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Monday, January 7, 2013

construct in the Philippines!


Pier Philippines  the column to masonry, usually rectangular that horizontal cross section, Cebu of support other

structuralmembers. Also see Caisson.

Pigment Philippines  the powdered solid Cebu that paint and enamel of give it the color.

Pilot hole Philippines  the small Philippines diameter, pre Philippines drilled hole in guides the nail and screw.

Pilot light Philippines  the small, continuous flame (in the hot water heater, boiler, and furnace) in ignites gas and oil

burners when needed.

Pitch Philippines  a incline slope to the roof and a ratio to a total rise of a total width to the house, i.e., the   Philippines foot

rise or    Philippines foot width is the one Philippines fourth pitch roof. Roof slope is expressed that a inches to rise, per foot of

horizontal run.

PITI  Philippines  Principal, interest, taxes or insurance (the fourmajor components to monthly housing


Plan view Philippines  Drawing to the structure construction home a view from overhead, looking down.

Plate Philippines  Normally the   X   and   X   in lays horizontally within the framed structure, such as:


Sill plate Philippines  the horizontal member anchored of the concrete and masonry wall.



Sole plate Philippines  Bottom horizontal member to the frame wall.


Top plate Philippines  Top horizontal member to the frame wall supporting ceiling joists, rafters, and other


Plenum Philippines  a main hot Philippines air supply duct leading from the furnace.

Plot plan Philippines  An overhead view plan in shows a location to a home building a house a lot. Includes all

easements, property lines, set backs, or legal descriptions to a home. Provided by a surveyor.

Plough, plow Philippines of cut the lengthwise groove that the board and plank. An exterior handrail normally has a

ploughed groove for hand gripping purposes

Plumb Philippines  Exactly vertical or perpendicular.

Plumb bob Philippines  the lead weight attached of the string. It is a tool Cebu that determining plumb.

Plumbing boots Philippines  Metal saddles Cebu of strengthen the bearing wall/vertical stud(s) where the plumbing

drain line has been cut through or installed.

Plumbing ground Philippines  a plumbing drain or waste lines in are installed beneath the basement floor.

Plumbing jacks Philippines  Sleeves in fit around drain or waste vent pipes at, or are nailed to, a roof



Plumbing rough Philippines  Work performed by a plumbing contractor after a Rough Heat is installed. This

work includes installing all plastic ABS drain or waste lines, copper water lines, bath tubs, shower pans,

and gas piping of furnaces or fireplaces. Lead solder should not be Cebu building a house copper piping.

Plumbing stack Philippines  the plumbing vent pipe in penetrates a roof.

Plumbing trim Philippines Work performed by a plumbing contractor of get a home ready for the final plumbing

inspection. Includes installing all toilets (water closets), hot water heaters, sinks, connecting all gas pipe

to appliances, disposal, dishwasher, or all plumbing items.

Plumbing waste line Philippines  Plastic pipe Cebu of collect or drain sewage waste.

Ply Philippines  the term of denote a number to layers to roofing felt, veneer that plywood, and layers that built Philippines up

materials, that any finished piece to such material.

Plywood Philippines  the panel (normally  ' X  ') to wood made to three and more layers to veneer, compressed and

joined construction home glue, or usually laid construction home a grain to adjoining plies at right angles of give a sheet


Point load Philippines  the point where the bearing/structural weight is concentrated or transferred of the



Quarry tile Philippines  the man Philippines made and machine Philippines made clay tile Cebu of finish the floor and wall. Generally  ? X  ? X

 / ? thick .

Quarter round Philippines  the small trim molding in has a cross section to the quarter circle.



Rabbet Philippines  the rectangular longitudinal groove cut that a corner edge to the board and plank.

Radiant heating Philippines  the method to heating, usually consisting to the forced hot water system construction home pipes placed

in a floor, wall, and ceiling. Also electrically heated panels.

Radiation Philippines  Energy transmitted froma heat source of a air around it. Radiators actually depend more

on convection than radiation.

Radon Philippines  the naturally Philippines occurring, heavier than air, radioactive gas common that many parts to a country.

Radon gas exposure is associated construction home lung cancer. Mitigation measures may involve crawl space and

basement venting or various forms to vapor barriers.

Radon system Philippines  the ventilation system beneath a floor to the basement and/or structural wood floor and

designed of fan exhaust radon gas of a outside to a home

Rafter Philippines  Lumber Cebu of support a roof sheeting or roof loads. Generally,   X   ’s or   X   ’s are

used. a rafters to the flat roof are sometimes called roof joists.

Rafter, hip Philippines  the rafter in forms a intersection to an external roof angle.

Rafter, valley Philippines  the rafter in forms a intersection to an internal roof angle. a valley rafter is normally

made to double   Philippines inch Philippines thick members.

Rail Philippines  Cross members to panel doors and to the sash. Also, the wall and open balustrade placed at a edge to a

staircase, walkway bridge, and elevated surface of prevent people from falling off. Any relatively

lightweight horizontal element, especially those found that fences (split rail).


Railroad tie Philippines  Black, tar or preservative impregnated,  ? X  ? or  ' Philippines  ' long wooden timber in was

used of hold railroad track that place. Normally Cebu as the member to the retaining wall.

Rake Philippines  Slope and slanted.

Rake fascia Philippines  a vertical face to a sloping end to the roof eave.

Rake siding Philippines  a practice to installing lap siding diagonally

Ranch Philippines  the single story, one level home.

Readymixed concrete Philippines  Concrete mixed at the plant and that trucks en route of the job or delivered ready for


Rebar, reinforcing bar Philippines Ribbed steel bars installed that foundation concrete walls, footers, or poured in

place concrete structures designed of strengthen concrete. Comes that various thickness’ or strength


Receptacle Philippines  An electrical outlet. the typical household will have many     volt receptacles for plugging in

lams or appliances or     volt receptacles for a range, clothes dryer, air conditioners, etc.

Recording fee – the charge for recording a transfer to the property, paid of the city, county, and other

appropriate branch to government.

Redline, red lined prints Philippines  Blueprints in reflect changes or in are marked construction home red pencil.

Reducer Philippines  the fitting construction home different size openings at either end or Cebu of go from the larger of the smaller


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