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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

different house designs in the Philippines - kinds, style, types

I would like to get the cost estimate different house designs in the Philippines - kinds, style, types for the following house plan (please click on the following link to see the house plan), it includes everything you need to know about it (the total area summary, elevation, lay-out of the house, photos of the house, etc...)

I would like to know the total estimate for the whole plan including the backyard (the pool/gazebo and the sunroom look in the backyard w/the glass surrounding the whole backyard) all the materials that you need to build this house.
As of now, we are still looking for a lot to purchase in PI, but we already picked the home plan that we like. So, if you can please email me back at your earliest convenience with the cost estimate.

Thank you for the informations you gave me..I understand that because the house being first class..some materials have to be imported..But, some materials we can probably just get from PI, right? (such as the drywalls, floor tiles, etc..).You said to expect about Php 13M that just labor or some materials included? If some materials are included, what are they? As for the location, we are still looking..I'll let you know when we find a location. Thank you and hope to hear back from you soon.

Thanks again for responding to my email..Actually, i think we found a Silang, Cavite..They are doing a new development in that area..And the price is really affordable..starting from Php 3,000 - 5,000/sq. meter...I would like to know how big (size) of the lot we will need to purchase for the house that we want? Remember, we want to also have the round driveway that you see in the homeplan that i sent you, and also enough room in the backyard...We would also want to have fence all around the house...I'm glad to hear that the price estimate of Php 13M is roughly the total price, I thought it was just the labor..So, thank you for clearing that out...Also, what are your payment options/arrangements? How much do you require? Down-payment? etc...? We are looking on purchasing a lot sometime next year...And for the house...maybe the following year...We have a house here in California that we are going to sell, but the real estate market here in California is kind of low right, we are waiting until it goes, we can sell our house for more...But, most definately...we will keep you in mind first to do the construction...If you can email me back with what size of the lot we will need to purchase (for that house)...and also, your payment options/arrangement different house designs in the Philippines - kinds, style, types, etc.

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