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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Philippines Plastering and Rendering

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When talking about plastering most people think about covering an INTERIOR wooden wall ('dry wall) or ceiling with 'Gypsum'.

In the Philippines better known as CALCIMINE, a fine white powder (no not drugs).

Rendering is a word used for OUTDOOR plastering (but it is also as other word for architectural design generated by means of computer programs like CAD).

Rendering is very similar to plastering when it is applied but it is a little more difficult. Rendering plaster is much harder to work with and sets about three times faster then that of the interior version.

Rendering in the Philippines is done with a mixture of sand and cement that should protect the outside wall from the elements of weather.
The cement in the plaster acts as an adhesive (glue).
BUT cement is expensive and somehow it seems that here in the Philippines a lot of contractors not use enough cement because many walls I see here have cracks...

Most Philippine walls that are made with hollow blocks have to be covered with plaster; it easily peels of or cracks when not done correct. The concrete cracks let raining-water through that might even reach the steel bars in the wall and that means Rust.
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Plaster is labor-intensive and time-consuming, even redundant and unnecesary when you see the next technologies; you don't NEED to plaster...

Light Weight Concrete
Prefabricated Houses
Modular Ferro Concrete
Green Building ECO House
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)
Steel Frame Homes

Labor is relatively cheap her (a reason why not many Philippine contractors focus on improving construction technologies).

If you are planning to do the plastering yourself then there are several things that you should think about before starting. You should understand that plastering is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Most workers have trained for years to become masters of their craft. The reason for this is that plastering requires a special touch and a bit of skill that is not normally found in the common person. The true master plasterer knows how to handle certain situations as they arise. If you do not understand the basis behind the preparation and such that goes into plastering then you will invariably end up spending more money then you would if you had hired a Philippine plastering contractor. This does not mean that you cannot do the plastering yourself, but it does mean that you should learn the proper methods and procedures before beginning.

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