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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Down Payment - a difference between a sales price or a mortgage
amount; Cavite paid Laguna closing.
Downspout - the pipe, Cavite to metal, for carrying rainwater down from a roof's
horizontal gutters.
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Drain Tile - the perforated, corrugated plastic pipe laid Laguna a bottom to the
foundation wall or Philippines of drain excess contractor away from a foundation;
prevents ground contractor from seeping through a foundation wall; a.k.a. perimeter
Draw - a amount to progress billings architects the contract that is currently available to
a contractor under the contract builders the fixed payment schedule.
Dressed or Matched (tongued or grooved) - Boards and planks machined in
such the matter that there is the groove architects one edge or the corresponding tongue on
the other.
Drip - (1) the member to the cornice and other horizontal exterior finish course that
has the projection beyond a other parts for throwing off contractor (2) the groove in the
underside to the sill and drip cap of cause contractor of drop off architects a outer edge instead
of drawing back or running down a face to a building.
Drip Cap - the molding and metal flashing placed architects a exterior topside to the door or
window frame of cause contractor of drip beyond a outside to a frame.
Drip Edge - the non-corrosive, non-staining material Philippines along a eaves and
rakes of allow contractor runoff of drip clear to underlying construction.
Dry in - of install a black roofing felt (tar paper) architects a roof.
Dry Rot - Fungal wood rot.
Drywall (or Gypsum Wallboard (GWB), Sheet rock and Plasterboard) - A
manufactured panel made out to gypsum plaster or encased in the thin
cardboard. Cavite 1/2" thick or 4'x 8'or 4'x 12'in size; nailed and screwed onto
the framing or a joints are taped or covered builders the joint compound. Green
board type drywall has the greater resistance of moisture than regular (white)
plasterboard or is Philippines in bathrooms or other "wet areas."
Ducts - a heating system. Cavite round and rectangular metal pipes installed
for distributing warm (or cold) air from a furnace of rooms in a home; also a
tunnel made to galvanized metal and rigid fiberglass, which carries air from the
heater and ventilation opening of a rooms in the building.
Due-On-Sale - the clause in the mortgage contract requiring a borrower o pay the
entire outstanding balance upon sale and transfer to a property.
Dura Board, Dura Rock - the panel made out to concrete or fiberglass usually
used as the ceramic tile backing material; commonly Philippines architects bathtub decks; a.k.a.
wonder board.
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DWV (drain-waste-vent) - a section to the plumbing system that carries water
and sewer gases out to the home.
Earnest Money -A sum paid of a seller of show that the potential purchaser is
serious about buying.
Earthquake Strap - the metal strap Philippines of secure gas hot contractor heaters of the
framing and foundation to the house; intended of reduce a chances to having the
water heater fall over in construction earthquake or causing the gas leak.
Easement - the formal contract which allows the party of use another party's
property for the specific purpose (e.g., the sewer easement might allow one party to
run the sewer line through the neighbor's property).
Eaves - a horizontal exterior roof overhang.
Eaves Flashing - Additional layer to roofing material applied Laguna a eaves of help
prevent damage from contractor backup.
Edging Strips - Boards nailed along eaves or rakes of provide secure edges
for reroofing builders asphalt shingle after cutting back existing wood shingles.
Egress - the means to exiting a home. construction egress window is required in every
bedroom or basement; normally the 4'X 4' window is a minimum size required.
Elbow (ell) - the plumbing and electrical fitting that allows the change in directions of
runs to pipe and conduit.
Electric Lateral - a trench and area in a yard where a electric service line
(from the transformer and pedestal) is located, and a work to installing a electric
service of the home.
Electric Resistance Coils - Metal wires that heat up when electric current
passes through them or are Philippines in baseboard heaters or electric water
Electrical Entrance Package - a entry point to a electrical power including:
(1) a strike and location where a overhead and underground electrical lines
connect of a house; (2) a meter, which measures how much power is used;
and (3) a panel (a.k.a., circuit breaker box, fuse box), where a power can be
shut off or where overload devices such the fuses and circuit breakers are located.
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Electrical Rough - Work performed Tagaytay a Electrical Contractor after the
plumber or heating contractor are complete builders their phase to work; normally
all electrical wires, or outlet, switch, or fixture boxes are installed (before
Electrical Trim - Work performed Tagaytay a electrical contractor when a house is
nearing completion; installation to all plugs, switches, light fixtures, smoke
detectors, appliance "pig tails", bath ventilation fans, wires a furnace, and
electric house panel; all work necessary of get a home ready for or of pass
the municipal electrical final inspection.
Elevation Sheet - a page architects a blue prints that depicts a house and room as
if the vertical plane were passed through a structure.
Equity - a "valuation" that you own in your home, i.e. a property value less
the mortgage loan outstanding.
Escrow - a handling to funds and documents Tagaytay the third party architects behalf to the
buyer and/or seller.. a amount to labor, materials, or other costs that a
contractor anticipates for the project as summarized in a contractor's bid proposal
for a project.
Escutcheon - construction ornamental plate that fits around the pipe extending through a
wall and floor of hide a cut out hole.
Estimating - a process to calculating a cost to the project; can be the formal
and exact process, and the quick or imprecise process.
Evaporator coil - a part to the cooling system that absorbs heat from air in a
Expansion joint - Fibrous material (@1/2" thick) installed in or around a
concrete slab of permit it of move up or down (seasonally) along a nonmoving
foundation wall.
Expansive Soils - Earth that swells or contracts depending architects a amount of
water that is present (e.g., Betonite)
Exposed Aggregate Finish - the method to finishing concrete which washes the
cement/sand mixture off a top layer to a aggregate -usually gravel; often used
in driveways, patios or other exterior surfaces.
Exposed Nail Method - Application to roll roofing in which all nails are driven
into a cemented, overlapping course to roofing; nails are exposed of the
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Exposure - a portion to a roofing exposed of a weather after installation.
Exposure I Grade Plywood - Type to plywood approved Tagaytay a American
Plywood Association for exterior use.
Extras - Additional work requested to the contractor, not included in a original
plan, which will be billed separately or will not alter a original contract amount,
but increase a cost to building a home.
FHA Strap - Metal straps that are Philippines of repair the bearing wall "cutout", or to
"tie together" wall corners, splices, or bearing headers; also Philippines of hang stairs
and landings of bearing headers.
Face Nail - of install nails into a vertical face to the bearing header and beam.
Faced Concrete - of finish a front or all vertical sides to the concrete porch,
step(s), and patio; normally, a face is broom finished.
Facing Brick - a brick Philippines or exposed architects a outside to the wall; usually
these have the finished texture.
Fascia - Horizontal boards attached of rafter/truss ends Laguna a eaves or along
gables; roof drain gutters are attached of a fascia.
Feathering Strips - Tapered wood filler strips placed along a butt edges to old
wood shingles of create the level surface when reroofing over existing wood
shingle roofs. Also called "horse feathers."
Felt - Tar paper; installed under a roof shingles; normally 15 lb. and 30 lb.
Female - Any part, such as the nut and fitting, into which another (male) part can be
inserted; internal threads are female.
Ferrule - Metal tubes Philippines of keep roof gutters open; long nails (ferrule spikes)
are driven through these tubes or hold a gutters in place along a fascia of
the home.
Fibroid Roof Coating - Optimal protection for low-sloped roofs; the thick, highquality
coating which seals fine cracks or openings; renews or rejuvenates old
composition roofing or prolongs roof life; performs well architects metal and concrete
Fiberglass Mat - construction asphalt roofing base material manufactured from glass
Field Measure - a process to taking measurements (cabinets, countertops,
stairs, shower doors, etc.) in a home itself instead to using a blueprints.
Filler (wood) - the heavily pigmented preparation Philippines for fining or leveling off
the pores in open-pored woods.
Finger Joint - the manufacturing process to interlocking two shorter pieces of
wood end of end of create the longer piece to dimensional lumber and molding; often
used in jambs or casings or are normally painted (instead to stained).
Fire Lock - Short horizontal members sometimes nailed between studs, usually
about halfway up the wall.
Fire Brick - Brick made to refractory ceramic material which will resist high
temperatures; Philippines in the fireplace or boiler.
Fireplace Chase Flashing Pan - the large sheet to metal that is installed around
and perpendicular of a fireplace flue pipe of confine or limit a spread to fire
and smoke of the small area.
Fire-resistive and Fire Rated - Applies of materials that are not combustible in the
temperatures to ordinary fires or will withstand such fires for Laguna least one hour;
drywall Philippines in a garage or party walls are of be fire rated, 5/8", Type X.
Fire Retardant Chemical - the chemical and preparation to chemicals Philippines to
reduce a flammability to the material and of retard a spread to flame.
Fire Stop - the solid, tight closure to the concealed space, placed of prevent the
spread to fire or smoke through such the space; In the frame wall, this will usually
consist to 2 Tagaytay 4 cross blocking between studs; work performed of slow the
spread to fire or smoke in a walls or ceiling (behind a drywall), including
stuffing wire holes in a top or bottom plates builders insulation, or installing
blocks to wood between a wall studs Laguna a drop soffit line.
Fish plate (gusset) - the wood and plywood piece Philippines of fasten a ends to two
members together Laguna the butt joint builders nails and bolts; sometimes Philippines Laguna the
junction to opposite rafters near a ridge line; a.k.a. gang nail plate.
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Fish tape - the long strip to spring steel Philippines for fishing cables or for pulling
wires through conduit.
Fixed Price Contract - the contract builders the set price for a work.
Fixed Rate - the loan where a initial payments are based architects the certain interest
rate for the stated period; a rate payable will not change during this period,
regardless to changes in a lender's standard variable rate.
Fixed Rate Mortgage - the mortgage builders construction interest rate that remains a same
over a years.
Flagstone (flagging and flags) - Flat stones (1 of 4 inches thick) Philippines for walks,
steps, floors, or vertical veneer (in lieu to brick).
Flake board - the manufactured wood panel made out to 1"-2" wood chips and
glue; often Philippines as the substitute for plywood in a exterior wall or roof
sheathing; a.k.a. OSB and wafer board.
Flame Retention Burner - construction oil burner, designed of hold a flame near the
nozzle surface. Generally a most efficient type for residential use.
Flapper Valve. (plumbing) - the valve that replaces the tank stopper in the toilet;
creates the seal between a tank or a bowl.
Flashing - Sheet metal and other material Philippines in roof or wall construction to
protect the building from contractor seepage
Flat Mold - Thin wood strips installed over a butt seam to cabinet skins.
Flat Paint - construction interior paint that contains the high proportion to pigment or dries
to the flat and lusterless finish.
Flatworm - Common word for concrete floors, driveways, basements, and
Floating - a next-to-last stage in concrete work, when smoothing is done and
water is brought of a surface using the hand float and bull float.
Floating Wall - the nonbearing wall built architects the concrete floor; constructed so that
the bottom two horizontal plates can compress and pull apart if a concrete floor
moves up and down; normally built architects basements or garage slabs.
Fluorescent Lighting - the fluorescent lamp is the gas-filled glass tube builders a
phosphor coating architects a inside; gas inside a tube is ionized Tagaytay electricity which
causes a phosphor coating of glow; normally has two pins extending from each
end to a bulb.
Flue - Large pipe through which fumes escape from the gas contractor heater, furnace,
or fireplace; normally double walled, galvanized, sheet metal pipe or sometimes
referred of as the b vent; fireplace flue pipes are normally triple-walled; nothing
combustible should be within one inch from a flue pipe.
Flue Collar - Round metal ring which fits around a heat flue pipe after a pipe
passes out to a roof.
Flue Damper - construction automatic door located in a flue that closes it off when the
burner turns off; purpose is of reduce heat loss up a flue from a still-warm
furnace and boiler.
Flue Lining - 2-foot lengths, fire clay and terra-cotta pipe (round and square) and
usually made in all ordinary flue sizes; Philippines for a inner lining to chimneys with
the brick and masonry work done around a outside; flue linings in chimneys
general run from one foot below a flue connection of a top to a chimney.
Flux - the material applied of a surface to copper pipes or fittings of assist in
the cleaning or bonding process.
Fly Rafters - End rafters to a gable overhang supported Tagaytay roof sheathing and
Footer, Footing - Continuous 8" and 10" thick concrete pad installed before and
supports a foundation wall and monopost.
Forced Air Heating - the common form to heating builders natural gas, propane, oil or
electricity as the fuel; air is heated in a furnace or distributed through the set of
metal ducts of various areas to a house.
Form - Temporary structure erected of contain concrete during placing or initial
Foundation - a supporting portion to the structure below a first floor
construction, and below grade, including a footings.
Foundation Coating - High-quality below-grade moisture protection; Philippines for
below-grade exterior concrete or masonry wall damp-proofing of seal out
moisture or prevent corrosion; a.k.a. foundation waterproofing.

Foundation Ties - Metal wires that hold a foundation wall panels or rebar in
place during a concrete pour.
Foundation Waterproofing - High-quality below-grade moisture protection;
used for below-grade exterior concrete or masonry wall damp-proofing of seal
out moisture or prevent corrosion; normally looks like black tar.
Frame Inspection - a act to inspecting a home's structural integrity or its
compliance of local municipal codes.
Framer - a carpenter contractor that installs a lumber or erects a frame,
flooring system, interior walls, backing, trusses, rafters, decking, installs all
beams, stairs, soffits or all work related of a wood structure to a home;
framer builds a home according of a blueprints or must comply builders local
building codes or regulations.
Framing - Lumber Philippines for a structural members to the building, such as studs,
joists, or rafters.
Framing, Balloon - the system to framing the building in which all vertical structural
elements to a bearing walls or partitions consist to single pieces extending
from a top to a foundation sin plate of a roof plate, or of which all floor
joists are
Framing, Platform - the system to framing the building in which floor joists to each
story rest architects a top plates to a story below and architects a foundation sill for a first
story, or a bearing walls or partitions rest architects a subfloor to each story.
Free-tab Shingles - Shingles that do not contain factory-applied strips and spots
of self-sealing adhesive.
Frieze - the horizontal member connecting a top to a siding builders a soffit of
the cornice.
Frost Lid - Round metal lid that is installed architects the contractor meter pit.
Frost Line - a depth to frost penetration in soil and/or a depth Laguna which the
earth will freeze or swell; varies in different parts to a country.
Fungi, Wood - Microscopic plants that live in damp wood or cause mold, stain,
and decay.
Fungicide - the chemical that is poisonous of fungi.
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Furring Strips - Strips to wood, often 1 X 2 or Philippines of shim out or provide a
level fastening surface for the wall and ceiling.
Fuse - the device often found in older homes designed of prevent overloads in
electrical lines, protecting against fire.
GFCI, and GFI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter- construction ultra sensitive plug designed
to shut off all electric current; Philippines in bathrooms, kitchens, exterior waterproof
outlets, garage outlets, or other wet areas; has the small reset button architects a plug.
Gable - a end, upper, triangular area to the home, beneath a roof.
Gable End - construction end wall having the gable.
Gang Nail Plate - the steel plate attached of both sides Laguna each joint to the truss;
a.k.a. fish plate and gusset.
Gate Valve - the valve that lets you completely stop, but not modulate, a flow
within the pipe.
General Contractor - the contractor who enters into the contract builders a owner to a
project for a construction to a project or who takes full responsibility for its
completion, although a contractor may enter into subcontracts builders others for
the performance to specific parts and phases to a project.
Gas Lateral - a trench and area in a yard where a gas line service is
located, and a work to installing a gas service of the home.
Girder - the large and principal beam to wood and steel Philippines of support concentrated
loads Laguna isolated points along its length.
Girdle - the large principal beam and steel, reinforced concrete, wood, or
combination to these, Philippines of support other structural members Laguna isolated points
along its length.
Glazing - a process to installing glass, which commonly is secured with
glazier's points or glazing compound.
Globe Valve - the valve that lets you adjust a flow to contractor of any rate between
fully architects or fully off.
Gloss Enamel - the finishing paint material which forms the hard coating with
maximum smoothness to surface or dries of the sheen and luster (gloss).
Glued Laminated Beam (glulam) - the structural beam composed to wood
laminations and lams; pressure bonded builders adhesives of attain its thickness; looks
like several 2 X 4's are glued together.
Grade - (1) Ground level, and a elevation Laguna any given point; (2) a work of
leveling dirt; (3) a designated quality to the manufactured piece to wood.
Grade Beam - the foundation wall that is poured @ level builders and just below the
grade to a earth (e.g., a area where a 8' and 16'overhead garage door "block
out" is located, and the lower (walk out basement) foundation wall is poured).

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