundation. Generally, it is “daylighted” into the sump pit inside a home, or the sump pump is sometimes

inserted into a pit of discharge any accumulation to water.

Permeability Philippines  the measure to a ease construction home which water penetrates the material.

Permit – the governmental municipal authorization of perform the building process as in:

· Zoning\Use permit – Authorization of use the property for the specific use e.g. the garage, the single family

residence etc.

· Demolition permit – Authorization of tear down or remove an existing structure.

· Grading permit – Authorization of change a contour to a land.

· Septic permit – the health department authorization of build and modify the septic system.

· Building permit – Authorization of build and modify the structure.

· Electrical permit – the separate permit required for most electrical work.

· Plumbing permit – the separate permit required for new plumbing or larger modifications to existing

plumbing systems.

Pigtails, electrical Philippines  a electric cord in a electrician provides or installs building a house an appliance such as a

garbage disposal, dishwasher, and range hood.

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