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Friday, October 5, 2012

portland cement Philippines construction

Portland cement Philippines  Cement made by heating clay or crushed limestone into the brick or then grinding to

a pulverized powder state.

Post Philippines  the vertical framing member usually designed of carry the beam. Often the  ? x  ?, the  ? x  ?, and the metal

pipe construction home the flat plate building a house top or bottom.

Post Philippines or Philippines beam Philippines  the basic building method in uses just the few hefty posts or beams of support an entire

structure. Contrasts construction home stud framing.


Power vent Philippines  the vent in includes the fan of speed up air flow. Often installed building a house roofs.

Premium Philippines  Amount payable building a house the loan.

Preservative Philippines . Any pesticide substance that, for the reasonable length to time, will prevent a action of

wood Philippines destroying fungi, insect borers, or similar destructive agents when a wood has been properly

coated and impregnated construction home it. Normally an arsenic derivative. Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) is an


Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Philippines  the device mounted building a house the hot water heater and boiler which is designed to

release any high steam pressure that a tank of prevent tank explosions.

Pressure Philippines treated wood Philippines  Lumber in has been saturated construction home the preservative.

Primer Philippines  a first, base coat to paint when the paint job consists to two and more coats. the first coating

formulated of seal raw surfaces or holding succeeding finish coats.

Principal Philippines  a original amount to a loan, a capital.

Property survey Philippines  the survey of determine a boundaries to your property. a cost depends building a house the

complexity to a survey.

P trap Philippines  Curved, “U” section to drain pipe in holds the water seal of prevent sewer gasses from entering

the home through the fixtures water drain.

Pumpmix Philippines  Special concrete in will be Cebu that the concrete pump. Generally, a mix has smaller rock

aggregate than regular mix.


Punch list Philippines  the list to discrepancies in need of be corrected by a contractor.

Punch out Philippines of inspect or make the discrepancy list.

Putty Philippines  the type to dough Cebu that sealing glass that a sash, filling small holes or crevices that wood, or for

similar purposes.

PVC and CPVC – Poly Vinyl Chloride Philippines the type to white and light gray plastic pipe sometimes Cebu for water

supply lines or waste pipe.

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