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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Philippines Light Weight Concrete Panels

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Biggest Advantage: Insulation against Heat and Noise plus the panels are only 25% the weight of concrete (because mixed with polystyrene beads) so the complete building is lighter and thus perfect for steep hills or for lots with soil problems. Panels are still as hard as granite...
No plaster = no worry about those problems.

Cost: little higher than hollow blocks but you earn that back on savings and extra comfort.

25% of the weight of hollow blocks. Made from the mixture of small polystyrene beads (INSULATION!), portland cement, and chemical admixtures, sandwiched between two cement boards.

INSULATED; keep heat/noise outside, save on aircon-bills.

Two times faster built.

Hard as Granite.

Used by Globe, Smart, Jollibee, Ballast Nedam, to name a few.
Those are big commercial buildings, multi-storey.

No need to plaster (Smooth skinned; only the joints have to be filled.)

Electrical wires, plumbing etc. are easily integrated in the panels by simply cutting out the required space with a stone-cutting tool.

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