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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Building a House in the Philippines

Philippines construction industry

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Tips, Tricks, Scams and Other Fun

Hi, my name is Steve Brall.

Living in the Philippines for 20 years now with Filipina wife and children.

This website (blog) is specially usefull for those who don't want to make the mistakes I made when building my house...
Over the years I learned a lot about the tricks architects and contractors use to let you pay much more money than you realy need to.

I interviewed 7 construction companies in the Philippines, each specialized in a specific building technology.

In 2009 we will see more and more businesses Philippines lawyers all over the world realize that they can no longer fool the client.
Because the Internet will change to a 'Consumer Ruled' community (YOU); people will look for information on community-blogs rather than trusting corporate websites.

There is a lack of Marketing Experts here in the Philippines; businesses in general tend to run their biz 'as good as they can', focussing on what they know best while forgetting that they need to communicate with the outside world. Great ideas and talented people go down in “the tyranny of routine.”
The Philippine Construction Industry should talk- and listen more to the consumers in stead of talking to eachother in their own little world.

We have always payed too much for branded products.
what is a brand?
Its a way of charging $300 for exactly the same shirt that costs $2 except its got a 'brand' name sewn onto it.
Well, that will change soon in 2009.
Same story for building a house in the Philippines; you can save money if you know which building materials are not branded but still as good as the branded ones.

While architects and contractors in the Philippines have to listen more to their clients; some future-house-owners have to be educated too in the sence that they are sometimes not realistic in demanding super-service and quality while hiring the cheapest contractor...or asking free design services from architects while you never ask for free services from your doctor or lawyer...

Some articles on this blog are submitted- and commented on- by construction-experts and by people like you; please share YOUR opinion and add comments or send your pictures to this E-mail (click here).

Feel free to expose some SCAMS and better yet; help the Philippine Construction Industry if you know of some revolutionary technology to cut on costs or to improve the quality of housing.

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