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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Philippines Cast in Place Concrete

building contractors in the Philippines

Cost: same or little higher than hollow blocks but 10X stronger walls (3,000 PSI).

Typhoon and Earthquake resistant.
Philippines construction industry
No plaster = No cracks. Two times faster built.

Columns and walls integrated as one system; walls also carry the next floor(s) and roof.

Weight is distributed evenly over the ground-floor unlike hollow-block-construction where the column-footing put pressure on a small space.

Ongoing reseach shows that walls can be made even thinner which will soon make this method (much-) cheaper than hollow block construction.

This 'reduced-weight' building system is also perfect for steep hills or when there are soil- or foundation problems.

The whole idea behind this is that most hollow-block buildings in the Philippines are at each point very massive and heavy while that is not always neccesary; look at an egg-shell, it is very strong but very thin...

Metal (temporary-) forms are placed side by side. In the space between two forms you find the steel reinforcing bars.

Electrical wires, plumbing etc. are easily integrated inside the wall before casting.

They pour fresh concrete mix between the forms; allow to set; and the forms are removed.

The columns, walls, windows and door-openings are direct ready after casting and drying; precise and smooth; ready for painting. No need for plastering (only little retouch); you save labour; FAST.

The result is a solid concrete wall (in any thickness) that can carry the next floor or roof (hollow-block walls are NOT designed to carry a load; only the columns).
So every room will become some kind of 'box' (which is stronger than a hollow-block building) and all rooms/walls together will resist any pressure coming from any direction; not only earth-quakes or storms but also the 'natural' movement of the building throughout the years.
Like cardboard boxes which are very thin yet very strong.

Your building will be finished quicker and become more durable than with hollow blocks obviously.

Also a good option for fire-wall, fence and even insulation between walls possible.

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