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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Philippine Architects

Philippine building architects

Philippine Architects and 'CAD Monkeys'

Architects know more about house design than a contractor. While a home builder may make 'some adaptations' at your request, a good architect will anticipate your needs - even if you are not sure how to express them.

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A little Respect Please

Any Philippine architect can only obtain that title (Licensed Architect) when he goes through many years of study, a very strict board-exam and years of actual practicing Philippine Architecture.

Most companies and consumers still treat architects as contractors or suppliers rather than professional consultants like lawyers or doctors.

QUESTION: when you visit your doctor or lawyer, do you have to pay? (if it's free, please give me their contact-information).

The reason why we mention this, is because there seems to be a common misconception amongst those who want to build a home in the Philippines; they expect an architect to visit the lot/site, make a sketch of the house and a floorplan...for free...
Is it not just a matter of respect for architects, (the same you respect your doctor or lawyer) to pay for those services?

Also it makes me think 'why would any self-respecting architect give free services? Is he maybe desparate to get a job?'.
That would not be the best architect to chose...
Most architects and contractors will ask for a design retainer or design fee before continuing to work on your project. They don't want to spend hours of time with customers who are just "kicking tires" and looking for free advice...

Philippines Architect; more than a 'CAD Monkey'

Filipino architect who can't find work here is very likely to go abroad.
Filipino Architects should however be recognized not only abroad but more in their homeland.
Lets investigate this.

First let me explain (before you bite my head off) that this expression 'CAD Monkey' is also coming from the mouth of a Philippine Architect in this article:
This unrespectful expression describes the work of architects that make designs using computers (CAD) which is just production work that pays next to nothing and does not involve much architectural skills.

Many Philippine Architects work abroad as 'CAD Monkeys' because there is no work here and the payment is too low.

Some scentences from the above-mentioned article

"...Philippines architecture and most of the arts do not progress in our country. There is no market for it...The Filipino public is not equipped to appreciate art and culture as more advanced societies are..."
And he hit the nail smack on the head: most people here are only concerned about getting a roof over their heads rather than getting a pretty house to exemplify modern Filipino architecture.
On the other hand there is an increase of foreigners and OFW's who do have money to build more than just 'a roof to live under'. So there is a market after all?

"...architectural training here is insubstantial...if we do not equip our graduates to compete in this global marketplace, then you can forget about raising the flag of Philippine architecture..."
A harsh statement but true. Maybe the whole Architectural biz here should recognize this and be more realistic in stead of making things look very positive towards students; that might be a good starting point to get the ball roling towards progression in stead of stagnation.

"...Filipino Architects are sensitive to criticism and this is not good. No one can improve without making mistakes or going through several cycles to build up both design intelligence and character..."
Well there you have it straight from the horses mouth...
A critical note could also be that Philippine Architectural Students might be given an unrealistic expectation about the future. They surround themselves with books and lectures about big expensive projects; condominiums, hotels, resorts and exeptional designed houses. The chance of being involved in those projects later is slim.
Isn't it true that the biggest market will always be residential homes?

Another critical note is that Architects in the Philippines tend to 'position themselves above the crowd' not realizing that in todays market customers (like us) rule...
Because the Internet will change in 2009 to a 'Consumer Ruled' community; people will look for information on community-blogs rather than trusting corporate websites.
There is a lack of Marketing Experts here in the Philippines; businesses in general tend to run their biz 'as good as they can', focussing on what they know best. Great ideas and talented people go down in “the tyranny of routine.”
The Philippine Construction Industry should talk- and listen more to the consumers in stead of talking to eachother in their own little world.
Consumers nowadays look on the Internet for information before visiting an Architect; reason enough for these professionals to take a stand next to the consumers and not above them. Architects should not dictate too much, they should advise.
Isn't it true that the biggest market will always be residential homes?
Then why Philippine Architects mostly focus on the 'big projects'?
Maybe it is time to come down to earth and tell us (the biggest market) what you can do for us; those who want to build a house in the Philippines?

Is there is any Philippine Architect who want to tell - and show - on this website how he designs a house which is modern but also has the Pinoy Culture influence incorporated?

Any other solutions? Let me know.

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